RESEARCH Question:

How does the procedure of Eutrophication affect the growing of Duckweed?


In this experiment. we are fundamentally proving the usage of different fertilisers on the growing of Duckweeds. Plants need fertilisers for their growing and to increase the output of harvests. But. at the same clip. it depends on which Fertilizer being used and in how much proportion. Does it hold sufficient foods or inordinate foods? These were the inquiries. which I asked myself and through some research. I was able to compose my Hypothesis.

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Harmonizing to me. at the beginning. the growing of the duckweeds would increase but easy after 6-7 yearss. they would die. Duckweeds are those types of workss that require fertilisers for the development of their roots. and Phosphorus fertilisers are the 1s who have this ability. On the other manus. Nitrates or Nitrogen fertilisers in an inordinate concentration would give an inordinate sum of proteins to the duckweeds which would non be needed by them and therefore concentrated nitrogen won’t be that helpful for their growing. Tap Water would besides be a good fertiliser for the duckweeds since it contains sufficient foods and hence would assist in the growing of the workss.


As I mentioned on top. the workss would get down to multiply as they have sufficient minerals for their growing and through changeless sunshine. they would increase in Numberss ( except concentrated nitrates ) . Subsequently on. they would easy get down to die go forthing a white colour. This would go on because the workss must hold used up all the minerals for a period of clip. and therefore due to fewer minerals they might hold died. Overcrowding and the consequence of Eutrophication ( rapid growing ) must hold decreased their growing as good.

Materials REQUIRED:

9 Plastic Containers

Low and High concentration of Nitrates

Low and High concentration of Phosphates

Tap Water

90 Duckweeds

Measuring Cylinder

Variables INVOLVED:

What will Change?

What will be kept the same?

What will be measured?

Type of Fertilizers

Concentration of Fertilizers

( Each plastic container would hold a different type of fertiliser. in a different concentration )



Sum of Fertilizers

( These steps would change from container to container but to acquire the most appropriate consequences. we are sing these factors being changeless )

The addition or lessening in the figure of duckweeds

( Our Aim is to mensurate the figure of duckweeds and this is the lone factor being measured every alternate twenty-four hours )


Outline in stairss how the trial will be carried out. bespeaking how the control variables will be kept the same.

First of wholly. we put 100ml of each fertiliser in different fictile containers-N1. N2. P1. P2. N1P1. N1P2. N2P1. N2P2. Water ( Where 1 bases for low concentration and 2 bases for a higher concentration ) .

By seting 10 duckweeds in each container. we let them expose to open sunshine

Finally. number the figure of duckweeds each alternate twenty-four hours and at the terminal of 10 readings. do a tabular signifier from them and therefore secret plan a graph for the growing of Duckweeds from each fertiliser.

We have besides assumed that each container would acquire the same sum of Sunlight and the temperature would be same to hold the appropriate readings. Through the changeless exposure to sunlight. the consequence of Eutrophication would emerge for the workss and the workss would get down to die. Even the fertiliser in the container would be evaporated and crystallized. Probably. the decease rate of most of the duckweeds would be faster than their birth rate because the loss of foods would hold a enormous affect on their growing.

Describe what you find out and state to what extent your consequences are both dependable and valid.

After I performed my experiment by utilizing the tabular informations to do a graph. I proved my hypothesis. As we can see from the tabular matter. different concentration of different fertilisers affect the growing of the duckweeds. as stated by my hypothesis. For case. P1. P2. and N1 are indispensable for the growing of the duckweeds but N2 is really harmful for their growing. and N2 assorted with any other fertiliser besides decreases the figure of Duckweeds. The workss incorporating H2O as their fertiliser have survived for a long period of clip. which proves that H2O is indispensable for the growing of workss. Most of the workss increase in Numberss and easy get down to decease as we can see their growing and decease rate in the graphs.

What I would make otherwise following clip to better the probe is:

After I performed my experiment. I was reflecting and measuring on my experiment. I even had to get the better of some restrictions and defects while experimenting. If I were to make the experiment once more. I would better upon my analytical accomplishments and would be more concentrated following clip. My process of experimenting could be improved in many countries to do it more dependable. If I was to be more organized. my accomplishments of experimenting would hold been better. Overall. the basic thought in my method was right and hence I could reply my research inquiry severally. In general. I used equipment preciseness and accomplishments and paid close attending to safety. Most of us worked independently and I could certainly modify my experiment by taking in history my errors and seeking non to reiterate them following clip.


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