Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas in 1890 and was the Thirty-Fourth President of the United States of America between 1953 and 1961. During his Army calling he served under Generals John J. Pershing. Douglas Macarthur. and Walter Krueger. in 1942 he commanded the united forces set downing in North Africa. in 1944 he was the Highest Commander of the military personnels which invaded France and was the commanding officer in general in Europe during World War II.

He shared with Truman on American foreign policy and he alleged communism as a immense force fighting for universe domination and argued that control could non travel far plenty to halt Soviet enlargement and therefore a more forceful policy of release was needed to liberate those dominated by communism and his dedication to keep communism remained which led to the addition of American trust on a atomic shield.

However. he deployed the military forces and resisted the usage of atomic arms in Indochina or in Taiwan and resisted the usage of force in the Middle East when the Suez Canal was occupied. He observed that communism was distributing to all over the universe and was physically powerful and difficult to halt and the lone manner out was to measure the state of affairs and command it. Eisenhower identified communism and freedom as two thoughts. two ways of life and as two beliefs in the nature and fate of world. Freedom represents adult male as a creative activity of God and communism as an carnal animal.

He was contending against communism because it had cost the state a luck and did non desire people to go on being lied to and connote that the people whom did non larn from it were followings of Truman and Adlai Stevenson who had applauded when the disposal had declared that Communist were non really of import. He differentiated between his battle against communism from McCarthy’s as he warned against violent vigilantism and on freedom to be respected first which in bend would guarantee that citizens will bask their rights.

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There was besides no opportunity for privileges as communism dictated and that the Bill of Rights which did non let for privileges for a group of people would go on to govern as unlike communism it allowed civil autonomies. Besides. any individual or organisation who was administering political literature was to unwrap the beginning of its financess and its rank to guarantee that everyone worked for the United States Government and did so as a privilege and non a right. each Federal Government functionary on all degrees was to reply any inquiry on his trueness and devotedness to the state.

This is because he felt that they all had enough of all those who were seeking to drive communism and believed that freedom could non make anything and said that hereafter of the United States of America belonged to more brave work forces and those who believed that freedom could be strong He inherited the scheme policy of forcefully incorporating communism while waiting for the political economic system policy to prostration because of its internal inefficiencies and added that the agencies had to be economical which would enable United States to protect the strength of its economic system.

To liberate communism it meant that restricted agencies would be used to accomplish United States aims every bit long as war would non be provoked. His disposal used propaganda and other signifiers of mental warfare to weaken communist influence which led to violence on occasion.


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