What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work? Some conditions may include of people becoming ill from the polluted water, and a decrease in fish. . Are there budget or labor concerns? Yes, the government would have to pay people to clean the water. 3. Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution? Yes, the citizens need to spread the word on water pollution, to help clean the water will require everyone effort. 4. What challenges are there to Implementing each solution? Most challenges which include catching everyone attention and bring the government to be involved. 5. How else might you judge possible solutions against each other?

To grab everyone’s attention is key to the solution because the people ill most likely to write letters to get the governments attention on water pollution. 6. What do your parents say about the issue? My parents say that water Is Important to everyone, without water people will die from dehydration. 6. 03 Consider all possible solutions or alternatives. 1. What can we do to address this issue? We can address this issue by drinking clean filtered water, wash all our fruits and vegetable before we eat them, and washing your hands after using the restroom. 2. What can others do?

What other people can do is they can save a lot of water by turning off the faucet hen not in use, be cautious of what you dispose down the sink and toilet for example paints and harmful oils. 3. Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem? To address this problem the best way we can stop littering and start recycling, write letters to the mayor about how we feel about landfills and Calculate the externalities of these solutions at all levels of the economy. 1. What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy?

Refer to your circular-flow diagram. People cannot use fertilizers and pesticides, they must call a person who’s specialty in gardening to come and take of it for them, this will creates more Jobs for the high demand in garden specialists. 2. What are the externalities, both positive and negative that could result from each possible solution? Some negatives are limiting some of the people’s rights, losing profit for farmers, and loss of money in businesses. Some positives are the creation of more Jobs, gain in money, and preventing waste to enter the water. Analysis

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Examine the possible solutions against your criteria. -Make a statement about how each possible solution either meets or does not meet each of your criteria. Stopping litter from appearing and start recycling meet my criteria. By recycling it will be easy to do and everyone could be involved plus you will see how fast it will take to clean the litter up. Writing letters to the mayor about how we feel about landfills can be really easy and our voice will be heard. Large industries must find another water to dispose of their water without getting into the waterways.

Choose the best option and explain reasons for choice. -Select your best solution to turn into action. Explain why you make this choice over the other possible solutions. Refer back to criteria and externalities. The best solutions would be for both to start recycling and clean landfills, eventually by doing both it will help out on another in the long run. Cleaning landfills and starting a recycling project will help reduce the large amount of waste in landfills and drastically increase in the amount of recycled items.


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