Equally good as many Olympic athleticss, the Games besides include some athleticss that are played chiefly in Commonwealth states, such as lawn bowls, rugger fantans and netball The Games are overseen by the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) , which besides controls the sporting programmed and selects the host metropoliss. The host metropolis is selected from across the Commonwealth, with 18 metropoliss in seven states holding hosted it.

The event was first held in 1930 under the rubric of the British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The event was renamed as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954, the British Commonwealth Games in 1970, and gained its current rubric in 1978. Merely six squads have attended every Commonwealth Games: Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. Australia has been the highest achieving squad for 11 games, England for seven and Canada for one.

There are presently 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and 71 squads participate in the Games. The four Home Nations of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – send separate squads to the Commonwealth Games, and single squads are besides sent from the British Crown dependences of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man ( unlike at the Olympic Games, where the combined “ Great Britain ” squad represents all four place states and the Crown dependences ) . Many of the British abroad districts besides send their ain squads. The Australian external district of Norfolk Island besides sends its ain squad, as do the Cook Islands and Niue, two provinces in free association with New Zealand. It was reported that Tokelau, another dependence of New Zealand would be directing a squad to the 2010 Games in New Delhi, India. In the terminal nevertheless they did non.

Common Wealth Games 2010 in India

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“ To Aim is to Achieve ” -India has aimed for successfully hosting the esteemed mega event of Commonwealth Games and India will accomplish it. To carry through this dream an tremendous sum of work demands to done. This dream was born long back when India hosted the Asiatic Games in 1982, the full state dream of hosting the Olympics one twenty-four hours. After a long spread of more than 20 old ages and due to miss to will and substructure we were unable to acquire the chance once more. This clip, the things fall our manner and we won the command to host the 19th Commonwealth Games in 2010.

The vision was to host the mega event in a manner it has ne’er happened before and go forth a grade in the history of the event organisation. As the clip passed by the vision became the mission and Delhi has to pitch up to make the province of the art substructure. New Delhi was intentionally chosen as it has its rich experience of the Asiatic Games behind. Furthermore it has some already existed substructure like Indira Gandhi Arena, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Dhyan Chand National bowl etc. The rich civilization of Delhi and its cordial reception besides plays a polar function in the organisation.

To carry through the mission a entire budget of US $ 1.6 billion is estimated which will do the 2010 event, the most expensive Commonwealth Games of all time. Games Village: A new modern games small town of 63.5 hectare is being built on the bank of river Yamuna at the cost of USD 230.7 million. It is situated near the celebrated landmark Akshardham Temple. The small town will keep the capacity of 8500 jocks and functionaries. The old bowls like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium are besides acquiring a face lift. A new society is acquiring constructed along the small town side to supply free adjustment and cutting wellness installations to the jocks.

Infrastructure: The readying is on full swing and Delhi is sing a metropolis makeover. To hike up the substructure Delhi ‘s conveyance was the biggest hurting, to eliminate this job Delhi Metro ‘s program was…


India is a underdeveloped state. Ironically, India is a state which is, on one manus fighting with the job of poorness since the clip of independency while on the other manus is passing 1000000s on the Commonwealth Games.

But the people on the other side of the coin think that it will take to urban regeneration, economic net income development of Delhi in footings of new hotels, metro extention, overpasss etc. and will give India great exposure to the universe through planetary media.

Economy of the state is complex construction which depends on agribusiness advanced developement, fabricating goods sctor, services rendered by the state, substructure developement etc.The conductivity of Sports developes the professionals in the fled of athleticss and games and conveying the state in the eyes of the universe with a minor impact on the economic system in the signifier of bettering the local substructure

Think thrice before making incorrect things but do n’t believe fraction of 2nd before making good things

Commonwealth Games 2010 is traveling to be the biggest Commonwealth Games in history. It is merely just that one should anticipate that India should acquire good returns on the sum of resources and clip that India has invested in the Games. Yes, one can justly name it an investing, for the benefits that India can come to derive from the Games are tremendous. The Commonwealth Games hold the promise of great economic returns even after they are over.

The development and edifice of the substructure in Delhi in readying for the Games have already released a batch of money into the economic system. The edifice of athleticss locales, hotels, overpasss etc have involved many contractors, building companies, and day-to-day pay earners. The sum of work that is being done across the metropolis is doing certain that a batch of occupations are on offer. Even after completion, these undertakings will necessitate direction and care, particularly the athleticss locales, bowls, and hotels thereby bring forthing more occupation gaps. To suit the tourers expected during the Commonwealth Games legion little hotels, bed & A ; breakfasts and other hotels are being built to run into the demands as estimated by the authorities. The Games, even before officially holding started are bring forthing occupations on a big graduated table.

But one time the Games start, that is when the Government of India expects to interrupt even and possibly derive even more. ASSOCHAM ( The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India ) predicts that touristry entirely is traveling to convey in US $ 16.915 million in 2010 because of the Games. All touristry industries and industries related to supplying services to tourers are anticipating a rainfall during the Games, and seeing the above figure, they are right in making so. India estimates 10 million tourers will see India in 2010, with a big per centum of them coming during the Games. The chief industries expected to profit from this are Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Hotel Industry, Aviation Industry, Airport Authorities, and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Even the little industries, which produce and market little knick – bents, such as the markets in Janpath, Sarojni Nagar etc and even the promenades and bigger markets are traveling to profit during the Games. The metropoliss environing Delhi, that serve as weekend pickups and popular tourer finishs, are besides looking frontward to a big inflow of tourers. The games are traveling to profit a batch of people so.

It is merely one time the Games acquire over that the existent long term benefits to the Indian economic system are traveling to come into consequence. If Delhi can draw off a good show during the Games, Delhi and India may happen itself shortly going a tourer hot spot. The mean figure of foreign tourers coming to India is traveling to lift by an estimated 5 – 10 % after the Games. Presently India gets merely a little per centum of income generated by the touristry industry worldwide. The Games will give Delhi and therefore India great promotion as a tourer finish, and give its image as a tourer finish a much-needed encouragement. The success of the Games holds a batch in its custodies. Until now, India has been a tourer finish for the bizarre or adventuresome traveller, this all stands to alter after the Games, and all this alteration is good, as it will profit India and its people.

2. Worldwide Experiences

The universe over, metropoliss vie with each other to host “ trademark ” events such as the Olympics, World Cup ‘s etc. It is seen by many as a certain manner of hiting the host metropolis into the spotlight, ensuing in an “ economic windfall ” ( Baade and Matheson, 2003 ) , and at the same clip giving these host metropoliss the drift to better domestic installations and substructure. The impact of being the host metropolis, scope from the physical ( building undertakings ) to the intangible ( local self-pride or international impact ) . The impact that an event of this sort has on the urban landscape can mostly be gauged by the size of the

“ Bequest ” that it creates. It is of import to observe here that it is non merely legacy creative activity that is of import, but making a bequest which is good to the host community station games, and which justifies the costs involved.

The contention environing these events nevertheless is centred on its economic sense. Make these games make money for the host metropolis or non? The information from past Olympic Games seems to propose non

Sector Changes caused by the Olympics

Transportation The transit system is changed by an improved substructure and new constructs of public transit. In Munich ’72, the metro was expanded, in Seoul ’88 many major roads were improved and in Barcelona ’92 the ring roads were built.

Telecommunication system

A high criterion in telecommunications is another of import location factor to maintain

bing, or pull new endeavors. In this sector, the Olympics bring the latest

engineering into the metropolis to fulfill the demand in telecommunications services during

the Olympics. After the games, the systems remain existing.

Sports installation construction

Olympic gamess have the strongest influence on the athleticss installations construction in the metropolis.

There must be equal and sufficient athleticss and preparation installations for all athleticss at

An international degree. After the games, these installations are frequently available for leisure


Housing In most metropoliss, Olympic small towns are freshly constructed. The inquiry of the societal distribution of the freshly created lodging units is reviewed. In Munich ’72, the

Olympic Village was constructed for the socially disadvantaged groups of society. In other

metropoliss, the Olympic Villages were sold to the in-between and lower-upper categories. In Los

Angeles ’84 and Atlanta ’96, the small towns continued to be pupils ‘ places.

Urban civilization The general embroidery of a metropolis, an improved transit system, extra leisure clip installations and legion ecological undertakings often lead to a resurgence of the metropolis Centre by bettering the “ metropolis atmosphere. ”

Beginning: Preuss, 1998 the costs of these mega-events about ever run in to one million millions of dollars. Japan spent over $ 4 billion, and South Korea $ 2 billion, on new bowls and substructure for the 2002 World Cup. China has spent a reported $ 20 billion on substructure betterments in front for 2008 Olympics. Athens spent over $ 1 billion merely on security disbursals during the 2004 Olympics ( Baade, R and Matheson, V, 2003 ) .

Significant economic impact provides angels of such events with a justification for public subsidies for mega-event substructure. They argue that the outgo must be viewed as an investing that will in bend give returns. However this is a instance where vested involvements are at interest. Many independent research workers have found that ex ante anticipations made by the event organisers of economic impact, far

transcend the antique station estimations. The obvious inquiry that


Corruptness in Commonwealth Games

There are besides allegations of broad spread corruptness in assorted facets of organizing the games including procurance and awarding contracts for building the game locales. The Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee on 5th Aug 2010 suspended T S Darbari ( joint manager in the organizing commission ) and Sanjay Mahendroo ( deputy manager general in the organising commission ) following the study of the three-member panel which was examining the fiscal abnormalities related to the Queen ‘s Baton Relay. Besides Forming Committee financial officer Anil Khanna resigned from the station in the aftermath of allegations that his boy ‘s house had secured a contract for puting man-made tribunals at a tennis bowl. A

The two chief commands for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

India is a underdeveloped state. Focus on the word developing as India is non yet developed. Ironically, India is a state which is, on one manus fighting with the job of poorness since the clip of independency while on the other manus is passing 1000000s on the Commonwealth Games!

Forty per centum of India ‘s population is below the poorness line which clearly indicates that the flourishing Indian economic system is still unable to feed a bulk of its citizens.

Climatic alteration like planetary heating is doing an agricultural crisis for the provincials all over the state, declining their conditions which, in bend, is taking to rising prices in the economic system, energy resources are acquiring depleted, unskilled and hapless people are forced to acquire involved in unorganised employment with least possible rewards and lets non bury the skilled and literate unemployedaˆ¦but who truly cares? India is excessively busy with Commonwealth Games!

India ‘s present end should be the development of human resources, covering with poorness and making a healthy, affluent and literate India. I believe that as a consequence of the nearing Commonwealth Games, India, particularly Delhi is undergoing a complete makeover where the substructure is concerned. Lavish five-star hotels, better overpasss, etc, are being constructed. Better coachs can be seen running on the roads of Delhi.

Why all this? Merely to demo that India is on its manner to go a developed state shortly?

But can it conceal those shabby and disguised slums behind the shimmering and glamourous building? Can it stamp down the calls of those million hungry tummies? Can it? Unfortunately non!

And can anyone explicate how modern substructure helps those million unemployed work forces who have to back up half a twelve of their household members without any beginning of income?

I wo n’t deny the fact that may be these games will hold an international impact and profit a peculiar subdivision of the society temporarily. But this is where the most important inquiry arises that if the games will profit a certain strata of the society which is already rich and powerful so what happens to those strata of the Indian population which is below the poorness line? Who bears the duty of their public assistance?

I besides agree that the Commonwealth Games will usher in a certain sum of employment but will it offer employment to 1000000s of unemployed? And by the manner this is merely for a impermanent period of clip. Then what? Back to square one? Therefore, a state like India have oning poorness in the signifier of national shame can non afford to carry on such games at the cost of its poorness stricken citizens. Therefore India should foremost win the race against poorness and so believe of traveling international through such ventures.

Hence India ‘s poorness and the hosting of Commonwealth Games are non at all compatible as for a state the public assistance of its citizen is its first precedence and non the conductivity of athleticss and leisure.

6. Decision

One can see that at least on paper ; the metropolis is all set to transform itself by the clip it plays host to the Commonwealth Games. However it is besides necessary to maintain one thing in head, and that is that Delhi is otherwise excessively a quickly turning metropolis, a dynamic economic system and an built-in portion of India ‘s growing engine.

Delhi is estimated to hold a population of approx. 192 lakh people by 2010, compared to 140 hundred thousand in 2001, a growing of about 40 % 16. This means that it would be incorrect to put the causing of all substructure and urban development onto the Commonwealth Games. A big sum of it would likely hold taken topographic point anyhow, the games merely gives it a geographical prejudice and a deadline.

The universe over there is a serious re-think taking topographic point among metropolis functionaries every bit good as faculty members about the manner to travel about these events. Do they make more injury than good is non a inquiry that has been answered once and for all, as many of the benefits derived are intangible 1s. However it has yet to be once and for all shown that these events are good as good and it is important to analyze each event independently, analyzing its alone features, every bit good as examine old events and attempt and larn

from their errors. Delhi ‘s citizens have a right to cognize about the benefits that such events can hold to the metropolis, but need to be informed of the downsides as good. The present program for the Commonwealth Games may be a formula for an ecological and fiscal catastrophe, or they might eventually set the metropolis, and the state, on the

universe map. They may convey in a new epoch where electricity and H2O jobs, perennial jobs in the metropolis, are no longer an issue or they might increase the load on an already overladen system.

Popular perceptual experience Tells us that the Asiatic Games was an unmitigated success. Closer analysis tells us that it was non so simple. The Commonwealth Games, with some smart selling, may merely follow in those footfalls.


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