Which term should the nurse use to most accurately reported a clot?
Which medication increases the risk of developing a DVT: antibiotics, analgesics, antiasthmatics, oral contraceptives?
Describe the Virchow’s Triad
Stasis of blood
Vessel wall injury
Altered blood coagulation
What physical assessment can be used to identify a DVT?
The measure provides data regarding the affected leg and a baseline for future comparison. The Homan’s sign appears in only 10% of patients and false-positives are common, so it is not advised.
Which lab value do you check to monitor heparin therapy?
Heparin is measured by aPTT/PTT and the normal range is 25-41 seconds. Therapeutic is 2-3 times.
What is a heparin agonist?
Protamine Sulfate
What should you do if you walk into a patient’s room who is on heparin and has observable hematuria in their urinary catheter (or other frank bleeds)?
Stop the infusion
what intervention should the nurse implement to help reduce the risk for abnormal bleeding during heparin therapy?
what interventions could the nurse implement to reduce pain related to decreased venous flow?

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