The Epic Tale of the Dragonslaying Hero has been told a 100 times over. But where did the original start? Historians believe that the original Dragonslayer narrative was the English heroic poem. Beowulf. written sometime between the 8th and 11th centuries. The narrative of the Dragonslayer is that of a Hero. who starts off undistinguished. but after his journey. is strong plenty to face and get the better of the evil Dragon. The Hero’s Journey is split into three stages ; in order they are: Separation. Initiation. and the Return. The narrative of Beowulf was written for a specific intent. other than making a whole genre. The bards who wrote it as though it was a history. depicting the yesteryear as the manner things are when they wrote it. In a sense. they were seeking to rewrite history. It was chiefly written in an effort to change over the Anglo-saxons to Christianity and alter the regulating manner to Feudalism. among other things. Examples of this are their usage of the Forest as a metaphor for Hell. Anglo-Saxon Paganism made the forest the place of their Supreme beings. and the Bards needed to alter that. Another component. is the function adult females play in society. The Bards made adult females out to be retainers. instead than equal.

Finally. the bards added Irony to better the scenes in the narrative. as irony adds genius to the narrative. Nowadays. our society knows that the wood is merely a wood. and that adult females are equal to work forces. but those constructs put in topographic point by the Bards. along with sarcasm. still show up in our amusement. You can happen it in films such as Howard McCain’s Outlander. Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Ringss: The Return of the King. Chris Columbus’ Harry thrower and the Sorcerer’s Stone. and Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. Through the usage of the Dragonslaying Metaphor. the Hero’s Journey original. and elements such as the Forest being Hell. Women’s Place in Society. and Irony. the Bards of olde concocted an Epic perfect for altering the past and change overing the Anglo-saxons to a Feudal Christian society.

Connor True Paragraph 2 ( Dragon/Hero/Treasure ) :
The cultural significance that Beowulf had on the Anglo-Saxons was really important because it helped help the spread of Christianity throughout mediaeval England. The hoarded wealth stand foring your psyche. and the firedrake being a defender. or keeper of your psyche recurs throughout modern-day movie invariably. The firedrake guarding the hoarded wealth to your psyche can be observed in the undermentioned text “Beowulf. now an old adult male. faces his concluding undertaking: He must contend a firedrake who. angry because a stealer has stolen a beady cup from the dragon’s cache of gold. is puting waste to the Geats’ land.

Beowulf and 11 warriors are guided to the dragon’s den by the stealer who stole the cup. For Beowulf the monetary value of this last triumph will be great. ” this is important to the Dragon being a metaphor for guarding the hoarded wealth of your psyche. because in the last sentence “Beowulf the monetary value of this last triumph will be great. ” the hoarded wealth. which may be gold. and wealths could besides be interpreted to mention his psyche. and unlocking it from greed. lecherousness. and wickedness. In the movie “Kung Fu Panda” Po. the chief character has conflict through hardship to unlock his true power. after he gets the “dragon scroll” . In this cartridge holder: hypertext transfer protocol: //youtu. be/l06Rfyu05Ao Po battles Tai Lung. an evil tiger who seeks retaliation on his maestro for non doing him the firedrake warrior.

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Mollie Freel Paragraph 3 ( Forest as Hell ) :
The metaphor that compares the wood to hell can be found in about every narrative following the hero’s journey. The forest can stand for any topographic point that can be compared to a type of snake pit. where an evil character or the devil lives. For illustration. in the verse form of Beowulf. the monster. Grendel. lives far off from people. He lives off from the town inside a dark cave in the wood. In order to last it was necessary for the civilians to populate together in an country non near to Grendel’s evil place. In the beginning of the narrative. Grendel and his place are described: “A Powerful monster. populating down in the darkness. growled in pain…” ( 1 ) . This quotation mark takes topographic point in the gap scene and is portion of the “separation” that occurs in the hero’s journey. “The darkness” in this quotation mark is the forest where Grendel lives. which symbolizes snake pit.

This extract ties back to the Anglo-Saxon’s beliefs of good and evil and exemplifies the cultural significance and the darkness as an of import representation of immorality in the Anglo-Saxon universe. Another illustration of the wood is hell metaphor is in the film Horton Hears a Who. After Horton leaves his place of Nool to get down his journey to the mountaintop. he is forced to travel through a jungle and suppress many challenges all by himself. This is portion of the Separation in the hero’s journey because Horton has responded to his call to be a hero. and is now traversing the span. or threshold into the unknown in this scene: “http: //youtu. be/VblpG7Up76M” . This part of Horton Hears a Who is culturally important today because it demonstrates the epic trait of contending for what is right. It shows people to ne’er give up. and to maintain their promises.

Jack Steele Paragraph 4 ( Monotheism VS. Polytheism ) : The last subject explored is the belief in one God. Monotheism. instead than many. Polytheism. In the verse form. the members in High Herot attempt to guard off Grendel with thaumaturgy and rites to the old rock Gods. Paganistic existences. Ancient monastics. in their effort to change over the ancient Anglo Saxons to Christianity. made pagan religion sound like traffics with Satan. and a manner into snake pit. This is said in the quotation mark “And sometimes they sacrificed to the old rock Gods. made pagan vows. trusting for Hell’s support. the Devil’s counsel in driving their affliction off. ” ( 23 ) . In this quotation mark. the writers describe how no affair how hard they prayed and made forfeit to the heathen Gods. nil is of all time accomplished.

The lone manner for them to acquire anything done. in respects to killing Grendel. is to pray to the Christian God and have him direct a warrior that is holy plenty to kill him. The cultural significance being that this is the most outstanding manner of change overing ancient Anglo-saxons to Christianity ; By doing it sound like the coolest thing of all time. and depict how much it does for these people. A film illustration would be in the film Harry Potter. where Harry’s belief in Dumbledore’s Sword. akin to a godlike arm. alternatively of thaumaturgies ( something normally associated with Satan ) . helps him get the better of the elephantine snake. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=kb7T9oK0tF8. This accent on Monotheism in the verse form helped change over Britain to Christianity.

Ethan Joshi Paragraph 5 ( Greed/Pride/Sin ) :

Greed/Pride/Sin is a cardinal component in Grendel and in Beowulf’s concluding battle. Grendel symbolizes greed and wickedness. Since he is an castaway that lives entirely in a cave he begins to be filled with enviousness and fury towards the Danes that celebrate in their Mead hall dark after dark. As a consequence he attacks and kills the Danes. This gives Grendel the human features of unhappiness. enviousness. and fury. Beowulf represents pride in the narrative. When he is fixing to contend the devil he chooses to travel without any arms. “Grendel is no braver. no stronger than I am! I could kill him with my blade ; I shall non. easy as it would be. This monster is a bold and celebrated combatant. but his claws and teeth…Beating at my blade blade. would be incapacitated. ” In this quotation mark. Beowulf is fundamentally stating he is as tough and bold as Grendel and does non necessitate the excess aid of a blade to get the better of the devil. In the Lord of the Rings. Smeagol is a perfect illustration of greed and wickedness. “http: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=hQ3zDcmSesQ” . In that cartridge holder. He sees the ring that his friend has found and he immediately wants it and he ends up killing his friend for it.

Derek Senger Paragraph 6 ( Irony ) :

In a bulk of narratives and movies it is non expected that adult females show such dominant features that overpower work forces. Grendel’s female parent from Beowulf and the firedrake from Shrek demonstrate enormous sarcasm as they express such manfully behaviour. The perceptual experience from most people is that animals and monsters carry male traits but both the Dragon from Shrek and Grendel’s female parent from Beowulf are really much female. Grendel’s female parent demonstrates her fierce qualities as she begins to wrangle with Beowulf. For illustration. one time Beowulf becomes tangled with this barbarous animal. the writer provinces. “She welcomed him in her claws. clutched at him viciously but could non harm him” ( 578-579 ) . This citation displays that the attitude of Grendel’s female parent is highly masculine. The sarcasm displayed in this scene helps the narrative to be much more impactful.

The firedrake from Shrek is thought to be a male throughout the film until Donkey learns “he” is really a adult female. Donkey proves his intuition when he goes caput to caput with the firedrake and is shocked to see it is have oning lipstick and displays other female features. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=2q-R-MRyq84 & A ; feature=related ) The features that the firedrake shows helps turn out that this terrific animal that overpowers both Shrek and Donkey is in fact a miss. It is obvious from this cartridge holder that Donkey is shocked as he identifies the gender because he did non anticipate a man-eating monster to be a female. This sarcasm in both narratives creates obfuscation to the audience because it was inordinately unpredictable. By holding these masculine animals realistically be adult females. it helps turn out that the place of adult females in these narratives is highly similar to the function of work forces.


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