Imagine your driving down eleven mile in your trade name new Mustang and this careless. foolhardy adolescent is texting and driving and hits your auto and wrecks it. You were driving safely with your new auto and now because some careless adolescent is non taking driving earnestly and you have to pay for it. Make you believe 16 twelvemonth olds are responsible plenty to take on the undertaking of driving at that early of an age? Sixteen twelvemonth olds are excessively immature to take on the responsibly of drive because teens are irresponsible. they’re non mature plenty. and teens are more likely to drive recklessly.

First teens should non drive because at 16 they are still irresponsible. They are still immature and non to the full developed in their encephalons. They besides aren’t usage to the large responsibly of taking attention and wage for a auto. They don’t recognize that you have to pay for gas. insurance and supernumeraries for a auto. They will take advantage of the fact that they can drive. Teenss may non accept the fact that this is driving and you can injour you and others around you. Driving is one pretty large measure at 16 from nil to be responsible for to holding to take attention and wage for a auto.

Teenss besides may non take drive every bit serious as compared to turn grownups would. When you get older you have more duty. like having a house. holding a hardy occupation. and taking attention of others. If they take their drivers test subsequently on they may be more serious because they truly do necessitate to drive. non merely desiring to. The more the individual needs or wants something the more they will seek their best to win. In add-on adolescents encephalons are non to the full matured and grown at the age of 16. Teens encephalons are non to the full developed.

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So if their encephalons are non to the full developed how are they suppose to take on the major undertaking of driving? On norm the human encephalon is non to the full developed until between 20 and 25 old ages old. Around 19 or 20 is a good age to get down driving because your encephalon should be able to pay more attending and mature. If the encephalon is to the full developed so they may be able to do better determinations and be more careful drive on the route. Teens will besides hold more duties so and will take drivers developing more serious. Besides some may non be mature plenty and move younger than they truly are.

Driving should besides count on where your adulthood degree is. There should be a trial for happening adulthood and take it before driving. so that they know is they are mature plenty to drive. That trial would certainly hold more safe drivers on the route. For case adolescents are more likely to drive recklessly. They are more likely to text. name. or eat while driving. Most may non care on what is around them. till they hit something or an incident happens. Now a yearss adolescents love to text and name people. They feel like they have to react every bit shortly as possible.

For illustration each twelvemonth over 5. 000 teens ages 16 to 20 dices due to fatal hurts caused auto accidents. About 400. 000 drivers age 16 to 20 will be earnestly injured. Adolescents are about 10 per centum of the US population but history for 12 per centum all fatal auto clangs. Additionally Drivers ( both male and female ) under age 24 history for 30 % – $ 26 billion dollars of the entire costs of auto accidents in the US. Teenss are more likely to race their autos as good. Adolescents like to travel escapades and unrecorded perilously. They besides my non pay attending to the route instead listening to music. on their phones or other distracting things.

Puting a auto and drive in that life manner may non be the best thought. Sixteen is non the right age to get down driving. that excessively early. Teenss are still immature and irresponsible at that age. On the other manus its apprehensible to see why 16 could be to right age to get down driving. Teenss are acquiring older and desiring to go more independent. They want to be able to travel topographic points and non hold to tease their parents to take them at that place. It’s besides less fuss for the parents as good. If their is an exigency. like your grandma fell and demands help the adolescent can travel aid. alternatively of the parents go forthing work.

Following that get downing to drive at and earlier age you get more experience. Rather than get downing at 18 or 20 you may be more timid and scared to drive. They can be more confident and cognize more in drive. Otherwise 16 is non a good age to get down driving because they are more foolhardy and tend to text and drive more frequently than grownups. Therefore imploring to drive at 16 is excessively shortly because they are still irresponsible and non utilize to that large of a duty. Teens encephalons are non to the full developed and could still be really immature.

Besides teens are more likely to drive recklessly and non pay attending to the route every bit much as they should. How would you experience if a freshly driving adolescent was texting and driving and wasn’t paying attending to the route and hit you or a loved one? Still they may no care what happens if they are safe and so is their auto. They will likely non larn anything from it and still do deflecting things while driving. What would you instead have. more safety in the state or more teens aching lives and households and going more independent Oklahoman?


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