As of today. over 16 per centum of Americans are having some signifier of public assistance benefits. “Welfare is classified as a statutory process or societal attempt designed to advance the basic physical and material wellbeing of people in need” : Social welfare is provided by the authorities. both province and federal. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //dictionary. com/browse/welfare ) The authorities receives the money from the taxpayers in order to back up public assistance receivers. Tax remunerators are the on the job category. Seventy-five per centum of citizens that are among the societal category. besides known as the working category. are required to take pre-employment drug showing. When citizens receive public assistance ; nevertheless. they are non required to take drug showings. even though they receive the financess from the authorities. Drug trials for public assistance receivers will be one manner to get down salvaging money in this state.

Many people today are reasoning whether this move towards doing drug proving a demand to have public assistance benefits is unfair or non. This statement is based on the 4th amendment which states: The right of the people to be secure in their individuals. houses. documents. and effects. against unreasonable hunts and ictuss. shall non be violated. and no warrants shall publish. but upon likely cause. supported by curse or avowal. and peculiarly depicting the topographic point to be searched. and the individuals or things to be seized.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. jurisprudence. Cornell. edu/constitution/fourth_amendment )

Is it unfair to do the on the job category take pre-employment drug proving? No. so how is it unfair to necessitate public assistance receivers to take drug trials. The working category pays revenue enhancements. Those revenue enhancements go to the authorities. The authorities so budgets for the financess to travel towards plans such as public assistance. Many people would reason that non all people on public assistance are “playing” the system. but in life. it’s non all people that are the 1s to take advantage of things. The authorities presently uses the method of don’t ask about drug use. public assistance receivers don’t tell about drug use. However. as many people have said over centuries of clip. “one bad apple ruins the clump. ”

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Statisticss from 2010 province that over 533 billion dollars a twelvemonth is spent on public assistance receivers ( Dustin 1 ) . Welfare recipients receive services such as the nutrient cast plan. medical aid. and cell phone aid. Presently. the United States of America is 15. 8 trillion dollars in debt ( debt clock ) . If the authorities started necessitating drug proving for public assistance receivers. analysts say that the nest eggs in one twelvemonth would be about be nine million dollars ( Delaney 1 ) .

Many people feel that by drug proving public assistance receivers. this is pigeonholing. stating that all hapless people. or the needy. are on drugs. but by no agency is that the instance. If the working category has to take a drug trials to obtain employment and pay revenue enhancements. why does person having authorities money. non hold excessively? With those receivers who do go through the drug proving. there is no injury done. Those who fail the drug showing are merely required to wait one month. 30 yearss. till they can reapply. Peoples besides feel that if a receiver fails the trials. so he or she should be responsible to pay for the cost. This would assist with nest eggs besides. Why should the authorities give out to those people who are non willing to assist themselves?

Some people say that this is a misdemeanor of their personal rights. Others say that the cost of proving receivers is merely far excessively much. Some besides argue that “people who are addicted to drugs necessitate aid. The moral tinkle to make is seek and acquire them assist in order to forestall them from making farther injury either to themselves or others” ( Walters 1 ) . However. proving would merely be about 25 to 35 dollars per receiver.

Even if receivers are non tested in the beginning before having the public assistance benefits. the authorities should hold the right to necessitate so receivers to take randomised drug trials if drugs are suspected. On norm. receivers of public assistance benefits receive more financess in a twelvemonth than a first twelvemonth salaried instructor. which is about over 42. 300 dollars. Besides. why is it that the working category should be required to take pre-drug showings. yet welfare receivers who are on drugs need aid and the moral thing to make is to assist them. No. I feel that the moral thing for them to make is to acquire off of the drugs.

Drug proving public assistance receivers should be required in all 50 provinces in the United States of America. particularly since the benefits receivers receive are from both federal and province authorities. Those receivers that pass the trial there is no injury done. and those who fail will be required to wait one month until being able to reapply. Drug proving is required in the work force. There is no difference. This establishes a case in point that in order to have money from an employer or from the authorities. that they have the right to prove the possible employee and beneficent. Over the class of one twelvemonth. this would salvage the United States of America nine million dollars.


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