My dreams and aspirations to travel to college and farther enhance my cognition have ever been with me since I was kid. Both my parents taught me that I have to utilize my head if I want to take a happy and comfortable life without any jobs. and that has ever been my motive to persist. no affair how hard the route may be. After high school I will go to a university and go on my instruction further in the field of computing machine technology.

With that. I will use in assorted callings affecting my major. such as in the concern. car. video game and package industries. My end is to hold both a successful and fulfilling calling that I can be happy with while still back uping a little household of my ain and populating the American dream. My purposes are to assist the general public by supplying more efficient computing machine systems and package because I know we live in an age where computing machines are really of import and ruling all industries with managing information.

I know that we all live in a clip where engineering has become indispensable to human life. so if I can do a positive impact with my major. so that’s what I am traveling to make. Having a strong. merriment calling and holding a fantastic household has ever been a precedence to me and I have been taking every measure and safeguard along the manner to guarantee that I meet these ends seasonably and fruitfully. With aid from the Apple Scholarship Foundation. I can run into my ends with more comparative easiness and I can worry less about any pecuniary adversities that I might encounter.

I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I have ever worked diligently in and out of school my full life fixing myself to be a portion of society. Without the aid of this scholarship ( s ) . traveling to college and accomplishing my ends will be that much more hard. My male parent is the lone beginning of income in my household and unluckily. I can non trust on him to do a pecuniary part to my college instruction.

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Scholarships haven’t merely been optional. but are necessary in helping my end of traveling to college. With the fiscal aid of federal assistance and scholarships I will be able to accomplish my end of go toing a university. My household would non be burdened with fiscal problems or be worried for my hereafter. My future relies on the assistance of this scholarship and I would be appreciative to hold all the aid and support that can be given.


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