El Poll Loco’s ice cream comes in much higher in calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates. The calories are almost double! The fat is 2 grams higher, the sodium is MGM higher, and the carbohydrates come in 3 grams higher. After doing this comparison maybe El Poll Loco should rethink how they prepare and process their food. The calorie and sodium levels are extremely high. My suggestion to anyone who is watching his or her sodium intake should stay away from El Poll Loco. Not that McDonald’s levels are good, but they are much lower.

All the results shown here were done by comparing similar items on both menus. This does not mean that everything at McDonald’s will De In enlarge standings tan o o Locos. Winter someone is trying to eat healthy, stick to a diet or need to watch their sodium intake, please make sure that you are checking your nutritional facts. People really should know what is going into their bodies. Fast food restaurants may not all be the same but when faced with the decision of where to go, if you know your facts, a healthy session can be made.

People can choose to order on the healthier side at McDonald’s, or they can head to El Poll Loco, a place that would seem to have a healthier choice. It truly is all about the personal choice that is made. The results show that even McDonald’s can give you healthy options. Therefore, will you take the time to review the nutritional facts the next time you have to make the decision of what fast food restaurant you want to eat at? References: http://www. McDonald’s. Com/us/en/full_menu_explorer. HTML http://www. Lollopped. Com/our-food/


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