“Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do”. Society always views wins with hard work, but never a hardworking loss. People want to earn things when they do something right, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Win or lose you tend to understand your rewards even if its a quick tip for the next run. This volleyball game was the clear answer to hardworking loss. As the dust on the court sticks to my hands. My forearms sear with burning pain and I know there’s only more ahead of me. I hear the crack of the ball as it passes through the blockers and see it heading straight towards me. I quickly react to catch the ball as my bones rattle with contact from the rigid court. Behind me, I hear my teammates encouraging me to get up as the ball was still in play. Planted to floor, I struggled to rise but as I do, I glance at the scoreboard and remind myself “we still got this”. We never had a chance against them. Although our team is one of the best around, our history of losses against them was too much to grasp that year. We were nothing but a bump in the road for them. A distressing bump, as my damaged body stands. We didn’t go in thinking we were going to lose. We never prepared to get pulverized. We had a game plan, as we needed a flawless pass, an alluring set to the attacker, and an astonishing swipe that just smooches the opposite court. Their defense lineup, known well for their precision, did not hold up as well as they might have formulated. Once again I glanced at the scoreboard and we’ve taken the lead. All we needed was a similar plan with the adjustment of switching up and setting to the other attacker on the other side of our court. It was a pretty good idea as i thought, but we had to move fast and execute the plan effortlessly. Their defense plowed us with blocks after blocks. Our plan showed great amounts of failure. No matter what I did,my my level of strength was not enough to help my team. I wasn’t fast enough, I just wasn’t good enough. Briefly, I failed, and as for my team and coach as a whole, i also failed. For the entire game, it felt like I was the only one on the court getting flattened over and over as the attackers seemed to be getting stronger with each kill. After the game, I had never felt worst. It wasn’t just the pain on my body that irritate me, if was the whole idea of losing once again to this stupid team. It really aggravated my feelings. It made me feel like this failure of letting down my school, teammates , and coach all at once. Had I held my passes and sets as i practiced so many times, the hours spent working on, we would have won. Coach came up to me and specifically told me he was proud. That changed my mood that day, also made me confused. He said “Getting knocked down is the easy part, but getting back put and putting more effort is the hard part. There’s no shame in losing, only in never getting up and doing the things you wish you’ve done.” I’ll never forget those words as I open the doors to my future. Hard work for a loss is better than with a win. Had we won that day, I would not have have learned anything. Had I been able to hold up and do my job like I was intending, i wouldn’t have changed. By failing, I was able to learn something i probably wouldnt understand if i won. I could not stop them scoring the points that they did, but I did not stop trying. That was the most important aspect to what has happened. From person that has experienced failure, a single setback would affect someone that would have won. Failure on the other hand, teaches you how to act in the face of adversity. My experience was painful but because of it, I can apply it to the less physical areas of my life. Because of what I did, and how Coach made me understand its importance. I know that getting knocked down isn’t important, it’s getting back is what counts.


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