Fate is based on the decisions with which we come to surrender to in life. It’s our choices that predict our way of life. There is no right or wrong answers in this life. Although, people possess their own deflation of a fulfilled life, ultimately everyone will have to face the Inevitable afterlife. It’s only time that divides us from this afterlife. In a sense, we will be forced to tear down our tents and be welcomed Into our real homes. Edgar Allen Poe Is an aspiration to many readers because of the difficult tribulations he bared in his life.

Despite these overbearing tribulations, he has astonishingly buried his soul in his writing. His life was drowned in agony and grief over many of his loved ones whom had passed. After his parents deceased, he was adopted into the home of a merchant, John Allan. Poe attended Virginia University when he was expelled for a gambling debt. The feud that leaked as a result of his debt ended his relationship with his adopted father. Poe went on to marry his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia Clime. Virginia was practically a vegetable after she had busted a major blood vessel In her body.

Later, she died from tuberculosis. Exceeding her death, women In his life were In and out. HIS addiction to rugs and alcohol to suppress his depression perhaps drove him to the brim of Insanity which would eventually account for his seclude attempts. One dark day, he disappeared for three nights. Rumors say that he was on his way to see his fiance after attending his own birthday party when he suddenly departed from the face of the earth. When his friends finally located him, he was weary and disillusioned.

It was the day that the undertow had drained his hope for life and had finally washed him out. His legacy fell short of his potential. As I read “A Dream Within a Dream” by Edgar Allen Poe, I noticed that he was sitting on his last lifeline. Poe is waiting on his deathbed as he views his life like a faint picture. It was as if his life is a distorted dream or a blur that he could not recall. In stanza one, he says “in a vision or none” (line 5) which can be foretold as an uncertainty among many past memories.

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He also goes on to say that “[ his] days have been a dream” which can mean a number of things. However, I see dreams as memories that people likely forget. It’s almost as If he’s sequestering the point of our existence. In my eyes, a dream can be otherwise known as an illusion that has no truth, but it is unfolded in the parallels of death. Upon our death, people will only remember us for our deity to conquer our worst enemy, ourselves. His timeline is falling short, and he can feel the chill of death creeping up on him.

I think he placed himself inside the casket when he says “take the kiss upon the brow (1 ) as if his loved ones are mourning his death and giving him a final kiss before they get their closure. “[A] dream within a dream” (11) can be looked at like a thought within reality. In this case, reality is compared to a dream. If you believe that human beings will disintegrate Into grains of dust when hey leave this world then reality can be perceived as a dream. The second stanza symbolizes an hour glass. An hourglass measures time.

Our life can be Interpreted as this world, and the powder contained In the glass can be symbolized as our life source. When the powder Is flipped around, we begin a new life. As the powder gradually falls from one end to the other end it means that the time is up. In the second stanza. Poe realizes that he hasn’t accomplished what he has been destined for. As he “weep[s] … [and] [he] weep[s]” (18), he yells, ” O God can I not grasp … With a tighter clasp” (19)(20). Judging by his cries, he is not ready to let goof the hands of life.

Poe understands that he has no authority over his own life span, but he gathers his courage and pleas with the highest king. He holds on to his hopes because he knows that these are all he has left. Everything else is not within his reach. As everyone reaches death, it is usual for us to think about the impressions we leave behind and the things we can control in order to make changes in our lives. Through my observation, I see that Poe has many regrets during his lifetime. More than likely, he sees life at a new level beyond his recognition. His life was full of mysteries and death.

His grievances were followed by a list of self destructing habits. Now that the dawn of age has turned away from him, he is reflecting on all his past mistakes. Edgar Allan Poe has let everything in his life that he cares about slip away. He is in a very depressed state when he writes this poem, and now, he is trying to hold on to what he has remaining. He is questioning the value of every decision and even his mere existence. “Dream within a Dream” is not meant for readers with a weak stomach. The poem depicts Pope’s position in life as a manic depressant that dwells on his miseries.


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