Egypt vs Roman Empire are both ancient civilization. Egypt is located around the Nile River, while Roman Empire is located around the Mediterranean Sea. They have a strong central government. Both of them have very advanced technology for their time. However, even though they have a advanced civilization, both of them still declined one way or the other. Egypt is located around the Nile River. Egyptian depend on the Nile River to floor for their source of rich soil deposit. This rich soil which is also known a silt allow a surplus of food for the Egyptian. Egypt gone through three main stable time period. They are called the “Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. However, the time between those three period are very unstable and many conflict within Egypt called: Intermediate Period. Between the Old and Middle Kingdom Egypt was divided into two section called: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. One of Egypt great pharaoh is Ramses II who rule during the New kingdom. However, the pharaoh after him wasn’t as great. This lead to the decline of the Egyptian Civilization’s decline. Roman Empire on the other hand is a power Empire that conquered most of Europe and all around the  Mediterranean Sea. The Roman have influence all the places it conquer. For example, the modern Western alphabet and the calendar was two thing that the Roman spread throughout its territory. The Roman Empire only became a empire during the rise of Julius Caesar. Then the empire went into a golden age during Augustus’s rule leading to pax Romana. The pax Romana is a period of peace that lasted for two centuries. However, the peace ended and even the mighty Roman Empire fell. The Egypt and Roman Empire both fell. The cause of their decline have some similarity and difference. Egypt mainly decline due to outside invader and other empire looking for land and power. Egypt was first invaded by Assyrians. Then in 525 BCE the Persians invaded Egypt leaded by Cambyses II. They also capture the Pharaoh (Psamtik III). Later in 332 BCE Egypt was given to Alexander the Great without a fight. Lastly, Cleopatra VII surrendered to Augustus’ (Octavian) armies inn 31 BC. The Roman Empire, like Egypt had invader that lead to  their decline. For example, there was many barbarian tribes that tries to invade Rome. These barbarian tribes are Germanic tribes and the Goths. Rome had lost many battle with these barbarian tribes. The Hun also had an effect on the Roman empire. Even though they never directly invaded Rome during the fall of Rome they did force the Goths into Roman territory. This domino effect cause an invasion from the Goths. Other than invasion, the Roman Empire fell due to other reasons. They are the overexpansion of Rome, the weaken Roman legions, separation of the roman empire, and its economy problem. Egypt was doom at the beginning. Even though it have a rich soil and are protected by the dessert and the sea. There were alway strong empire with powerful arming around Egypt. Such empire are the empire that invaded Egypt and lead to it decline. Rome on the other hand could have elongated the time their empire last. They should have abandoned part of their empire so they would have to defend such a vast empire with their weaken legions. If the border of Rome have shrunk they wouldn’t have to put most of their budget on the military. Then they wouldn’t have to tax the citizen more thus not expanding the gap between the rich and the poor. In addition, they also do not have to separate their empire into two.


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