The United States is a state founded by immigrants. Throughout the old ages the US has struggled with favoritism and close-mindedness. But. when we put our differences aside we can accomplish the impossible. We are a state united by our differences. We celebrate our diverseness. independency and individualism. We are a state that believes in pick. and one of those picks should be the option to talk the linguistic communication which we relate to and understand. It was our forefather’s aspiration that got us to the Land of The Free and our finding that made us successful.

So how can we say we stand for freedom if we don’t give our people. immigrants ( illegal or non ) . the right to talk their linguistic communication? We are a state for the people. but non all of our people speak English. Many Americans argue that those who live in America should talk English but think about this: English is the amount of many other linguistic communications. The British brought English to America and forced the Native Americans to change over to their linguistic communication and their ways.

In modern society. we cringe at the thought of subjugation and promote those who are oppressed to talk out for themselves. yet turn a blind oculus when we are the oppressors. A parallel can be drawn with intimidation. It is an issue that many kids. teens. and adults experience. Bullying has been an active subject in the media in recent old ages. Teachers. parents and important figures continue to press those who are bullied or have witnessed an act of strong-arming to stand up for themselves and acquire aid.

Therefore. America is non merely being hypocritical and nescient. but it is besides being a bully by coercing other’s to talk “our” linguistic communication. We are suppressing their beliefs. We are stating them that they must talk our linguistic communication if they want to be American ; they must talk our linguistic communication if they want to be successful. Understandingly. those who come to America should be educated in our history and be required to go through a citizenship trial. But talking English does non do one an American. A citizen is non inferior because he/she can non talk English.

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Americans today are born with this unconditioned sense of high quality. Yet. over the old ages we have overcome most of our selfish and antediluvian ways and this is merely another obstruction which we must overcome. We can non coerce a diverse group of people to talk one linguistic communication when our state consists of so many. We can non coerce a linguistic communication upon our people without suppressing those people. Making English the official linguistic communication would do us dissemblers and toughs. Therefore. English should non be the official linguistic communication of the United States.


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