The Eyes of A Slave I went from being a shop owner to being a slave in the Roman the town I lived in. Becoming a slave changed how I viewed life. When I was a shop owner, I had a feeling of accomplishment, but now, I cry myself to sleep as I was constantly in pain. I usually was a slave for a Roman shop owner carrying out the everyday business transactions, but after the Roman city of Rome burned down, I was put in a group of other slaves whose sole purpose was to be unskilled labor for the construction of Dooms Urea or “The Golden House,” (Anderson 1997 52) for the Roman emperor

Nero Claudia Caesar Drugs Germanic (Adkins 1994 21) who we normally refer to as “Nero. ” Once I was put into this group of slaves, I experienced many beatings and had to do a lot of grueling work (Anderson 1997 124). My main Job was to assist another slave who was a bricklayer. I had to haul the bricks up the Palatine hill along with having to carry the cement and bricks up the shaky ladder to another slave who was a bricklayer. The walls of the Dooms Urea were considered to be done in the style of opus testament which involved having a concrete type filling between two areas of kiln-baked bricks (Burled Week 3) (Anderson 154).

This involved my friend Aeschylus, who was originally from a Greek town before he became a slave, putting the concrete in the middle and then he would stack a layer of bricks next to it forming a hard, brick wall. I always found the stamps on the bricks neat as they would tell where the brick was from, who made the brick, what materials were used to make the brick, along with other info (Anderson 157). I had the hard task of hauling the bricks from the ship that originated from the various brick yards that were being used to provide the bricks.

Though I feel a bit happier that I was stuck carrying the bricks instead of being the people who have to dig out a huge lake (Bioethics 1960 112). Aeschylus and I worked on what is called the “Aquiline Wing” which like the rest of the Dooms Urea, built from the ground up without using any of the existing buildings that were burned down in a fire (Ball 2003 3). The only thing that was reused in a way was the retaining walls on the hills (Ball 2003 8). The Aquiline Wing of the Dooms Urea was located northeast of the main buildings and sat on top of the Aquiline hill (Ball 2003 3).

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The Aquiline Wing was built detached ND away from the main complex and was the farthest from the Tiber River, where the bricks were brought in (Ball 2003 5) (Ball 2003 7). The Aquiline Wing had over 150 rooms, which we were told by the architect (Ball 2003 7). Since the great fire burned down the previous structures, we ended up building on top of the remains (Ball 2003 9). One of my tasks involved making the cement we used to make the center of the walls. I had two different formulas I had to use based on what we need that day.

The first cement formula involved taking water and adding three parts river sand to one part lime (DRP Guilin). The other formula involved taking water again, and this time adding two parts poignant, a type of volcanic ash taken from the Puzzle region by the Bay of Naples (Burled Week 3), and adding one part lime (DRP. Guilin). Getting water was easy, but I had to go up and down the hill carrying baskets of the various materials and also creating the lime. We had to make the lime by burning limestone which would produce an total odor (Sear 1982 73) (Mr. Lazar).

Luckily, t job was spread out among about four others and I (Sear 1982 73). We would be able to lay about twenty-five layers of bricks per day (Sear 1982 72) and we would put a are of bipedal on top of the whole wall (Sear 1982 72). At the end of the day, I would walk back to where I lived. I would frequently stop and watch others do their work on the Dooms Urea. I always found the work of the various craftsmen interesting. One day, I stopped and watch them put up a vaulted roof in the octagonal room.

It started out like a dominical vault, but in the end, it becomes a dome (Sear 1982 79). I found it neat how they would support with specially made, wooden supports to support the arch until they were able to place the keystone in the center Sear 1982 80). It seemed as if each piece of stone had a particular spot it had to be in. I talked to one of my old friends from my old town, and he told me that since the dome would weigh a lot, they tried to use light materials to build the dome (Sear 1982 81).

He also told me that they used carpenters to build the wooden supports (Sear 1982 80). Once the Dooms Urea or “The Golden House,” was done, Nero used the Aquiline wing as a villa and the Palestine wing as a townhouse. Enron’s Dooms Aura or “The Golden House” did not go well with the public. In fact, they looted the place gust leaving the bare building (Adkins 1998 143) when Nero Claudia Caesar Drugs Germanic (Adkins 1994 21) committed suicide on 9 June 68.

The lake was drained and the Coliseum was built in the old lake bed (Bioethics 1960 112). The Aquiline Wing was buried within the substructures of the Baths of Trojan following another great fire.


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