Habitat atomization is presently one of the most concern subjects in endangering procedure of biodiversity. It is a natural procedure which a peculiar home ground is separated and divided into smaller pieces due to physical barriers such as mountains, rivers and other landscapes. This procedure takes topographic point within a long period of clip, and speciation occurs through it. However, the intervention of human activities has increased the rate of home ground atomization. The activities include rural development, agribusiness, and urbanisation ; and habitat devastation caused by these activities happened in short period of clip. Speciess are unable to accommodate to the rapid alterations of their surrounding, later some species are endangered and finally travel nonextant. In this essay, an overview on the effects and effects, and the solutions of habitat atomization will be explored.

Over centuries, people particularly prospective developers have been debating on the issue of the protection and preservation of home ground. What is the of import of home ground and why do we necessitate it? This is the most common inquiry people asked. Despite human addition net income from the natural environment, we seldom appreciate and understand the demand for taking attention of it. A home ground is a topographic point which consists of biotic and abotic factors that favor the endurance of assorted species in a peculiar country ( Miller & A ; Hobbs 2007 ) . Each species plays an of import function to the environment and formed a biodiversity. Correspondingly, we obtain many natural resources through biodiversity. For illustration, medical specialty, nutrient, forests, and H2O are beginnings that come from the natural environment. Furthermore, home ground is indispensable for future resources such as new remedy for diseases from a works species that are non yet discovered. Habitat maintains the familial diverseness of species and supports life ; therefore there is a demand to protect the home ground so that it continues to back up life.

Consequence and Consequences

Phenomena of home ground atomization

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Habitat atomization begins when there is a lessening in the entire country of home ground due to habitat loss. The disconnected home grounds countries are smaller and separated with farther distance from each other. Similarly, the species population is besides divided into smaller groups but addition in the figure of spots. As a consequence, isolation of species occurs and prevents engendering in different countries. The flow of cistron remains in the same population and are non allowed to interchange to a broader country. The familial diverseness of a species finally lessenings and the cistron fluctuation become lesser.

Habitat loss

The loss of home ground caused limited resources for the species to last. There will be less nutrient beginning and nesting site. Furthermore, species have higher opportunity of acquiring expose to their marauder. For illustration, the generative rate of forest bird was affected by high degree of nest predation and parasitism by brown-headed cowbirds ( Molothrus ater ) in extremely disconnected wood located in the Midwestern province of United State ( Sanderson & A ; Moulton 1999 ) . This can be assumed that the loss of habitat provide deficient nesting sites for the forest bird to reproduce. On the other manus, cowbirds can easy happen and aim the nests of the forest bird. Finally, this factor contribute to high mortality rate while low generative rate of wood birds.

Edge consequence

Habitat atomization besides leads to habitat i??i??edgei??i?? , which is a boundary formed between the home ground and the disturbed environment. The zone formed prevents species to migrate from topographic point to topographic point, therefore limited the copiousness and distribution of species in certain country. The hazard of engendering failure is higher for species which live in a little disconnected wood due to little population, compared to the species in big habitati??i??s size. In add-on to that, the home ground i??i??edgei??i?? Acts of the Apostless as a physical barrier to the species in little disconnected wood, hence they are unable to traverse over to other larger disconnected country. Consequently, this factor has increased the loss of species. For case, a research has conducted on the survey of species-area relationship in a threatened monkey community ( Marshall et. Al. 2010 ) and found that the habitat country has the greatest part to the copiousness and diverseness of monkey species. Likewise, a little home ground does non prefer in species diverseness.

Impact to human

Some people think that home grounds do non impact much on the human society, however habitat devastation brings monolithic negative impacts on human being. First of wholly, the loss of home ground indicates that the loss of biodiversity and this farther implies on the loss of many bioresources which is indispensable to us. Habitat devastation besides leads to imbalance on ecological rhythms such as N and C rhythm. The natural home ground plays an of import function on change overing N in air to nitrogen-contained compound which can be used by populating beings, every bit good as reduces degree of C in the ambiance. The break of these rhythms by human finally leads to many unfavourable state of affairss such as acerb rain, clime alteration, etc. Furthermore, home ground devastation besides increases the happenings of natural catastrophe such as inundation and landslide as habitat serves as a protection from it.

Solutions to Habitat Fragmentation

Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration refers to the action that contributes to the re-building procedure of a home ground. The intent of habitat Restoration is to reconstruct biodiversity by protecting and bettering the damaged home grounds. Strategy used for habitat Restoration depends on different state of affairss. Figure 1.0 shows the finding of conditions before developing the end for habitat Restoration.

Figure 1.0 Requirement for the development of habitat Restoration scheme ( Miller & A ; Hobbs 2007 ) .

Agri-environmental strategies are introduced by the British authorities in order to keep the vegetive construction and prevent farther habitat devastation by agribusiness. Research ( Moro & A ; Gadal 2007 ) has showed that the relationship between the copiousness and diverseness of little tellurian mammals and the restored disconnected wood have a positive association. It indicated that habitat heterogeneousness provides more vegetive constructions, therefore more little mammals species can get by with their milieus.

Challenges in home ground Restoration

Despite preservation of home ground becomes one of the concern subject globally, there are still others job that must be solved and these jobs have opposite way to habitat Restoration. The rapid growing of planetary human population is the chief factor of all. The addition in human population size requires more land for urbanisation. Food crisis is besides another factor contribute to deforestation for farming in order to provide more nutrient. Therefore the authorities should project a suited program in order to keep the balance between human demand and the biodiversity of the natural environment.


In drumhead, habitat atomization caused by human activities leads to negative effects on the biodiversity every bit good as to human benefit. The job of habitat atomization should be cognizant by the populace so that actions can be taken and halt the go oning of habitat devastation. ?


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