This title means nothing to me I never really liked to read growing up, as it was almost always homework or a task assigned by my parents. My brother and I would rather play the Nintendo gamecock in the basement of our old home than fall asleep trying to read one chapter of the Harry Potter books without dozing off into slumber. Over the course of high school I began to fall out of sync with the world around me. The transition from grade school left me with few friends and not a single ounce of stability.

I started to shut myself if from connecting with others and each day started to feel bland and unbearable. Now I’m not going to claim to have been outright depressed but I was defiantly not the happiest person out there. The first time we were assigned a book in my freshman English class I was thoroughly disheartened when I saw the 324 pages of the Enders Game novel sitting on my desk. But it clicked. For some reason my interest was caught by this book of a strange society, hook line and sinker. Thanks to a little bit of dyspepsia, I became a whole lot happier. Fun? Reading and Fun?

This was a new experience for me; books were only ever fun when they had pictures or puzzles. My mind connected with this idea of a broken society that improvises Just to keep living each day. From there it grew: The Giver, Fahrenheit 451, A Brave New World, Lord of the Flies and my personal favorite, 1984. These great books have greatly raised my appreciation for reading as a whole and made my life during high school a lot more enjoyable. Each novel contained something new, a new concept that would twist your mind to comprehend why a civilization would accommodate such a thing.

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For me, these books were an escape. Each night I would have a few hours alone with my thoughts and with my little paper bound broken worlds. Exploring their science and new technology was always exciting but was bound by their society’s harsh rules and con-formative ways. The stark contrast was beautiful, like a soft hug from a grizzly bear. Because I was so interested in these books, I found my safe place while reading; I found something stable, stability in unstable worlds. Each day after reading, I grew more confident about myself. I found something that felt like it assembled my life and that was comforting.

I started hanging out with some people I overheard talking about Enders Game and over the course of school, we became the best of friends. This was probably the first time that I stopped and thought to myself, “Wow. Reading has a point; it’s not all Just useless knowledge needed to get through school. ” It had a purpose for me now. Enders Game was probably the best thing to happen to me freshman year. Unfortunately, I never developed the habit of reading quickly which I wish I would eventually do. I always took my time while reading so I could enjoy the book longer.

I liked the novels so much that I didn’t want to put them down. These books helped me develop the skills needed to read more efficiently and enjoy the process. The skills that I gained from those books alone, I would claim to be the most important reading advancement that I have had, besides learning the alphabet. My reading habits really blossomed from dyspepsia novels, which help me immensely. Reading is one of the most empowering skills to have and I am grateful for it and its all thanks to dyspepsia novels and remember, Big Brother is watching.

I’m working on a transitional paragraph here] Frederick Douglass was a very unique learner in a very unique situation. Learning to read and write on his own, I feel as though he was very successful in conveying his story on how he accomplished this. In his opening paragraph he effectively stated what his short essay is about and most of the content he would be covering. While reading, “Learning to Read and Write,” for the second time, I noticed that his sentence structure seems very simple, a lot more simple than the rest of the essay. “l lived in Master High’s family for seven years.

During this time, I learned to read and write. “peg 1 . In contrast to his structure, Frederick Douglass uses words such as stratagems. While this word is not unheard of, to me it does not feel like a stretch to say that words such as these seemed to be a bit above his vocabulary. Beyond this, I feel like his opening paragraph was a success in setting up the rest or the essay and doing so in a timely fashion. I believe that the second and third paragraphs were the most sentimental paragraphs to Frederick Douglass. In these two sections, Douglass writes about his mistress and her teachings.

The sentiment kicks in when he notes that she started his quest for further knowledge. Frederick also shows signs of pain as he watches his mistress, a slave to her husband, turn from a caring woman to one with a heart of stone. Paragraphs four and five made no attempt to hide their content as Douglass once again has good introductory sentences that outline the purpose of the paragraphs. In his story, I admire his strategies in accomplishing his education. Using an interesting fashion, Douglass proceeds to tell of friends that taught him to read. Paragraph six was full of spite.


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