Tourism is a combination of services, activities and companies that provides you going experience with transit, adjustment, nutrient, amusement, activity installations and other cordial reception services ( Mathieson and Wall, 1982 ) .

Hospitality is how good the community accepts you and their attitude towards you which make you experience safe and welcome. It is the interaction between the host and the invitee associated with protection, etiquettes and regard. The extent to which the community shows cordial reception varies with the civilization and subculture of different societies ( Lankford S.V, 1994 ) . Tourism and cordial reception is claimed to be the universe ‘s largest industry by World Tourism Organization ( WTO ) with turnover of $ 3 trillion dollars.

Sri Lanka is celebrated for its touristry, chiefly because of its beautiful islands beaches, old heritage and universe ‘s best resorts in mountains. Tourist comes from all over the universe for easing themselves and for this intent the chief touristry organisation working is Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority. This Organization is working in developing Sri Lanka to be the Asia ‘s most preferred tourer finish. It uses its merchandises creatively while assuring effectual and efficient usage of resources. They are working hard to place alone services, explicating every bit good as implementing new schemes for touristry development.


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This assignment is divided into five different subdivisions from subdivision A to subdivision E. Section A would discourse the brief debut about tourism/hospitality and the touristry organisation selected, subdivision B would specify the different services and merchandise offering offered by touristry organisations in order to advance growing, subdivision C would discourse about the planetary demand issues that drive the changeless demand for updating touristry services. Whereas subdivision D will concentrate on advanced schemes and activities followed by touristry organisation to fulfill these alterations in demand. Section E would discourse the services provided by SLTDA.

B ) Different Product/Services by Tourism Organizations:

The basic services that the every tourer expects to have are:

Adjustment: Varies harmonizing to your bundles from motels, private little hotels, 5 stars hotels and resorts.

Food Facilities: Tourist experience depends a batch on the nutrient quality he is available to as most frequently people travel for researching the beautiful locations and for basking the different sort of nutrient of that state.

Time and Money: Tourism Development depends a batch on the entree and ease the tourer gets after basking his holidaies and for that it is of import that he does non faces such issues associating to clip and money specially.

Adjustment, Tours, Sight-seeing, Cruises, Car leases, Best Air menu rates, Transportation, Tour Guides, Entertainment are some of the basic installations provided to you by touristry organisations depending about your bundle. Whether you want to hold a epicurean holiday with all the installations at its best or a simple economical vacation, this touristry organisation has bundles harmonizing to your budgets and demands ( David Weaver, 2005 ) .

Tourism organisation has to work on changeless footing for developing there merchandise portfolio in order to keep their demand and to excite growing because one time you have program to travel on a holiday, at first you select the best possible topographic point depending on your affordability and after you have shortlisted two to three topographic points you start naming them harmonizing to their product/services offering. The best touristry bundle offered with all the preferred installations and the one which is within your scope every bit good ( David Weaver, 2005 )

B.1 ) Different Value Added Facilities Provided By Tourism Organization:

Bucket store: Bucket stores are retail mercantile establishments which offer price reduction rates in airfares in committee with touristry organisations.

Charter air hoses: These air hoses facilitate the motion of tourers on ‘packages Tourss ‘ or ‘seat-only bundle ‘ . They offer low cost transit services to holiday finishs, for this the client nevertheless has to do via medias by going at inconvenient hours or by supplying merely simple services.

Computerized Reservation System ( CRS ) : Entree to airfares, agendas, bundles, handiness of seats and reserve beforehand become possible by this system.

C ) Global Demand Issues in Tourism

C.1 ) Background

Diversification is of import in touristry. It refers the add-on of new merchandise to the already developed merchandises portfolio ; it is a procedure by which new merchandises are added to the merchandise portfolio of a touristry concern or finish in order to avoid over-dependence on a few, frequently extremely competitory, merchandises. Tourism has changed in the last 30 old ages with the rise of the jet aircraft ; it has now emerged as a planetary phenomenon. It is today one of the most of import planetary industry. 593 million tourer travelled abroad in the twelvemonth 1996 while in 2003, 694 million tourers travelled worldwide ( Long, P. T, 2000 )

Before it was hard to analyse the accurate informations but after the development of Tourism Satellite Account ( TSAs ) it became easier as TSAs informs you about the accurate, dependable and comparable informations which is collected by single state. However it was besides came in notice that economic crisis like Gulf War, consequence of 9/11, oil crisis in 1970 ‘s consequence touristry and touristry organisation economically as it is a planetary hazard for tourers to go in such conditions ( Stephen J Page, 2005 ) .

C.2 ) Consumer and the changing universe

The economical every bit good as geo-political state of affairs demands for new schemes twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Variation in engineering, demographics, political and universe scenario changes the mentality of universe every bit good as of client. There are two positions in this new demand factor. Demand is influenced by factors such as going motive and the ability to go and on the other manus we have behavioural alterations like finish penchants, easiness at going, quality of experience but all these demands vary upon the purpose of going. The individual who has been going a batch and is experienced will set to the environing even if it is non harmonizing to his demands ( Martin Lohman, 2004 )

The other act uponing factors in the touristry demand are divided into different classs for better apprehension that is economic system, political relations, crisis and menaces, demographic alteration and engineering and all these factors are inter linked with each other. These factors have impact as holiday demand is driven by the demand, motive and realisation depending on the economical state of affairs of the person and freedom to go. External factor has an impact by set uping the ability to go that is freedom, money, clip, physical ability ) while consumer behaviour does non depend on any individual factor but is really the reaction caused by the external factors and is besides backed by the internal factors such as motive, strong desire ( Martin Lohman, 2004 ) .

Furthermore there are several emerging factors holding its impact on the demand and making this dynamic nature of touristry which is known to all nevertheless conveying an nightlong alteration is non possible, likewise these tendencies will besides non alter the universe touristry.

C.3 ) Demographic Changes:

Although it was a changeless procedure but in recent old ages it is demoing alterations more frequently now and is considered to be the most of import in the European states. These demographic tendencies have an impact on touristry program of states. Previous researches has shown that people in European states does n’t alter their travelling form due to their increasing age or retirement but it is now observed that the coevals when will make the age of 60 ‘s would non follow the same form. The senior citizen today are more active and bask all these touristry activities but the senior batch in following 15 old ages will be dull and less active relatively. Similarly the worsening rate in figure of kids is besides demoing some alterations but this rate is truly slow to convey in notice hence one does non anticipate touristry organisations to alter or re-orient their schemes ( Lohmann and Denielsson, 2001 ) .

C.4 ) Standardization V. Alone Offer:

Technology is altering, with this new epoch of altering tendency it is expected that the clients will demand for high quality merchandise offering and will boom for alteration but it is besides stated that a small spot of standardisation is a must for touristry merchandise portfolio. But excessively much standardisation will be a bigger hazard for organisations because there will be no assortment offering fiting to the rapid demand of exclusivity. The client today wants both quality and singularity. This means that the industry has a new challenge because it has to keep a balance between standardisation and exclusivity ( Lohman, 2004 )

Furthermore sing the on-going demand it is non necessary that the touristry merchandise offered is good or non likewise whether the merchandise is considered good by the consumer is besides non of import, the of import thing is that it should be well in the list of precedence high lightened by the tourer and should be considered the best in the specific list. Lapp goes for the touristry organisation which include travel bureaus, operators, hotel direction and transit in-charge by offering convinces and guidelines to assist the consumers ( Lohman, 2004 ) .

Presently there is no major alterations to be predicted but that does n’t intend that we take it as a smooth way because one can non foretell hereafter and it is ever expected to demo unexpected event for illustration any political alteration, any natural catastrophe, epidemic disease, war ) therefore it is necessary and besides possible that the touristry organisations prepare for the altering tendency which can be identified by maintaining a stopping point oculus on current state of affairs. Demand is high but that will non do you able to sell anything to see tourers ( Taylor, 2001 ) .

All these above planetary issues make it necessary for the touristry and cordial reception organisation to invariably develop their merchandises to run into the changeless demand.

D ) Strategies and Different Activities Employed By Tourism Organizations:

Strategic planning consists of several stairss. The first measure is to formalise a proper organisation which controls all the necessary inside informations. Then a vision must be developed about how you really want to determine out everything followed by other inside informations including substructure and investing issues.

D.1 ) Competition:

As clip is altering the universe is besides in changeless demand of alteration which is ensuing in competition among different states booming for economic growing, development better than the other state. Similarly the universe touristry is besides emerging twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and states are seeking to profit themselves by developing their state into a proper tourer topographic point in return bring forthing immense gross ( Fainstein & A ; Gladstone, 1999 ) . This will besides profit the state in thriving as developing the state will do the authorities work on substructure and environing quality along with that it will assist doing the relation stronger of the host state with the other states whose tourers are welcomed with huge cordial reception. Furthermore for managing touristry more employment is needed which is good for the vicinities and it is besides noticed that those states which are non developing themselves for improvement and touristry may go forth buttocks in such a competitory environment where every other state is contending for a standalone place in the planet ( Fainstein & A ; Gladstone, 1999 ) .

Not merely internationally it is expected among the metropoliss as good within the same states to work for their ain improvement viing with the other metropolis of the same state. Every metropolis city manager should work for the development of its ain metropolis which may finally ensue doing the metropolis a topographic point for touristry finish ( Holcomb, 1999 )

D.2 ) Strategies Development:

States that strive to be competitory must develop a long term scheme and get down working on it because without a program you can non accomplish your end. It ‘s a long term procedure because developing a state in a preferred touristry finish and above all developing the sense of cordial reception among the local community is non an easy occupation. Therefore for accomplishing this hard undertaking you need to first develop a scheme which is a set of policies intended to accomplish your end and mission ( Getz, 1997 ) .

D.3 ) Invention:

Further more one time the mission is achieved one must non take it for granted and should work to better it twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours as touristry industry can ne’er settle on one standardize process, it must maintain brining invention depending on the current tendency and demands on its consumer ( Van den Berg et Al, 1995 ) .

D.4 ) 3 A ‘s of Tourism:

There are 3 A ‘s of touristry which must be kept in head all the clip because it has the nucleus importance

Entree: Transportation system must be provided to the tourer easy so that they can easy entree their desirable tourer musca volitanss.

Attraction: Tourists must happen assortment of attractive topographic points to see and research. They must hold different picks to do so that they can bask their trip wholly alternatively of sitting at place even on holidaies.

Comfortss: The installations available to the tourer on the peculiar location or finish they plan to see.

However the most of import Angstrom in this class is the 2nd one Attraction as touristry is all about researching and sing different locations ( Dieke and Karamustafa, 2000 ) .

D.5 ) Events:

Peoples are acquiring involved into different sorts of events and hence chose vacation finish sing the upcoming possible event, so that they can bask their vacation interrupt wholly. Therefore the event concern is besides a profitable concern these yearss. It is besides noticed that erstwhile events make the tourer visit a specific location for illustration Dubai festivals or manner shows make people visit Dubai, which frequently does n’t keep a desire for researching Dubai but those events ( Getz, 2004 ) .

This helps a batch in off seasons when touristry is at a low degree promoting the tourers to see assisting the touristry organisation in maintain their net incomes. Besides that it besides help in developing an image of the host state in a favourable place doing the state as a favourite vacation finish for people from all over the universe. ( Mossberg, 2000 )

As events are of import portion of touristry, one should work for its selling in a proper manner. Promotions through web logs, booklets, imperativeness release are some common manner for marketing the events. Different selling channels should be adopted for advancing the events so that everyone comes to cognize about it and it should be done giving adequate clip to the travellers so that they can be after a trip handily.

D.6 ) Culture and Rootss:

The host state should stress on its civilization greatly because the tourer find it attractive as it gives them something different to research. Ancient heritage, memorials is of acute involvement for the tourers and in this manner one can do its ain civilization known to the people worldwide every bit good ( Mossberg, 2000 ) .

Tocopherol ) Sri Lankan Tourist Development Authority:

E.1 ) Tourism In Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka ‘s chief concern comes from its touristry. It has ancient heritage, beaches, beautiful mountains, exuberant green resorts doing it a perfect topographic point for vacations. Tourists comes from every portion of the universe to see Sri Lanka as it has a truly good touristry development organisations working for the improvement of industry and conveying variegation in there merchandise offering.

Visa policy for Sri Lanka is relatively easy to acquire. Normally they give a tourer visa for 30 yearss but it can besides acquire extended. Your visa can widen up to three months by paying some sum and it can further increase for three months giving extension fees along with extra Rs.10,000 nevertheless extension more than this depends upon the concerned authorization ( ( Sri Lanka Development Tourist Authority Online )

E.2 ) Different Exclusive Offer By SLTDA:

Sri Lankan Tourist Development Authority offers different sole services in order to fulfill their clients and corroborating a great experience depending on their affordability

Heritage: Sri Lanka is rich in ancient heritage. It has preserved Asiatic memorials which are an attractive force for people all around from the universe particularly for tourers who are fond of ancient civilization and tradition specially visits Sri Lanka for basking these cultural, belief and traditional manner of life that is held in modesty in the roots of Sri Lanka. UNESCO universe heritage, Adam ‘s Peak are some of the must see in Sri Lanka. ( Sri Lanka Tourism Guide )

SPA and Ayuerveda Treatment: They merely non resuscitate your head and organic structure but besides seek to sooth your psyche by supplying you with the most popular method AYUERVEDA for loosen uping your organic structure and head and mending religious and physical jobs by herbal interventions, assorted loosen uping bath and organic structure massages along with physical exercisings such as yoga, aerobic exercises and peculiar diets which help one feel relaxing and wholly basking this luxury of life which you normally do non care for in your day-to-day modus operandi ( Sri Lanka Tourism Guide ) .

Shoping Finishs: Apart from beautiful and munificent shopping promenades in Colombo and other larger metropoliss, one can besides bask traditional villager shopping in little small towns and handcraft stuff from local seller on a really inexpensive monetary value, while brass work of Sri Lanka is besides really celebrated due to its delicacy. Another purchase degree Fahrenheit Sri Lanka are its silverware that is besides given as a keepsake at times but the most celebrated of all are the widest assortment of rock found in Sri Lanka because of which Sri Lanka is considered among the largest treasure manufacturer state therefore you can besides ease yourself by acquiring yourself these rocks on your visit ( Sri Lanka Tourism Guide ) .

Adventures Sports: Sri Lanka offers the opportunities of indulging in all sorts of athleticss specially adventures affecting Waterss as it has more than 100 beaches which facilitate you to travel for H2O skiing, H2O surfboarding, aqualung diving, yachting, Speed boating. Furthermore these athleticss are run under the supervising of professionals and when you are thorough professionals you can besides seek killer autumn, caput chopper and bead. Apart from H2O escapade one can besides bask wildlife, forest geographic expedition, mountain mounting for being able to witness the universe ‘s most beautiful scenery in front. Beautiful waterfalls are besides one of the desirable scenes to watch in Sri Lanka.

Safari which happens to be the national park of Sri Lanka has assortment of animate beings including different sorts of mammals, elephant, pig, hedgehog, ant feeder and assortment of monkeys as good. Islands have different sorts of reptilian ( serpents, crocodiles as good ) doing it unsafe to roll heedlessly as it is said that out of all these 100s of reptile sorts 5 of serpent found are lifelessly. ( Sri Lanka Tourism Guide )

Festivals: Sri Lanka is a metropolis of on traveling amusement and hence every season you will witness some sort of jubilation traveling on. Cultural festivals, Harvest festivals or some regional ceremonials are ever taking topographic point.

All these are the sole offering which is given by the Sri Lankan touristry organisation to its tourers depending on their affordability degree. Apart from those basic installations like adjustment, conveyance, breakfast benefits are normally included in the touristry bundle.

Decision: In the terminal it is concluded that touristry organisation faces utmost planetary issues and if they want to be in front of others they must invariably convey invention intro their merchandise portfolio. Schemes should be made and touristry organisations must follow them step by measure.


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