Unhealthy food has become increasingly popular as the years have gone by, unhealthy diets can lead to many complications and fatalities in life for example coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, Insulin obesity and many other health risks. The reasons as to why people have unhealthy diets are due to the price of food, advertisements promoting unhealthy food and personal Issues. It Is clear that healthy food Is more expensive that healthy food.

This can lead to an unhealthy diet cause many people will be put off by the prices therefore leading them to purchase food that isn’t so health. For example a chicken Caesar salad costs much more than the price of a chicken burger meal at McDonald’s. Furthermore It can be argued that cheap unhealthy food tastes much better and Is more filling that unhealthy food. Another reason why more people have unhealthy diets Is due to Advertisements. Advertisements constantly use media as propaganda to promote unhealthy food.

Their catchy slogans will attract more people thus leading them to unhealthy diets for example cuff’s slogan ‘its finger licking good’ is designed to draw more customers in. Moreover celebrities are also used to advertise unhealthy food for example Gary Linear advertises Walker’s crisps. This can lead to an unhealthy diet because people look up to celebrities and this will influence them. The final reason why people have unhealthy diets is due to personal issues.

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Many people lead hectic lifestyle therefore they will not have much time to exercise and it will be more official for them to prepare healthy meals, other personal issues and life changes such as depression, divorce etc. Can lead to an unhealthy diet because some people may under or over eat during times of hardship an healthy diet will be the last thing on their mind. Overall people have unhealthy diets due to personal issues, the price of food and advertisements. A way to overcome this would be if a healthy lifestyle was advertised In a positive light and the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle should be promoted.


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