Ecover Washing Powder:
environmentally friendly. biodegrades rapidly and minimal impact on aquatic life non tested on animate beings and made out of works and mineral ingredients

Derive penetration into consumers’ perceptual experience of Ecover’s Washing Powder. Perception = people interpret their esthesis stimulations.

Research inquiries:
Does Ecover utilize the right sensory channel in their advertizements in order to trip the centripetal receptors and acquire the attending of their mark clients? How can Ecover guarantee that their environmental friendly merchandises are non connected to “greenwashing” but recognized for their credibleness?

Analyzed how environmentally friendly the company and the merchandise already is. Conducted a literature survey that translates the different sensory stimulation into the customers’ significance. Looked on Ecover communicating and measure these different advertizements. Combined this theoretical model with empirical findings through a focal point group.

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Seven individuals from 20 to 28. in a java house.
Open inquiries guided by a moderator.
Two different sides: Pro-ecological friendly and against it. Questions made from the theoretical portion – Operationalisation.

Ecover has already a “green” lavation pulverization.
Stimulations: vision and sound are good used in Ecover ads and bundles catch customers’ attending. Product line and trade name itself are besides environmentally friendly. so possible menace of greenwashing is minimum. Customers will retrieve easier the merchandise if Ecover changes the background of its Television ads. Web-link on the bundle for farther information.

A complete image run might allow the client trust the trade name more.


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