Electronic Commerce

Coursework II

Part 1

Michael Porter’s theoretical account

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The M – Commerce concern and nomadic application is a subset of electronic commercialism. It is used on handheld computing machines, nomadic phones, tablets, and other similar devises. Our proposed application will hold the undermentioned characteristics:

  • A high quality design, friendly and attractive visual aspect and easy to utilize characteristics.
  • A user-friendly characteristic leting easy entree to the bill of fare and position of the services provided.
  • The site will offer a position of all the available services, with all information in legible text. All the images will be of high quality, clear and easy to see with a fast burden clip.
  • Each page will offer all relevant information. It will hold buttons leting users to publish out the information or portion it with friends on societal webs.
  • One touch communication: There will be simple to utilize characteristics. There will be the option to pass on with the client through one touch. Either by phone-call or acquiring the builder’s location through waies on a map ; or even by electronic mail. One touch naming will assist our possible clients to cognize about any service.
  • One touch sharing will supply clients the ability to portion our app through the societal media channels easy. If clients like the app, they might desire to portion it with their friends. So, we should give them the option to make it with one touch.
  • Push messaging: This will supply value to the clients, because it will direct messages with particular offers for app users and supply information about limited period price reductions.
  • GPS vouchers: These are vouchers that wages clients for being regular visitants. They are discount vouchers which are available to clients if they visit the shop on a regular basis for a set figure of times.
  • Shoping cart: This is highly necessary so that our clients can do their purchase right from their smartphones. This will do their shopping experience a honoring one and our concern in bend will see increased gross revenues.

2.Monetary value:

The cost of the M-application for the client is really low. The lone things needed are an appropriate device and entree to an cyberspace web. The application will be available for downloading from the Builder’s web page for free. Besides, it would be available for downloading from i-store or play-store.

Discounts will be offered for purchases made utilizing the application. Thus the clients can salvage on their purchases, in add-on to the salvaging ensuing from non holding to physically see the builder’s premises.


Ad should utilize both above the line media and below the line gross revenues publicity. Above the line media will include telecasting, wireless, print and out-of-door advertisement runs. Below the line will chiefly include public dealingss methods, for illustration demos at busy topographic points like promenades. Online advertisement will include web streamers and popup ads in cyberspace sites that our mark groups visit, and besides in societal webs.

4.Topographic point:

The application will be available for downloading from the Builder’s web page for free. It would besides be able for downloading from i-store or play-store. It will be compatible for usage in laptops, tablets and nomadic phones. Each user should hold to be registered and will be assigned a user name and watchword. Therefore, he/she will be able to login from any device he/she likes.

Part 2

Online picture advertisement scheme


  1. Introduction.
  2. Examples of picture advertisement services.
  3. Uses of video advertisement.
  4. How to do clients advocators for the new site.
  5. Reappraisals of merchandises and services.
  6. Support to clients characteristics
  7. Promotion and selling through the application.
  8. Research and develop new ways of making concern.


An on-line picture advertisement scheme involves the set of actions and methods used to advance an M-commerce application. The followers is the proposed scheme for the new application. It proposes the usage of three online channels, societal media, location based services and electronic mail. Examples of advertisement services or streamer characteristics that can be used for the application are proposed.

2.Examples of picture advertisement services.

Display ads are featured in assorted sizes in many different web sites and can be in many signifiers of show ads such as inactive images, flash, picture and expandible.

Use picture with advertizements. Ads with graphic colourss, music and motion have better consequences in pulling the involvement of the individuals sing a web page or societal media. The web pages and societal media should be carefully selected for an efficient range of the prospective mark group clients.

Make a walkthrough practical store retroflexing the services provided. This will assist to familiarise prospective clients with the edifice works offered. Therefore, it will be much easier when they eventually decide to shop.

Use picture to demo how the nomadic application can be used. A measure by measure attack of how the nomadic application can be used with illustrations and lifes. This will assist in advancing the M-commerce application itself.

3.Uses of video advertisement.

Video advertisement can be used in societal media, location based services and electronic mail.

Social media:Facebook and Twitter are used by most sellers and truly so. Facebook late surpassed one billion sum users worldwide, and Tweeter five hundred 1000. Both societal webs are used by sellers as the chief methods to make consumers everyplace.

Location based services:With these services it would be much easier to track the shop near the client’s location, since those services include nomadic tracking through the mobile’s gsm web.

Electronic mail:Email selling is another method of utilizing the Internet to advance at a low cost, and in an effectual manner. The Internet has given mass communicating a whole new position and possibilities. Those who aspire to do their concern ventures a success narrative have got to do the most of this signifier of advertisement.

The publicity of the new application will hold the undermentioned stairss:

Measure 1: Create an attractive Mailer that can be sent out to the mark groups so that they can be informed about the application and its characteristics.

Measure 2: Make a list of possible clients who would be interested in the application. This mark group will be divided into subgroups. Particular offers and price reductions should be included for each group, to do the most of this advertisement move.

Measure 3: Measure the response rates and feedback.

4.How to do clients advocators for the new site.

Traditional publicity and selling is no longer the lone manner to market to consumers. Business leaders today need to recognize that clients who tell their narrative are a more believable and valuable manner to make even more clients. You can make the followers:

Show picture of clients speaking about the merchandises they bought. Customers can be the best advocators of the merchandises. You should hold individuals that prospective clients can be identified with. In other words they should see themselves in topographic point of these individuals in the picture.

Identify and keep relationships with your clients that can be used as trade name advocators. You should happen out non merely who your prospective clients are, but besides who already portions and promotes your services.

Keep these advocators on a regular basis engaged. Comment, answer, portion, and electronic mail are all great tactics to maintain advocators on board. Show publically that you value their sentiments.

You must give the advocators wagess for their attempts with their ain merchandises or services. Create competitions that are amusing, entertaining, educational, or supply some kind of value to your clients.

5.Reappraisals of merchandises and services.

You should let users to subject reappraisals to the web page for each merchandise or service. Reviewers can rate the merchandise on a evaluation graduated table from 1 to 5. The reappraisal may be anon. . Clients may notice on the reappraisals, bespeaking whether or non they found the merchandise or service helpful to them.

6.Support to clients characteristics.

You can utilize Live Chat to supply support to your clients. The bulk of people shoping the web prefer to utilize Live Chat because of its immediate response. Waiting in telephone waiting lines belongs to the yesteryear. The usage of email response can besides be used although the unrecorded confab is by far the most preferred method.

Live Help will construct client trust and assurance in your merchandises and services.

7.Promotion and selling through the application.

You can utilize Video to increase the popularity of your run. Video can be a dynamic tool that attracts and keeps visitants. The undermentioned two utilizations will be used:

A promotional picture will be included that explains who the Contractors are and what they do. A circuit that tells visitants what they can happen on the web site and a practical circuit that helps users see what are the services that can be provided.

Videos showing a merchandise or service for illustration, how to put in or construct something, or demo the building works in action. Video can besides be used to develop clients on how to utilize the web page.

8.Research and develop new ways of making concern.

The cyberspace engineerings can besides assist the edifice companies in their R & A ; D. As the chief map of selling is fulfilling consumer’s demands, the designation of such demands is indispensable. Through its web page and nomadic application, the companies can place such demands from their clients and application users. Then, they can acquire feedback on how these demands can be satisfied.

Video advertisement procedure diagram.


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