Jonathon Walters writer of “Should Welfare Recipients be Drug Tested? ” published an article on March 13. 2012 for Regulating: The State and Localities that provided readers with several points of involvement when discoursing drug proving public assistance receivers. Bruno walters provinces in his article “According to the National Conference of State Legislatures. about two twelve provinces are sing measures that require drug proving those either using for or having public benefits. a policy that has been cut down in the tribunals before because the Fourth Amendment grants that every person “be secure in their individuals. houses. documents and effects against unreasonable hunts and ictuss. ” ( Should Welfare Recipients be Drug Tested? parity 1. ) This paragraph explains that provinces are holding trouble go throughing this measure because the authorities feels that it violates American’s 4th amendment.

Bruno walters brings up statements from both a favoring side and an opponent side. Prefering sides would non desire to give person authorities benefits if they are utilizing the benefits to back up a drug wont and could salvage the authorities money by denying appliers. The opposing side feels that drug proving would come to a great disbursal to the authorities and instead than drug proving an person who needs aid because of their drug dependence other plans such as rehab would salvage money to local. province and federal authoritiess. The writer feels that both are good statements.

To farther continue on the opposing side of drug proving public assistance receivers ; Walters explains that “Drug testing is expensive. Tests cost anyplace from $ 35 to $ 75 to administrate. harmonizing to the liberal-leaning Center for Law and Public Policy. By their math. it would be anyplace from $ 20. 000 to $ 77. 000 to catch one drug maltreater. ” ( Should Welfare Recipients be Drug Tested? parity. 4 ) . On the favoring side legislators have a different computation and utilize grounds that biometric showings such as finger publishing lower Numberss of engagement among welfare receivers. States that do non take part in finger printing have more people using for public assistance. Walters feels that this would be a “cynical” manner of take downing costs. Opposing sides besides feel by insulating those who are at hazard. for illustration ex-felons may take them down a incorrect way once more because using for public assistance is much harder. hence. bing the authorities more money by seting them back in gaol and supplying them with intervention.

Bruno walters asks how will the authorities determine who receives public assistance and how do we do certain that the incorrect individual doesn’t receive it? Technology will assist find that errors won’t be made. “The public. in general. supports supplying aid to those who truly necessitate it. In that respect. provinces and vicinities are developing much more precise tools — largely thanks to improved information engineering — to guarantee that merely those who qualify for benefits receive them ( and. non by the way. to guarantee that those supplying services aren’t bet oning the system ) . ” ( Should Welfare Recipients be Drug Tested? parity. 8 ) .

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Overall. Jonathon Walters remains impersonal throughout the article and provides elaborate rebuttals for both opposing and prefering sides. He agreed that both sides had good statements and in the terminal it would be up to America in the long tally to make up one’s mind what is best for its people.

Walterss. J. ( 2012. March 13 ) Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? Regulating: The States and Localities. Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. regulating. com/topics/health-human-services/testing-welfare-recipients-drugs. hypertext markup language


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