Kashmir Is a LED which Is “a developing country, also called a less-developed country, is a nation with a low living standard, underdeveloped industrial base, and low Human Development Index relative to other countries. “(Less Economically Developed Country) The epicenter was in Sad Kashmir, The cities affected were: Microfarad, Ballot, New Ballot City, Managers and Other neighboring Cities. LA 1994 When: 4:ma’am 17th January 1994 Where: Los Angels Magnitude: 6. 7 Focus: km Epicenter: Reseed Blvd Lasted: 20 seconds

Why: “the earthquake was caused by movement on a blind thrust fault underneath the San Fernando Valley. “- Wick answers. Two plates slid across each other at a conservative Margin. Leganes’s is in a MEDIC country which means “a country that is highly developed and industrialized. It has high living standards and quality of life compared to a less economically developed country. ” (More Economically Developed Country). The places affected were: San Fernando Valley, and the scales of Santa Monica, Simi Valley and Santa Clarita. Primary Effects:

Buildings collapsed, windows shattered, roads cracked and bridges collapsed. 79 000 people were killed 100 OHO injured 3. 3 million were made homeless Massive landslides occurred burying villages and cutting remote areas off completely. The time of day meant that lots of children had Just started their school day, many schools collapsed in the quake killing thousands of school children. Secondary Effects: Fires broke out as gas pipes cracked. Diseases such as cholera and typhoid spread quickly from dirty water and dead bodies. The cold meant people caught pneumonia.

People died as a result of the cold because they only had tents to live in. Long Term Effects: Rural areas were less badly effected as the crops and animals mainly survived. Urban areas needed to be rebuilt, this took time and cost a lot of money, many people lost their Jobs. Electricity lines were bought down and this hampered the rebuilding of the cities. 3. 3 million people were initially made homeless, 1 million people were still homeless 1 year on from the disaster. Cost of the damage was estimated to be $5 billion. Short Term Responses: Local people rescued those trapped.

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Indian Red Cross distributed 21 ,500 blankets, 300 kitchen sets and medical supplies. The military deployed helicopters. Peoples’ injuries were priorities using a numbering system, the lower the number, the sooner you got rescued. The border between Pakistan and India was opened to allow emergency supplies in. Rapid UK worked alongside Muslim Aid in helping to rescue the trapped. Military hospitals were opened for civilian casualties, Long Term Responses: The Red Cross established water supplies in Microfarad. The Army and Red Crescent (Aid organization) build makeshift shelters.

Schools are being rebuilt. Teachers are being trained to counsel the traumatized children. Building laws have been tightened on public buildings so that they should withstand future quakes. LA Primary effects: structural damages (shaking, displacement), landslides Secondary effects: dust disease, Responses: local building and safety departments organized teams of inspectors to identify the extent of the damage Buildings were inspected and tagged according odometer tutorial safety Emergency operations were set up to help find and save trapped or stranded people.

Kashmir has more effects than LA because Kashmir buildings and roads weren’t well built so they collapsed or cracked easier, also there wasn’t as good medical facilities as there was in LA so they were more likely to die from a disease or Pneumonia, in LA if anyone caught anything, if it was possible it would be cured. In Kashmir it took longer for building and power lines, gas pipes etc. To be repaired because they had less money.

It also was hard for Kashmir to get anymore money cause the neighboring countries were also poor and needed the money they had, While LA has all the surrounding cities and states helping them with money and volunteers. Kashmir Kashmir would be able to prevent future disasters by rebuilding the houses with deeper foundations and stronger materials, that don’t have to be more expensive this would prevent disasters because the houses are less likely to fall down and leave people homeless. They can teach the Children in schools what to do when an earthquake happens so they can be more educated on the matter and less likely to IEEE.

LA Los Angels would be able to prevent future disasters by rebuilding houses with deeper foundations and use structures that would be more likely to withstand an earthquake, so the houses will stay standing and people wont become homeless. They can invest in technology that can warn them if an earthquake is near so people wont be panicking ad unready, they will know what to do. A phone app can be made for children and adults to educate them about earthquakes and what to do when one happens so they will be less likely to die.


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