1. Sum up the content of this film. Keep it to the infinite below. please. Electric auto was about in 1960s. During the energy crisis in 1970s and 1980s electric autos started vanishing. In 1990s first electric auto EV1 from a company named General Motors became popular in California merely because it was more environmental-friendly while it was low-cost. A Zero-emissions vehicle authorization require companies to offer electric autos if they wanted to go on selling gasoline vehicles. The oil industries were contending against the electric autos.

Less people wanted to utilize it in that they wanted to pay less for electric autos which were limited. California dropped the authorization after acquiring sued by auto-makers. Drivers protested to seek to salvage electric autos. There was about no demand for GM’s electric autos. In a study. 4000 said they would drive an electric auto but at the terminal it narrowed down to merely 50. GM started taking back EV1s from the drivers to be crushed and recycled. The last consumer EV1 was given up by its driver in 2004.

Person put her last attempt to set EV1 back to the route ; within 48 hours. 80 people signed up to acquire an EV1 while GM merely had 72 autos. There were several suspects about the state of affairs with GM. GM stated that there was no demand in the market for those electric autos. but several interviews with consumers showed that people wanted those electric autos. Another suspect was batteries. The batteries that EV1s had at the clip were acerb batteries with 60 stat mis of scope. Average impulsive distance of Americans was less than 30 stat mis per twenty-four hours which meant EV1s would really fulfill consumers.

The EV1s made later which was the 2nd coevals came with better batteries that lasted around 100 stat mis. Oil companies were financing runs to halt the public-service corporation attempts for constructing public charging Stationss. President George W. Bush joined the car industries to travel against the ZEV authorization. Hydrogen fuel autos were introduced in the movie every bit good. The jobs with H fuel autos were high cost and bounds on driving distance scope. Peoples who were seeking to salvage the EV1s from being crushed got arrested from constabulary officers.

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Peoples who were being interviewed in the movie think that we will be come ining a clean universe with bright hereafter with electric autos. An illustration is that electric autos are working merely fine in Japan. 2. Would you purchase an electric auto? Why or why non? As a civil technology major pupil. I’m concerned about the environment that we’re life in. I would decidedly purchase an electric auto. I’m non merely making this for my boy or girl in the hereafter but for every individual individual on Earth. And I believe it is everybody’s duty to protect the Earth. 3. Answer on the dorsum of this sheet.

Search for an electric auto in production today. Who makes it? How much does it be? Does it utilize any fuel? What is the battery life? How long does it take to bear down? Would you purchase one? Why or why non? Find out every bit much about it as you can. Be Very thorough. Nissan Leaf manufactured by Nissan. Nissan Leaf has a starting monetary value of $ 27. 700. It doesn’t non use fuel but merely electricity. It takes around 7 hours for a full charge on Nissan Leaf. This is person I would non be involvement purchasing because it is excessively little of a auto. I would acquire an electric auto but bigger size.


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