You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A user reports that can’t turn her computer on. After some investigation, you find that the power supply is malfunctioning. What should you do next?
Create an action plan
Which wireless standard has the highest data transfer rates?
Your CRT monitor displays a thick black border around the main screen image. What should you use to fix this problem?
Monitor hardware controls
Lately your computer is spontaneously shutting down after only a few minutes of use. What is most likely the cause?
Overheated CPU and Cooling fans clogged with dust
You want to scan your system for changed system files and automatically revert to previous versions that has been altered. You want to scan to run once the next time the system boots. Which command should you use?
You have a small wireless network with less than 50 client computers. You upgraded the hardware on two wireless devices so you can use a better security standard than WEP. Now you need to implement the new security standard. You need the greatest amount of security with the least amount of effort and without replacing any wireless infrastructure. What should you do?
Implement WPA2-AES and Configure each client with the same key
Which of the following are most likely symptoms of malware infection?
Renamed system files, and changed file permissions
You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A frantic user calls you one morning exclaiming that “nothing is working” what should you do first in your troubleshooting strategy?
Identify the problem
Lately you hear a clicking noise when reading or writing data from the hard disk. What is the most likely cause of the clicking?
Failing Hard Drive
During the system startup, you see an error message that another service must be started first before this service can start. Which tool could you use to configure the needed service to start automatically?
Services Console
You have just installed a new device in your WIndows 7 computer using the device’s installation disc and the included drivers. After the installation, the system crashes when you try to use the device. What should you do?
Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website
After arriving early this morning you turn the computer on to begin your work. Instantly you see smoke and strange odor coming from the computer, what should you do?
Shut the system off immediately
You need to boot a Windows 7 system into safe mode. Which key should you press during the system boot to access the advanced boot options menu?
Which tool would you use to measure electrical properties such as voltage, amps, and resistance?
You are troubleshooting a network communication problem to the server. Which of the following will give you the IP address of the server?
ping www. and nslookup
You have a small wireless network that uses multiple accsess points. The network uses WPA and broadcasts the SSID. WPA2 is not supported by the wireless access points. You want to connect a laptop computer to the wireless network. Which of the following parameters will you need to configure on the laptop
Preshared key and TKIP encryption
You are tying to print complex images on an older laser printer that uses a parallel connection to your workstation. The pages produced cut off the bottom third of each image you print. Which of the following solutions will fix this problem?
Install more memory in the laser printer
You’re conducting a schedule maintenance on a laser printer. You notice that there is a buildup of excess toner in the interior of the printer. Which of the following is a way to remove it?
Use an anti static vacuum
You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A user reports that he cannot access several network files. After some investigation you determine that the problem is with the network server. What should you do next?
Determine if escalation is needed
A malfunctioning video driver is preventing your windows system from starting up successfully. Which startup option do you choose so you can copy and updated driver from the help desk to the support server?
Safe mode with networking
Which of the following commands verifies what TCP/IP is working correctly on the local computer?
Your workstation is unable to communicate with any other computer on the network. Which of the following tools should you test the ability of the network cared to send and receive signals
Loopback plug
The video driver on your windows 7 computer is preventing the ststem from starting up right. You have already downloaded and updated driver and copied it to the computers hard drive. Which mode should you select from the windows advanced boot options menu to ensure that the system can create the boot process?
Safe mode
You remove the sata hard disk from windows 7 computer and put it in a system that is running Windows 98. You are unable to read the disk. What is most likely he problem?
Windows 98 does not support NTFS
You have just finished upgrading the 250 W power supply in your desktop computer to a 450 W power supply. Now the bios doesn’t recognize one of the hard disk drives in the system during POST. What should you do?
Make sure that the hard disk is connected to the power supply
You have been asked to implement a RAID 10 solution for a video editors desktop workstation. What is the minimum number of hard disks that can be used to configure RAID 10
You are installing the first sata drive into the desktop computer system, but you do not have the drives for the motherboard’s integrated sata controller. Which of the following tasks will be required in the configuration process.
Set the drive type in the BIOS to IDE
You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer system. The user has indicated that the screen suddenly became dark and difficult to read while he was downloading a large file through his wireless network card while the system was plugged in at the desk. You’ve checked the system and determined that the backlight has stopped working. Which of the following could be the cause?
The inverter in the LCD assembly has malfunctioned and the cold cathode fluorescent lamp has burned out and needs to be replaced
When you try to read a particular DVD-R disc that was burned in a different computer, you receive an error message. Other DVD discs work fine in your drive, what could be the problem
The disc is dirty or scratched
You have purchased an LED monitor and connected it to the DVI port on your computer using the DIV-D cable. You configure the resolution to 1440 x 900 with 24 bit color. The screen display seems fuzzy. What should you do to correct the problem?
Change the screen resolution to the native resolution of the monitor
Which techniques are used in pharming attack to redirect legitimate web traffic to malicious sites
Changing the hosts file of a user’s computer and exploiting dhcp servers to deliver the IP address of poisoned DNS servers
You are responsible for managing the client workstations for your company. A user reports that her system is running slow and saving files. You identify what has changed and determine that you will need to upgrade her hard disk. You identify the computer components that are required and decide to schedule the repair for later that afternoon. Up to this point, which step have you forgotten in your troubleshooting process
Preform a backup
You have just connected a new computer to your network. The network uses static IP addressing. You find the computer can communicate with hosts on the same subnet, but not with hosts on a different subnet. No other computers are having a problem. Which of the configuration values would you most likely need to change
Default gateway
After removing the printer paper from the laser printer, the toner smudges and can be wiped off in places. Which of the following is the most likely the problem
Fuser Rollers
Due to a blackout, power is no longer coming fromt he wall outlet and your computer is now off. You do not have a UPS and you need to remove disc out of the dvd drive. What is the easiest method for retrieving the disc
Push an unbent paper clip into the hole on the front of the drive
You turn on your desktop computer. You can hear the fans start up, but the monitor remains blank. You wait a while, but it doesn’t appear that anything else is happening. The hard drive activity light doesn’t show activity, and you never hear the sound that plays when windows loads up. Which of the following are the most likely cause of the problem?
Memory, Processor, and Video Card
You are managing the client workspace at your company. A user in the conference room called concerning the digital projector and display issues when the projector is connected to his after identifying the cause and completely resolving the issue. the projector displays the images perfectly both on his laptop and his projector. What should you do next in your troubleshooting strategy?
Document the solution
You have booted your W7 workstation into safe mode and enabled boot logging. To which log file is the boor logging information being written?
Good documentation will
Save you time and money in troubleshooting problems
Your motherboard has 2 memory slots and supports a maximum of 8GB of RAM. After installing two 4 GB modules and booting your system, you find that windows only recoginizes 3.5 GB of RAM what do you do?
Upgrade to a 64 bit version of windows
You have a windows xp professional workstation that does not currently have the recovery console installed. Which command should you use to install the recovery console
You have a laser printer that has worked fine until today. Now whenever anything is printed, only blank pages come out. What are you most likely to replace?
Transfer corona
When you print from your laser printer, the paper contains faint images from previous print outs which components should you check?
Rubber Scraper and Discharge lamp
You have just installed a new USB card reader in your windows computer. Every time you preform a certain action using the card reader, you get an error message that you’ve never seen before. What should you do first?
Check the manufacturer’s web site for information about the error
How can you keep a W7 system from restarting after a critical system error occurs?
Use the disable automatic restart on system failure option on the advanced boot menu
A SCSI hard disk drive as three jumpers that are used to set the SCSI ID a shunt has been placed on the third jumper. What SCSI IS has been assigned to what device?
Your manager has been using the same laptop computer without error for four years. Suddenly, the computer will not start and run correctly. What should you do to isolate the problem?
Remove the batteries and attempt to run the computer from the wall outlet
The UAC isn’t working, what do you do?
Alter the program settings to Run this program as an administrator
You have just replaced the motherboard on your computer. Your computer starts, but the hard disk light does not come on while the system is booting. What should you do?
Connect the hard disk LED to the motherboard
Which of the following utilities would you use to correct cross linked clusters within the file system on a windows workstation?
You’re attempting to diagnose a problem with a notebook computer. The user reports that it displayed a message indicating that the batter was low, then it shut down by itself even though it was plugged into a wall outlet. You’ve checked the AC adapter and found that the LED light is lit when plugged into a wall outlet. What should you check next?
Verify that the power LED on the notebook is lit when plugged into the wall outlet, verify the AC adapter produces the correct DC voltage for the notebook computer
A user reports that they are unable to access their firewire after moving the PC from beneath the desk to the top of the desk. What is most likely the cause of this problem?
Card is not properly seated
One day while trying to start your W7 computer the system displays the following error: “Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware config problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disc hardware
Boot into the recovery environment and run the bootrec/rebuildbcd command
You have an existing computer that you have been using for years. you decide to upgrade the processor you check the motherboard documentation and purchase the fastest processor that is supported by the motherboard. When you start the monitor it beeps regularly but nothing is shown on the screen and it doesn’t start. What should you do?
Flash the Bios and Reinstall the old processor to the motherboard

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