Drug Prevetion Prgrams Essay, Research Paper

As Anthony $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ran down the hallway shriek, I m traveling to imprison, I know it, it is all over! a instructor who had no hint what was traveling on tackled him. The instructor shortly found out that in the pupil s manus was a little bag incorporating crystal Methedrine. A drug he was taking in the bathroom of the school before being turned in by another pupil. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ was suspended from school for 180 yearss and must confront legal charges later this twelvemonth. Drugs are going more evident at & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; & A ; High School. Over the past several old ages at that place has been a turning figure of kids transporting illegal drugs on school evidences. Besides, during the school s annually drug hunt there have been an increasing figure of substances found each twelvemonth. This annual drug hunt is the lone bar program that SHS has instituted. SDFGADGHDG, principal of safsadfsf High School needs to originate a drug bar plan.

There are traveling to be many concerns with get downing new plans to assist drug bar at ASFDSAFSDF High School. One of those concerns is traveling to be the disbursal of the new plans. Sdf is a really little school with about 400 pupils. Sdf is besides located in a really little town with few concerns in it. In many other towns, and metropoliss concerns donate money to assist out their local schools. SFDSFDSF does non profit from this privilege though. The money that sdf receives from local belongings revenue enhancements and the authorities is used to mend the school evidences. The one manner the school will be certain to raise some money is to acquire the communities support. If the community is behind the new plans so they will be initiated.

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The ACLU is an organisation that defends pupil rights, and is willing to travel to tribunal for those rights. In the aftermath of increasing force, tribunals seem to hold become more regardful to school territories echt concern for pupil safety and security, said Cynthia Prettyman, general advocate for Palm Beach County, Florida, schools. The new tendency in schools across America is holding a full security system. This tendency is Police officers, cameras, metal sensors, cabinet hunts, back pack hunts, and even pupil ID cards are responsibilities required on a day-to-day footing. The job is that these points are seen as taking away pupils right to privacy. Many schools have gone to tribunal because of this issue. SFSFAFDA is a school that does non desire to necessitate to make this. The school has ever had good dealingss with its pupils and wants to maintain it that manner.

There H

ave been legion surveies demoing that drug maltreatment is linked to force. Richard Lowry, a member of the American School Health Associations states that, Because pupils who were offered, sold, or given illegal drugs at school besides used substances more often, it is non surprising that they were more likely than other pupils to go involved in force at school. Any act of force from such a little school like Smithville consequences in a high per centum. This job continues to be identified by pupils as one of the most of import in their schools ( Lowry, 349 ) . That is something the school does non desire, because it would take down the perceptual experience of the school by the pupils and others. Every School feels the demand to hold a good repute among the other schools it is associated with. SAFSAFSDF Prides itself on that good repute, and being looked up to by the other schools in the county.

About every school system has adopted the D.A.R.E. plan for its pupils. This is an educational plan designed to dispute immature kids to state no to drugs. The pupils are in this plan someplace between 5th and 6th classs. After, this plan at SAFSFSDFW a kid will non see another drug bar plan while he attends school here. The thought of new plans being presented to older pupils should now be a necessity due to the rise in drug maltreatment among high school pupils ( Pediatrics, 786 ) . If SFSFSDFSDF High School would hold a plan that talked to the older adolescents in the school so perchance a diminution in drug maltreatment would go on, like it has in many other schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics provinces that Trial usage of marihuana has decreased 10 % since 1997. In 1997, 44 % of adolescents reported seeking marihuana at least one time compared to 40 % in 2000, in school that continue drug bar plans ( Pediatrics, 786 ) . The demand to go on an enlightening tendency towards immature grownups to remain off of drugs is a necessity.

There is a demand to hold new regulations, or plans initiated in the SFSFSFSG school system. These plans need to be started while the pupils are immature, and continued through the system, non wholly dropped like they have been. If pupils are get downing to convey in major drugs such as crystal Methedrine, so major alterations need to be made. The school may non hold the support for many of the hi-tech instruments that some schools have but the demand for a cabinet hunt, or a back pack hunt is at that place. To forestall any more cases like MSFSFSDFSD s the school should see holding a drug bar plan initiated.


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