In Carol Ann Duffy’s verse form. ‘education for leisure’ and Sheenagh Pugh’s. ‘she was 19 and she was bored’ . both poets look on modern society in a negative manner. Both poems expression at the subjects of agony and sadness when dramatis personae out from society. which are two provinces that are inextricably linkable. Sadness can come as a consequence of agony. or the demand to do others endure can come from pure sadness. Duffy and Pugh both make these differentiations in their work. and are able to prosecute the reader by researching these cosmopolitan subjects.

In Duffy’s ‘education for leisure’ . we find a character who is in the clasp of sadness and perchance some kind of depression. The gap line. ‘ I am traveling to kill something. Anything. ’ shows the reader straight off the nature of the talker in this verse form. The word ‘am’ shows the certainty and finding of the character which is rather a shocking opener for the reader. The caesura in the gap line foregrounds the word ‘anything’ which shows the reader the deficiency of empathy and morality this character has. the fact that they aren’t bothered what they kill it is merely for the bang of taking another life.

This is similar to Pugh’s. ‘she was 19 and she was bored’ . as this uses caesura to highlight certain words. For illustration. the phrase. ‘cleaning a house being cipher. ’ This phrase foregrounds the word ‘nobody’ as if she dwells on the fact she is seen as lower down in society. This means that the following line. ‘she joined the homicidal crew’ is foregrounded to demo the contrast from a kitchenmaid to the slayer she becomes. The 2nd line. ‘I have had sufficiency of being ignored and today’ utilizations enjambment to give the verse form the manner that sounds like the talker is speaking to you as if they are taking a breath. This is besides used in Pugh’s verse form for the beat to make a round as she slowly alterations from a harmless amah to a guard involved in a race murder. The phrase in the verse form ‘I am traveling to play God’ is one of the ways that Duffy brings across the narcissistic nature of this character.

The word ‘play’ makes it sound easy and as if it is easy for this character to ‘play God’ . Besides this shows how much power the character thinks they have which is shown once more in the phrase. ‘I squash a fly against the window with my thumb’ . this shows how the character takes pleasance out of holding power over another being. This can be compared to the line in Pugh’s poem- ‘given power. she overdosed on the excitement of misapplying it. of seeing her betters at her boots’ . this line shows how given power anyone can go a hardhearted slayer if they are following a government that puts them in charge of slaying others. The last line of the first stanza is ‘a kind of Grey with ennui stirring in the streets. The phrase ‘stirring in the streets’ shows that out in society there is possible for force to come from anyone which creates a sense of enigma because we ne’er know where it is traveling to come from.

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This once more links in with Pughs verse form and where a kitchenmaid turns out to be a guard in a concentration cantonment and hence anyone could perchance turn out to be a slayer. In the 2nd stanza we see that it may perchance be events from their childhood that have made this character an castaway in society. This is shown in the phrase ‘Shakespeare. It was in another language’ which shows the character may hold some kind of hatred towards the instruction system because they weren’t the most intelligent individual in school. Mentions to instruction are besides used in Pugh’s verse form in the phrase. ‘where’s your encephalons now. eh. your education’ . This contrast to the Duffy’s verse form because in ‘education for leisure’ . the character Duffy creates is person who may hold failed through the instruction system.

On the other manus in ‘she was 19 and she was bored’ . the character Pugh creates is person who was intelligent and worked good for her instruction although she still ended up as a guard in a concentration cantonment which shows that the enticement that being put in a topographic point of power can set on people. Pugh reflects on what this character could hold been in the line. ‘if she’d been intelligent. large-minded’ which shows how the character didn’t use her instruction good and lost her compassion when she was in a topographic point of power and the poet seems to sound angry at the character for what she did. We are reminded of the narcissistic nature of the character that Duffy has created when the phrase. ‘I am a genius’ is repeated. This contradicts what was said about how the character didn’t understand Shakespeare and we see how the character is egotistic and really confident about their intelligence. Throughout the verse form we see how the character has been cast out from society.

This is shown in the phrase ‘I could be anything at all. with half the chance’ . this shows how the character feels they have been let down by the remainder of society and they haven’t been given the chance to demo that they could be a large portion of society. This besides links into the thought that this character has some kind of hatred towards the instruction system. In the last stanza it says. ‘he cuts me off’ . Although this refers to a telephone call. this is a metaphor for how everyone ‘cuts the character off’ .

This line comes directly after the phrase ‘he’s speaking to a superstar’ which once more shows the narcissistic nature of this character. We see that the character may hold a psychopathologic nature in the concluding phrase. ‘I touch your arm’ . this makes the poem really personal as if it could impact you. This sends out a message to the reader that we as a society demand to do certain cipher is an castaway because when person feels like they are non wanted so they can turn to offense which could impact you.

This is besides shown in Pugh’s verse form where it direct out a message that anyone who feels like they are low down in society will acquire a bang out of being in power no affair what they are told to make. they will make it. In decision. both poems present how anybody in society can hold a disturbed head this is show in the phrase where the character Duffy has created utilizations dark humour- ‘I pour the goldfish down the bog’ . Both of the characters created by the poets seem to hold no topographic point in society and hence expression to killing as a manner of holding power over others. Although it is done in different manners. both poets get a message across that we. as a society. demand to do certain that cipher is cast out or it could hold lay waste toing effects because they feel they have no topographic point where they are welcome. We are shown in this verse form that both poets explore the fractured and staccato nature of Western society and how both poet’s position of modern civilization is extremely pessimistic.


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