I. Cardinal Issue of Earl Walker Case: This instance has several underlying issues but the cardinal issue is that the company has allowed an person within this company. Mr. Thompson. to perpetuate a toxic working environment non merely for Earl Walker. but besides for co-workers and subsidiaries. This issue has been allowed to proliferate due to several structural issues within the company including: hapless direction forces. hapless communicating between and within the company departments. a sink or swim no preparation plan. deficiency of clear occupation descriptions. no regard for concatenation of bid. inconsistent public presentation reappraisal processs. and Draconian reappraisals.

II. Case Situation Analysis: As mentioned. the chief issue within this instance is that a hostile work environment created by one toxic person has been allowed to organize and go on because there are structural defects within the organisation. and it has gotten to the point where employee morale and trueness to the company are really low.

Organization: In this instance. Mr. Thompson is described by Earl Walkers as an person with hapless people accomplishments. which makes him a hapless people director. Mr. Thompson is “disliked by everyone-even the operating commission. which consist of top works direction. His loud voice. unsmooth linguistic communication. and changeless shouting don’t aid affairs much” . However. it takes the right environment for a virus to distribute. Peoples will acquire off with what they are allowed to acquire away with. and in this instance. the organisation has defects that do non do it easy to put a good clear and consistent criterion for good direction.

At first glimpse. this company does non hold a good process in topographic point for smooth passages or preparation. Earl Walker seems to be an unwanted nowadays that two directors merely bounced off from their several duty to develop him and present him decently. Earl Walker has no formal preparation and has to take the enterprise to larn on his ain from his subsidiaries. which are besides non really welcoming. Earl Walker mentioned that “as a affair of fact. this is seemingly a portion of the company’s preparation program-to brand you swim all by yourself in new assignments” . This creates a deficiency of bonding and resourcefulness between employees at all degrees of the concatenation within the organisation.

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There is besides hapless communicating between and within the company departments. as Earl Walker narrated. his subsidiaries did non demo any religion in him seeking to acquire a simple filing cabinet for their section from another section.

There is deficiency of clear occupation descriptions. as Earl Walker notes sing the stock checker occupation. “I’m non precisely certain at this point. I was put on this occupation with no anterior preparation or instructions. Cold. “ When an employee is non certain of what his responsibilities are. so he is more likely to make jobs and defeat for his supervisors and subsidiaries. since in this instance. Earl Walker has slightly of a supervisory function as a stock checker.

There is besides no regard for concatenation of bid. Mr. Thompson makes Earl Walker’s place hard because he gives him really direct undertaking and assignments to take a group that is supervised by an wholly different Department Manager. As Earl Walker describes. “ Mr. Thompson gives me direct orders to make certain occupations and it accordingly creates a delicate state of affairs both up and down the line” .

There is besides inconsistent public presentation reappraisal processs. This company has alumnus trainees who move about from one subdivision of the company to another for cross preparation. Yet how can one trainee cognize how if he has mastered an single section he antecedently worked for when he is presently working for a different one? In this company. the mode in which Mr. Thompson was given the ultimate right to reexamine Earl Walker’s public presentation and extended his evaluation of the reappraisal to a section that he did non pull off at all. This makes it for a really unjust public presentation reappraisal.

This company besides seems to let Mr. Thompson to give Draconian reappraisals. As Earl Walker narrates. “I asked him if he realized that anybody reading his rating could acquire nil other than a degrading and hurtful feeling of my public presentation. He [ Mr. Thompson ] said. ‘This is my rating of you’” . If an employee’s public presentation realistically warranted such a hapless public presentation reappraisal so had it been true. this should hold been taken up further in the ladder to reexamine the possibility of dismissal. Yet it appears to demo that all it is. is a true certification of Mr. Thompson’s hassling behavior towards Earl Walker.

Employees: employee morale is truly low. The employees have no religion in direction and no trueness to the company to actuate them to better their public presentation. Earl Walker describes Mr. Graves’s betterment after hapless public presentation as a merchandise of “treating him as a adult male. the manner I [ Earl Walker ] wanted to be treated… He [ Earl Walker ] had problems which I [ Earl Walker ] recognized and together we worked them out” .

III. Feasible Decision Options:

A few options to the chief issue in this instance are: to fire Mr. Thompson. who seems to be a hapless director ; happen a place that is a better tantrum for him and his deficiency of tact when covering with people ; go on to allow the state of affairs grow until the good employees like Earl Walker flee towards other companies that do non let this hostile environment to boom and alternatively develop people to go their best possible. In add-on to work out the other structural issues that have helped harbour this unhealthy state of affairs. the company can besides compose preparation processs and departmental passage processs. occupation descriptions and reappraisal processs. All these alterations will put employees in a way to success. do it clear for direction to see when there is a bad performing artist or when there is a good performing artist. and when there is hapless or good direction. If employees know what is expected of them. they are more likely to hold assurance in their work and experience better about their topographic point in the company. making a sense of trueness.

IV. Recommendations -Earl Walker. you are in a tough place. Mr. Thompson is your supervisor and it looks like top direction has allowed his hassling behaviour to spread and has non had any motive to seek to alter it. Ideally you would transfer him to a occupation that would be a better tantrum for him. because as you described Mr. Thompson brings valuable assets to the company with his analytical and job resolution accomplishments. However. since you are non in a place to do that alteration or push for it. at the clip the lone thing that you can make is go on to make a good occupation because evidently other people within direction are watching you and are cognizant of your accomplishments and good public presentation. non count how much Mr. Thompson has tried to do it look hapless. I would farther beef up your place in the company with the people that you do partly oversee and the other direction forces. by bespeaking that direction let you to convey into world some of these preparation and passage processs that your company is losing. If in the following reappraisal you haven’t seen any alterations. I would propose that you seek employment in another company that will value your people accomplishments and all other accomplishments you have demonstrated make you a great employee.


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