To get down with. it has been my dream to go a successful applied scientist when I complete my surveies in the field of technology. Since I was a little kid. I had a particular passion for this peculiar country of involvement. This is because I see this calling as a good ground for the development of life and satisfaction of my long precious aspiration. From this point. I started to concentrate my attempts on carry throughing this aspiration. To me. technology is a great field of human enterprise that requires challenge. enterprise and difficult work. It is worthwhile to bespeak that my uncle has been a great beginning of support and inspiration to me on many occasions. He spared no strivings to promote me to stand out in Mathematics and Physics in peculiar. He ne’er hesitates to take me along with him to his office and supply me with good doses of practical. hands-on experience. He has besides been acute to demo me around in the different subdivisions of the Telecommunications giant in Qatar i. e. QTEL. I besides had the chance to portion thoughts. ideas and theories in communications. He helped me a great trade to larn new things related to technology and advised me to maintain focused on the country I like most.

As a communications applied scientist. he introduced me to all subjects associating to this peculiar field. I was so impressed by the designers. both civil and electrical technology. He made me truly love this country. My involvement in scientific discipline day of the months back to my high school where I excelled in Physics. Chemistry. and Mathematics. However. the topics that I like most are Physics and Math. Therefore. I was really much interested in take parting in the competitions of Mathematicss and Physics educational competition “Olympiads” under the supervising of the school instructors and direction. During the competitions. I was able to get a good array of accomplishments such as analysis. critical thought and job –solving. Teamwork. co-operation and enterprise were cardinal values that I have earned throughout the competitions. Furthermore. I like so much to read avidly about Mathematicss and Physics. Some of the text editions that I have read are chiefly about Calculus and Capacitors. Equally of import. I used to surf the cyberspace in my trim clip to derive more information about different educational competitions of Physicss and Mathematics. I have been acute to be more familiar with the autobiographies of taking scientists and research workers.

Teachers of Physicss have performed a cardinal function in back uping my larning experience as they have ever offered me advice and counsel to read more and more approximately Physics as it is a really of import topic that enriches our life in so many ways. I have besides taken portion in a plan called “How to be a leader” . It was launched by a world- broad energy giant i. e. Exxon Mobil. My engagement in the competition Physics Olympiad which took topographic point locally contributed efficaciously to my basic accomplishments as I acquired a greater sum of ICT cognition. It is of import to foreground that I often visit Texas A & A ; M University in Qatar and attended talks presented by Dr. Mike Ykold. Dean of the University. The talks used to concentrate on different types of technology and the assorted classs available. I was fortunate plenty to talk to pupils who tried to state us some information about this fantastic country and how utile this country is important to our life. Extracurricular activities play a great function in our life to construct accomplishments and promote capablenesss. don’t they?

I believe that athleticss are indispensible in our life. When I was a kid. I was a football player. I used to play association football for many old ages specially in the simple old ages up to rate 12. However. my male parent advised me to maintain focused on my surveies. Voluntary work has been my dedication I have invested a great trade of clip and attempts to render a batch of services and do parts to my community. To be specific. I volunteered for 10 hours in the Club World Volleyball Championship hosted by Qatar in 2011. I besides volunteered at the Qatar Exxon Mobil Tennis Open for 25 hours and Finally. I volunteered in a plan to develop pupils in work experience and community service which lasted for 25 hours as a compulsory demands of my school. I gained a considerable experience that enriched my personal life and boosted my interpersonal communications accomplishments. Of the things that I like to make is to go to talks at the Education City University located in Qatar. I attended a talk in CMU. Mr. Nico Habermann was a cardinal note talker.

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He conducted a session on Computer Science. I besides attended a presentation about “Accounting-based Performance Matrix and Executive Compensation in Non Profit Organizations” by Amy Swaney. Phd. campaigner. Michigan State University. I have been passionate about people of different civilizations and backgrounds. I crave to travel on a trip to Russia with my schoolmates to research other civilizations. Besides that. I have an interesting societal life. and many friends on the Facebook and chirrup. After so many battles. I am now emotionally and mentally ready to go on my undergraduate surveies at your reputed university to hold a honoring calling in the hereafter as a successful applied scientist. In the terminal. I would wish to be accepted and to be one of the pupils. I besides hope to finish station alumnus surveies after my graduation to obtain a maestro grade in technology at your most honored educational building.


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