Pressure. hurting. corruptness. and insecurity ; conceive of covering with this every minute of your life. In The Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. a immature male child mastermind must take on the weight of the universe while covering with these things. Ender. a nine twelvemonth old male child. is chosen by the authorities to travel to Battle School. where he must larn to contend and better his ground forces accomplishments. While he’s at that place. he struggles with his ain morality and insecurity. and attempts to make what other people want him to make.

Even though he is so smart that he beats every individual challenge presented to him. he had to larn throughout the class of the novel to be autonomous and seek to calculate out the truth about his whole preparation. Although Ender is a boy mastermind and maestro tactician. he is easy manipulated and has a tough clip covering with the force per unit area of the universe. Ender’s cagey mastermind and astonishing military accomplishments has made him go one of the most formidable oppositions.

His ability to utilize his mastermind in any state of affairs combined with his great military accomplishments makes him winning in even some of the most impossible state of affairss. such as when he had to conflict against the banging sodomite ground forces on the conflict simulator. The sodomite ground forces had outnumbered him. “A thousand to one ( 696 ) . ” and he needed to believe up of a program. So Ender decided to make the unthinkable. to take out the enemy for good. “Then he whispered a bid and the ships dropped like stones toward the planet’s surface. They were spaceships and combatants. wholly unequipped to manage the heat of transition through an ambiance.

But Ender ne’er intended them to make the ambiance. Almost from the minute they began to drop. they were concentrating their Small Doctors on one thing merely. The planet itself ( 701 ) . ” Ender. at first felt like he wouldn’t be able to win the conflict with so many enemies against him. But he used his clever humor to believe of the impossible and utilize his military accomplishments to take action. He sent the ally ships as stopping point to the enemy planet as possible and so used Small Doctors ( Weapons of Mass Destruction ) to atomize the whole planet.

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This determination eliminated the enemy. but it besides killed Ender’s ally command fleet. Ender during the novel showed his great military strength and superior thought to suppress many of his challenges. He was able to stand up and get the better of any toughs who wanted to ache him. and even with a apparently useless ground forces he was able to develop them utilizing new tactics to win every individual conflict with them. The concluding simulator trial against the sodomites was one of the greatest of his mastermind military wins. but small did he cognize that it was merely a game.

Although Ender is genius in many ways and has great military accomplishments. he is still easy manipulated by grownups and starts to crumple under the force per unit area of the universe. Ender throughout the novel has really low ego – regard. He merely views himself as a tool under other people’s custodies. So. when he is given the opportunity of a two hebdomad interruption. he takes it and has a three month interruption. He was tired of being pressured to be the best military leader the human universe had to offer. He didn’t believe he could maintain digesting. and thought he would neglect.

On his interruption. the authorities got so despairing for Ender they sent his sister to travel in and assist carry Ender to maintain on contending. “Ender insisted that his conversation with you should non be bugged. I promised him it wouldn’t be. and to assist animate assurance. the two of you are traveling out on a raft he built himself ( 546 ) . ” This scene of the book shows how Ender is still a human being. and everyone’s got a snap point. In able to travel on. many of us find it soothing and beef uping when person says we can make it and inspires us to maintain on combat.

Valentine was Ender’s animating push to maintain him traveling. but even she was another tool the authorities used to pull strings Ender. Ender got manipulated a batch in the novel by grownups. particularly when he was developing in the simulator. The grownups acted like it was merely a game or challenge. and that Ender was merely practising to confront the sodomites. But when the concluding trial came and Ender won by destructing the whole sodomite race. he realized that the grownups lied to him. and it was ne’er merely a game. Orson Scott Card illustrated how even the strongest and best of us still has a bound and can check.

Ender proved how he was one of the smartest and most superb military leaders alive through his preparation and thought out determinations in Battle and Command School. He was a mastermind among masterminds. and ever thought of something new and effectual. But he excessively. succumbed under the force per unit area of the universe. and needed inspiration and bravery to force through. He became excessively easy manipulated by grownups. which led him to a determination he wish he ne’er made. Orson Scott showed how even the best of us. can give in to the dark and evil purposes of adult male.


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