The terminal of World War II was a grade and a start of a new epoch for world and the dwellers of this planet. It wholly changed the manner of life of the people every bit good as the relationship between provinces. In the procedure of constitution of new universe order where US emerged as the autocratic province due to its strong place in the universe station universe war. every province either parted or joined confederations with the US.

Every province has witnessed the mass devastation caused by the atomic onslaught from the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. therefore. that helped the US to set up itself wholly as the ace power of the universe and since so its foreign policy has non been limited and spread to provinces even manner far off to Vietnam or now even in the Europe where the Missile Shield plan has already ignited yet another cold war scenario between the US and Russia. ( Light & A ; Groom. 1985 ) The purpose of this paper is to show the research carried out on the consequence of the U.

S. foreign policies and actions in the Middle East. The paper focuses specifically on the geographical political relations every bit good as provides a general analysis of the different alterations brought approximately by the policies adopted by the U. S. anteroom. History Revisited With the apogee of World War there was a demand to restore the Jews unsettled in Europe and settle them in an country where ideologically they will experience at place. This topographic point could merely be the legendary and prophesized Biblical country in the E of Mediterranean inhabited by Palestinians.

During the World Wars it was besides observed that Muslims supported Germans and they besides needed to be decently “sized up” . ( Levinson. 2008 ) Therefore based on historical groundss that there existed Judaic province in the country and sanctum Bibles have prophesized the reemergence of a Judaic province the whole theory was crafted and drafted in a manner that an ideological Judaic province could emerge on universe map. As outlined above US emerged the exclusive international force and it was backed by another alleged ace power Russia in the creative activity of a Judaic province in the name of Israel.

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The province was quickly recognized by international comity of states. Back in US the writers of Israeli state know in their bosom that the country is surrounded by Arabians who are all divided on the footing of their geographical locations and besides the fact that the Saudi Arabia was crafted by Britishers. and as such though being big in country they would non travel against the creative activity of Israel. ( Ries. 2003 ) The divide and regulation policy for Muslims paid dividends and ab initio their reaction were non so strong that it could make ripplings in the United states policy. US started to the full back uping the Israel in all respects i. vitamin E.

economically. armaments. political. The powerful Judaic anteroom which started ruling the US political relations after World War as bulk of rational captives were Judaic who wholeheartedly supported US to purchase freedom and besides work towards a cause. Slowly the US foreign policy the writers. major writers for which were Jews started go arounding to a individual point that Israel must stay in being and all those who are against the being if Israel must pay the monetary value. On the other manus easy US policy besides started reflecting factor i. e. back door diplomatic negotiations to soften the base on Israel by the Arab hardliners.

These needed distortion weaponries by making an image of Israel in which it was proved that it is merely a might which has to be seen with fear. The Arab- Israel wars were all turn outing factors that Israel ground forces is unbeatable. ( Altunisik. Spring 2005 ) Over transition of clip Arab competitions were cultivated to strengthen Israel and one of the most of import instances was of Iraq. Saudis were supplied with AWACS for surveillance of Saudi Arabia and it was an sarcasm that Israeli planes flew over its air infinite for hours both to and fro and went into Iraq. raided the Iraqi atomic works and they were non detected by any surveillance machinery.

( Levinson. 2008 ) This was partially a success narrative of US foreign policy in which Saudis were directed to be careful about Iran but feel no menace from Israel. Critical Analysis These full old ages the Judaic anteroom in US was economically acquiring stronger and their presence in the universe economic scene was perfectly critical as the universe started going a planetary small town and the dependence on concern started acquiring more and more. The indulgence of concern community in political fund elevation became a swaying factor for all the presidents of United States and besides other states.

Elections became a concern venture which need to be funded and the financess could come from concern community – the consequence was ordering the policies by concerns. Since the election runs in US are the costliest in the universe hence more indulgence of concern community about their footings for financing the event. That is why we see that over the old ages the US authorities shaving started looking towards Israel as an built-in portion of its foreign. economic and armament policy and Israel’s misdemeanors of human rights and misdemeanors of understandings with Palestinians are ignored or brushed aside.

( Levinson. 2008 ) The causes of unrest in the Middle East are historical. spiritual. economic and geo-political. Ancient history and ancient civilisations can function as a model for understanding some of the bing hostility. Iranians and the Iraqis have been contending for more than 3. 000 old ages. However. the current agitation in the Middle East is the consequence of Western ethno moderatism and colonialism ( covert and open ) . combined with spiritual and sectarian struggles.

The impact of US intervention in the Middle East can non be overstated. ( Hafez & A ; Kenny. 2000 ) Indeed. the term “Middle East” is an unreal term that has no significance except in the context of its geographical relationship to Europe. The most active period of Western intervention in the Middle East was after the prostration of the Ottoman Empire and up to the present clip. although there were significant economic. military. and political involvements in the Middle East for the old two hundred old ages.

Prior to World War I the primary involvement of the Western powers in the Middle East was geo-political. largely concerned with transporting lanes Mediterranean Sea. Black Sea. Suez Canal and Red Sea for military and economic addition. Following World War I. the primary involvement of the US in the Middle East became oil. although Great Britain was already actively involved in the development of Persian oil every bit early as 1908 ( Bostock. 2008 ) . The possibility of big sedimentations of oil in Iraq had already been recognized prior to World War I ( Siegman. 2008 ) .

Therefore. the breakdown of the countries that had made up the Ottoman Empire and German colonial retentions. including Iraq. Jordan. Palestine. Lebanon and Syria. following World War I had the odor of oil around it. Great Britain and France. with the support of the USA. used the League of Nations to obtain authorizations. colonial power. over most of the Middle East. Unfortunately. along with the development of oil came the subjugation of the people of the Middle East. the consequences of which are apparent today in the deficiency of democratic authoritiess in the country.

Each clip a state tried to go a democracy. the implied menace of the possibility of oil being withheld from the military machines of the Western powers led to the devastation of the democratic elements and to the installing of male monarchs and dictators that served the involvements of Great Britain. France and the USA ( Linklater. 2000 ) . The deformations in policy are apparent from the fact that on the one manus Israel is allowed to bring forth weaponries. become atomic and amass arms but this is non allowed to Iraq and instead the whole Iraqi authorities was invaded. toppled and destructed by US.

Then enters a new dimension in the international and US foreign policies all led by US. This is the Iranians tumbling the Shah of Iran and creative activity of an Islamic Persian province led by Ayatollah Khomeini. Initially it was felt that with the transition of clip the Iranians will be looking towards Shah for completing the Islamic swayers. However the myth shortly lost its appeal as over a period of clip the Islamic Iran became amalgamate and their presence besides started actuating the multitudes of other adjacent states ( Levinson. 2008 ) .

US shortly realized this state of affairs and efforts were made mobilize rebellions. than economically cripple Iran and eventually direct overthrow of authorities. All these efforts failed. Persian authorities started profiting from these failures instead capitalized all these towards their consolidation as they started mobilising public sentiments through two mottos “Death to Israel” and “America the great Satan” . These mottos were infused into the new coevalss by doing the Tehran University as the chief hub of all presentations and activities. The lone manner left was to enforce economic countenances on Iran.

US led countenances isolated Iran but being an oil exporter it was able to besiege the countenances ( Altunisik. Spring 2005 ) . The hate increased with the transition of clip and Iran became more vocal against Israel as it believes that US policy was dictated by Israel and Israel should be wiped of the Earth. The Iranians in order to turn out their ideological war against these two counties started back uping Palestinian cabal Hamas openly at war with Israel and besides supported Syria and its Alliess in Lebanon who are against Israel ( Siegman. 2008 ) .

The Persian diplomatic moves were all against the US stand on Israel and there is a great danger that if the Iranians win in their diplomatic negotiations and their support makes Syria and Lebanon politically and militarily strong than there is all the likeliness that other states in the vicinity would shortly be pressurized by their people to follow suit ( Frankel. 1969 ) . This quandary in the US policies is a melt which needs to be taken attention of as the war between Hezbollah and Israel broke the myths about the Israeli militarily might and this is an dismaying state of affairs for the designers of US foreign policy.

This state of affairs was partly addressed by Mr. Bush who declared Iran as portion of “evil nexus” and besides declaring Iran as a state draw a bead oning to go atomic province militarily. As elaborate above the United states policy is chiefly focused on Israel to be recognized by its neighbours as a formal independent state and above all its might should besides be accepted by them. As it was besides province above that back door diplomatic negotiations was besides used in the part to accomplish the above aims


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