Development is non a finite clip length telecasting episode but an everlasting phenomenon. It started with the birth of worlds and will stop with the terminal of humanity.

If the economic history of India is studied it will be noted that India has undergone drastic Economic alterations since antediluvian times. From the swap system to the taking state in the universe the Economy of India has changed a batch so. This happened due to a assortment of grounds few of them being industrial revolution. educational consciousness. globalisation. etc.

At around 3000 B. C. civilisation began to set up around the major rivers in India. Indus and Sarasvati being few of them. A complex swap system developed in these civilisations. This was the birth of India’s Economy. Since that clip it has changed a batch so. As the first civilisation developed around rivers. in fertile land. agribusiness became their primary business. Since so even till today agribusiness continues to regulate India’s economic system. Such were the initial phases of India’s Economy. This continued for 1000s of old ages till the foreign bargainers came to India.

From foreign bargainers from many states the state which created the strongest impact on Indian Economy was Britain ( now known as England ) . This was because the British who came as bargainers in India easy became the swayers of India.

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Before them many other states came to India and even many foreign swayers ruled India but they embraced India and its civilization and economic system but the British did non hold any such purposes. They changed India in a manner that benefited them the most.

The British ruled India for approximately 150 old ages and this was the clip when everything in India was altering at the fastest possible manner. While detecting from the economic point of position many such thing happened which the Indians had ne’er imagined. Educational consciousness among the Indians increased. The Indians who one time thought that instruction should be restricted to work forces merely now thought adult females had equal right to educate themselves. Peoples started developing a scientific disposition. The mentality of people towards life and luxury was altering. One. and the most extremist alteration was constitution of industries. This was the seeding of the thought of industries in the Indian heads.

Post independency the economic development of India was a dramatic. The all unit of ammunition development of India shocked the international community. In the earlier old ages after the independency of India. Indian economic system was a closed 1. Free flow of goods and money across the states was non permitted. Then slowly it was opened for international markets and investors. India easy started exporting stuffs to the international market which brought with it valuable foreign currency. All these economic reforms helped India to go self-sufficing in footings of many trade goods for which earlier India had to depend on other states.

The industrial revolution opened many new frontiers for the Indian enterprisers to experiment with. This in bend increased the demand for natural stuffs. man-power and infinite. All this increased the employment chances for people and therefore their income and buying power. The demand of natural stuffs resulted in the independent development of certain peculiar countries while the other countries were depending on it for their farther development. This autonomy enabled India to export more than the entire import of the state which helped it to gain foreign currency.

All this treatment was from the international point of position when the common man’s position is taken into consideration it is noted that life of the common adult male has besides changed drastically. The mean income of the common adult male has besides drastically changed in the last few decennaries. This addition has besides increased the buying power of the common adult male and in bend changed his mentality towards merchandises available in the market. This has benefited both the manufacturer every bit good as the consumer in a manner that besides helps in economic growing of the state.

Earlier for a few trade goods merely the elect category of the society was the consumer now due to increase in the buying power of the common adult male this has changed. Almost all the trade goods are within the appreciation of the common adult male. This is the strongest impact of the altering economic on the common adult male.

Therefore the economic alterations in India have drastically changed the lives of the people in India and besides the manner the universe thinks of India.


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