Dr. Zimbardo describes evil as a power to intentionally
do something, to have the ability to hurt or harm someone, and commit crimes
against humanities. Additionally, Psychologist Zimbardo says that people cannot
be either good or evil, he says that people are in the middle because we become
evil or good depending on the situation we are confronting. I agree with this
statement because we never know if we are going to make evil choices in our
life just to save ourselves.  My
definition of evil does correlate to Zimbardo’s definition because for me being
evil is wanting to hurt or make someone suffer known it is morally wrong to do
it and still find pleasure in doing it.

Psychologist Zimbardo, also believed that people are
not born evil, but that they become evil throughout their life depending on the
situations they may have encountered. I agree with him because since little
kids, we learn in our homes the capacity to being able to recognize and consider
what is wrong or right. And we live our entire life based on what we learned.
Even though a person way of thinking can change by themselves because they have
the capacity and ability to do so, it may also change by the influence of someone.
We will never know what exactly caused that person to do an evil act. However,
there maybe some common factors including mental health, environment, and experiences
in life.

Society is the main reason we confuse being evil and
being bad. Society puts them both in the same range of bad, but it is not like
that. For me, being evil is so much worse than bad. When someone says you are
bad, in my opinion, it only means that you did something wrong somewhere along
the line, either because you had no option or did it unconsciously. On the other
hand, if someone says your evil, it means that you know exactly what you are
doing is wrong, however, you were aware that it was wrong but continued doing
it because you found pleasure when doing it.

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Can I be evil? No, based on the definition I have of
evil, I would never be able to act that way. Because, for me it is not
interesting or does not give me any pleasure at all to harm someone or kill somebody
just because. However, I feel like if I must be evil for my family or a loved
one I would not think twice about doing what is necessary for me to help them. Even
though I am aware of what I am doing, I would not feel any pleasure at the time
I would be doing it. Can I be bad? Well, now is different because I do can be
bad. It all depends on the situation and the different facts that may help to
trigger that badness. I might act in a bad way, maybe because of what I was
going through, my mood, or even my relationship with the person.


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