Doing up the hair is one thing babe. Dressing up the hair is another. Have any clue on hair accessories for girls, honey? Or hair accessories for women? The list is truly mind-blowing. Far far away from the home elastics, I tell you.


There are hair decorations, hair clippers, flower hair clips, decorative hair clips, hair ornaments, gold hair accessories, head jewelry, bridesmaid hair accessories, hair bandana, wedding hair clips, head jewellery Indian, even baby hair accessories. From a set of pearls to a glam-looking vintage brooch, there are many ways of wearing hair accessories to add the right pizzazz to your hair.


Thinking how to wear hair jewelry? What you need is just a fabric hand band, lots of hair pins or bobby pins. As fine accessories, you need a jeweled brooch/ tiara/jewelled or beaded barrettes/ small strands of pearl, and beaded chopsticks.

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With the New Year’s Eve almost there, you have got to be a beauty trendsetter. And you can do that only when you have stocked up some fashionable and chic pieces in hair decorations.


Get inspired and wake up your inner hair stylist. Because imagination and creativity is the key to creating classy hairstyles before you step in Year 2018.        


1. Party Sequins

For the upcoming party night, if you have run out of solutions, then you have hit the right page. Buy some colorful sticky sequins available at any makeup store (even art store) and you are ready to beautify your evening hairdo.         

2. Hair Piercing

Do you see the exquisite rings (not on your fingers silly but on the girl’s hair in the image)? How beautifully they complement the whole hairstyle of hers. Choose hair piercing if you want painless and disposable piercing. All you need to do is attaché some small rings to your braids (neat one, puh-lease) and get ready for compliments to come your way.      

3. Pearly Affair

This hair accessories for women is worth your attention. Be’cos it is not only gorgeous to wear but easy to implement too. They are not real pearls (how could you think so). They are fake pearls (in the form of special hairpins) which you can use as head jewelry. In fact, you can also attach your necklace pearls to your black hairpins. Rem’ber, I talked about creativity at the start of this article.        

4. Crystal Barrette

Crown in the form of crystal barrette? Sounds excellent an idea for hair decorations. It is a nice way to look at hair accessories for girls from a different angle.      

5. Shining Hair Clips

This is sophisticated head jewelry for the evening. Elegant accessory it is which adds a lot of oomph to the hairdo.    

6. Vintage Headband

Heavy colourful bands when picked for casual or party outfits make your locks look glorious and magnificent. Wear them with loose hair. This will bring out your natural grace and beauty.

7. Kitty Ears Headband

Isn’t this funny and sexy head jewelry piece? Created exclusively for girls who have the willingness to experiment with hair accessories for girls. Wear this headband with a luxe evening gown and get prepared to look incredibly seductive.       

8. Silver Leaf Headband

Wanna feel like a Greek Goddess? Wearing a silver leaf headband will help you accomplish your goals. A good example of how hair decorations can bring freshness to any hairstyle, as also emphasize your unique sense of style.        

9. Cleopatra’s Hair Rings

Kinky twists can always look more stylish with small golden rings as you can see in this image. The cute looking African beads go well for special occasions, even street style outfits.       

10. Luxe Hair Clips

Decorate your fishtail braid with vintage looking golden clips (of different shapes). They surely look feminine and stylish.   

11. Mix And Match

Hey, don’t be afraid of trying different looking hair accessories for girls, when you have interesting looking vintage clips (flower hair clips, decorative hair clips, even wedding hair clips), barrettes and brooches to sport.  

12. Minimalistic Pieces

Miniature and neat hair ornaments is a perfect solution for everyday hairstyles. So what if they are small in detail, they can complete any outfit. It is a nice way of wearing casual hair jewelry.     

13. Golden Hair Sticks

Ha ha!! So you thought it is SUSHI time. Well these beautiful hair sticks (call it gold hair accessories if you want the pride factor on you) bring out an exquisite sense of style. If you have never worn such sticks, watch inspiring tutorials and you will be perfect in wearing these hair decorations.        

14. Oriental Piece Headpiece

You know head jewelry can sometimes look Xtra-ordinary. So why deprive yourself of the pleasure of trying on new styles. Chain pieces with lovely looking pendants look awesome when teamed up with high hairstyles.  

15. Futuristic Hair Clips

Super classy and remarkable, hair clips keep getting better by the day. Imagine having secret buttons on the control panel of a spaceship. This is no child play, sweetie. It is a fashion experiment you have to keep loving and sharing.             

16. Bun holder

Got a high bun on you? Worry not. Try on bun holders. This will make your casual hairstyle look to be more elegant and sophisticated. Instead of hair accessories, sometimes you can also use a large metal bracelet.        

17. Ponytail Jewelry

As pointed above, minimalistic design always rules when it comes to jewelry. Minimalistic rubber bands like the one shown make for favourite accessories. There is no denying how classy and measured this concept of ponytail jewelry looks. Way to go!      

18. Festive Crystals

Hair jewelry designers recommend experimenting with various materials and textures. Beautiful crystals and minerals serve a good example of that. They also add romantic vibes to your hairstyle which further makes it a plus point.  So how did you find this range of hair accessories for girls and hair decorations? Tell
us in the comments which of them would you like to wear for your New Year party. 


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