Dylon buy Dylon Dylon singapore Dylon Colour Catcher DYLON Fabric Paint BlackPersonalize your style with Dylon fabric paintsFrom our surroundings to our wardrobe, colours are everywhere. One cannot imagine one’s life without a splash of colours, and it would be absolutely boring to wear a monochrome outfit every other day. Colours add spice and meaning to life, is a known fact. A deep red gown is certainly different from the chic yellow dress. But, the clothes we wear would not have been like what they are without the colourful dyes. Empowering you to colour your own world, Dylon Singapore, is the name synonymous with excellent quality fabric dyes. Derived from “Dyes of London”, this is a global name for fabric colouring that has been a major contributor in bringing colours to your wardrobe and uplifting your spirits. The dyes and colours from this brand help you get a personalized wardrobe that reflects your bold attitude. Serving you the best quality dyes for seventy years, the brand has been a witness to changing fashion trends and has inspired new styles. With a promise to make colouring easier, it has been searching for better means to give you improved results. It develops an extensive range of easy to use machine dyes as well as hand dyes that help you revive your wardrobe or make some exciting changes to your clothing. The wash and dyes are another range of innovative products that keep the colour of your dark clothes rich forever. Presently not limited to dyes, the brand has expanded to provide you a widespread range of products that offer complete fabric care. From colour run removers to stain removers the brand provides innovative ways to keep your clothes in the best condition. Colour catcher and travel wash are some of Dylon’s unique products, and are known for quality. Buy Dylon for vibrant innovations in fabric Another superb product from Dylon is the Fabric Paint Black which can help you paint t-shirts, cushion covers, table cloths, etc., and help you refurbish your home with the iconic black. Revamp and brighten up your wardrobe with the beautiful range of exciting colours from the brand that give you the freedom to showcase your creativity. The products by the brand are now also available at Lazada, your favourite online shopping destination. The online store holds a great collection of products by the brand that you can easily go through and buy at the best prices, while sitting in the comfort of your home. Further, each product at Lazada comes with free nationwide shipping and 14-day free return offer. Shop hassle-free at the most trusted online store that gives you quality services! Why choose Dylon?• The brand is a renowned name, globally, providing premium quality fabric dyes and washes.• It has been brightening the world for seventy years, and promises to do so in future, with improved products.• It provides a diverse range of colours, and keeps on adding innovations to the exciting range.• Each product is manufactured under close monitoring and measured conditions, to ensure that the promised quality is delivered. 


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