Electronic commercialism is now thought to keep the promise of a new commercial revolution by offering an cheap and direct manner to interchange information and to sell or purchase merchandises and services. This revolution in the market topographic point has set in gesture a revolution in the banking sector for the proviso of a payment system that is compatible with the demands of the electronic market place ( Dogarawa. 2005 ) . Electronic-transaction in Nigeria is in an embryologic phase. However. one country of electronic-transaction that has proven successful in Nigeria is electronic banking ( Ebanking ) . The term “electronic banking” or “e-banking” screens both computing machine and telephone banking. It refers to the usage of information and communicating engineering by Bankss to supply services and pull off client relationship more rapidly and most satisfactorily ( Charity-Commission. 2003 ) . Burr ( 1996 ) describes it as an electronic connexion between the bank and the client in order to fix. manage and command fiscal minutess.

Electronic banking harmonizing to Al-Abed ( 2003 ) is an umbrella term for the procedure by which a client may execute banking minutess electronically without sing a brickand-mortar establishment. Lustsik ( 2004 ) describes electronic banking as a assortment of the undermentioned platforms: Internet banking. telephone banking. TV-based banking. nomadic phone banking. and Personal computer banking. For the intent of this research. we define electronic banking as the bringing of banking services and merchandises through the usage of electronic agencies irrespective of topographic point. clip and distance. Such merchandises and services can include deposit-taking. loaning. history direction. the proviso of fiscal advice. electronic measure payment. and the proviso of other electronic payment merchandises and services such as electronic money. The benefits of this twenty-first century banking are legion.

Its debut would increase the possible of concern to achieve greater productiveness and profitableness. as trading and minutess. which would be carried out via communicating webs. would be a batch faster and distance would no longer be barrier to effectual minutess ( Fagbuyi. 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Sergeant ( 2000 ) . the benefits of E-banking are manifold and are to be seen from the point position of the Bankss themselves. clients and even the regulators. Harmonizing to him. for Bankss. E-banking brings different and arguably lower barriers to entry ; chances for important cost decrease ; the capacity to quickly reengineer concern procedures ; and greater chances to sell cross boundary line. For clients. the possible benefits are: more pick ; greater competition and better value for money ; more information ; better tools to pull off and compare information ; and faster service. In the past few old ages. Nigerian Bankss and by and large the fiscal services industry embraced electronic banking. which has been made possible by the promotions in information engineering ( IT ) .

Harmonizing to Sanusi ( 2002 ) . the debut of such e-payment merchandises in Nigeria commenced in 1996 when the CBN granted Allstates Trust Bank blessing to present a closed system electronic bag called ESCA. This was followed in February 1997. with the debut of a similar merchandise called “Paycard” . by Diamond Bank. The card based e-money merchandises assumed an unfastened platform with the mandate in February 1998. of Smartcard Nigeria Plc. a company floated by a pool of 19 Bankss to bring forth and pull off cards called valucard and issued by the member Bankss. Many Bankss hence launched their web sites between 1998 and 2000 with a position to get downing Internet banking. A pool of more than 20 Bankss under the protections of Gemcard Nigeria Limited obtained CBN blessing in November 1999 to present the “Smartpay” strategy.

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The CBN has to boot granted blessing to a figure of Bankss to present international money transportation merchandises. telephone banking and online banking via the Internet. though on a limited graduated table ( Abdulhakeem. 2002 ) . Many more sophisticated electronic banking merchandises were thenceforth. introduced to better service bringing and client satisfaction. CBN ( 2003 ) studies that Automated Teller Machines ( ATM ) . Card games. Telephone Banking. Personal Computer Banking and Internet Banking are now available in the banking system. Therefore. Nigerian Bankss today are earnestly into new electronic bringing channels for banking merchandises and services with a position to presenting better services and fulfilling clients the more. Banks that can non offer these services are progressively losing their clients. In the visible radiation of the foregoing. this survey will be conducted to analyze the impact of electronic minutess on effectual service bringing and client satisfaction in the Nigerian banking industry. 1. 2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS

One of the benefits Bankss derive from electronic banking merchandises and services bringing is improved efficiency and effectivity of their operations so that more minutess can be processed faster and most handily. which will doubtless impact significantly on the overall public presentation of the Bankss. The clients on the other manus. base to bask the benefit of speedy service bringing. decreased frequence of traveling to Bankss physically and decreased hard currency handling. which will give rise to higher volume of turnover. However. these developments in the Nigerian banking industry seem non to hold achieved their purposes.

Queues are still seen in the banking halls. bank clients still manage excessively much hard currency. and barely people talk about the electronic banking merchandises that are available in Nigeria. It is observed that Nigeria Bankss often have web failures and may non hold sufficient electronic banking substructure that could enable uninterrupted electronic banking service bringing in the state. The job here is: are clients truly basking these services? Related to this job. empirical grounds implies that customers’ backing for and reaction to a peculiar merchandise depend on their degree of apprehension of what the merchandise can make and what they stand to profit. 1. 3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The chief aim of the survey will be to analyze electronic dealing and its consequence on service bringing in Nigeria. Other aims are ; Is. To analyze the consequence of electronic banking substructure on timely minutess. two. To analyze the effectivity of Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) on handiness hard currency withdrawers. three. To measure the consequence of operational efficiency of electronic dealing on client satisfaction. four. To place the influence of quality electronic merchandises on client backing. 1. 4 RESEARCH Question

In order to acquire information from respondents. the undermentioned inquiries where formulated: I. What are the effects of electronic banking substructure on timely minutess? two. In what manner effectivity of Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) affects handiness of hard currency withdrawers? three. How does operational efficiency of electronic dealing impact client satisfaction? four. To place the influence of quality electronic merchandises on client backing. 1. 5 RESEARCH HYPOTHESES

H0: Electronic banking substructure does non hold important consequence on timely minutess. H1: Electronic banking substructure does non hold important consequence on timely minutess. H0: Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) does non hold important consequence on handiness of hard currency withdrawers H1: Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) has important consequence on handiness of hard currency withdrawers H0: Operational efficiency of electronic dealing does non impact client satisfaction H1: Operational efficiency of electronic dealing affects client satisfaction 1. 6 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Electronic banking in our economic system today is a welcome development and its impacts in the society are over-whelming. so this research is important in so many ways. It will expose the strength and failing of electronic banking. It will actuate Bankss and other economic agents to computerise their services. Knowledge in the country of electronic banking will be advanced. Apart from lending to the cognition of electronic banking. it forms a mention for future research in this country. 1. 6 SCOPE OF STUDY

The range of the survey is covers electronic banking system in Nigeria. The survey will cover the assorted signifiers of payment and electronic systems used by Bankss and how such system affects effectual service bringing and client satisfaction. 1. 7 LIMITATION OF STUDY

Time is a major factor to the research worker as research of this sort requires adequate clip in garnering informations hence ; the research worker encountered some challenges in the distribution. aggregation and analysis of questionnaire. Besides. some Bankss make it hard for pupil research worker to garner information from their employees as they considered such act as a misdemeanor of the footings of their employment contract. Finally. finance was the most limited factor as the research worker has to see the organisation of survey several times in the procedure of informations aggregation. Besides. the sum used in typesetting and sourcing stuffs for the survey was another set of restriction to the survey. RESEARCH METHOD

The survey shall follow study research method. Data aggregation shall be done through primary and secondary beginnings. The primary informations will be collected through the usage of questionnaire and personal interview. The population of survey shall consist of staff and clients of GTB. UBA and Access Bank Plc. Samples shall be draw from the population by using graded random trying technique. try shall be made to pull out a sample size of about 100 respondents from the population of survey. Data analysis shall be carried out in the survey by following statistical tools such as frequence distribution. tabular arraies. per centums and chi-square analysis shall be adopted to prove the formulated hypotheses.


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