Some of the different languages I speak would e, at home with family, out with friends, and the way speak to the members of my raiding guild on wow, and yes I mean speak because we use a voice chat system called Ventricle that allows us to do this. When I am at home with my family the way I speak Is much different than In other situations. I tend to speak to my elders with a sense of reverence, especially my grandmother who is like the monarch of the family. When speaking with my grandmother I always try to pay close attention to every word she says because it’s some time difficult to understand her with her Italian accent.

She always seems to understand me though, even when I mutter a complaint under my breath about doing the dishes. My grandmother Is one of those people who demands respect without ever uttering it. When speaking to her you may be speaking down because she is a tinny old lady, but you would never dare to “speak down” to her. Nor would she ever deserve that seeing as she has a heart of gold. Talking to my siblings on the other hand is more like talking to my friends in a social engagement, anything goes. When I’m out with my friends we tend to have some loose lips.

All of us are respectful enough at work or home but when we get together we tend to over embellish the freedom of knowing we won’t be Judged. My friend Brian and I seem to take this to the extreme, with an exuberant amount of sexual, and racial Jokes that would not be acceptable with anyone but the closest of friends. One of the many benefits of speaking with close friends is that you get to speak before thinking. At work, or at home you’re constantly on guard trying not to say anything politically incorrect.

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Something that I and my closest friends also seem to do without even realize it, is use different terms and phrases that any outsider probably wouldn’t understand. We tend to quote our favorite movies or video game’s One of the few things we also do is manipulate words to mean something completely different than their original meaning. We do this especially playing our video game. When I speak to people Online while playing video games I speak with authority, I don’t generally ask I tell people what to do.

Even when speaking to people I know outside of the game, like my losses friends I still tend to speak to them as if I was there boss. One of the 1 OFF with authority, sometimes without even meaning to. I have been playing Games with my friends for over 12 years, in that time I have lead a group ranging from 10 members to 600. When running a guild of that magnitude you are constantly reprimanding one member or another for doing something that they shouldn’t have. Over this time I have gained confidence, I bark out orders and expect them to be completed.

Sometimes this gets me into trouble because I carry this demeanor round other situations that I shouldn’t, like speaking to my boss at work. Speaking different languages throughout a day is something that everyone does, few people seem to realize that the way they speak from person to person varies. Sometimes the way people speak in one setting is unacceptable in another. When speaking around my friends, family, and online I use different dialects. What it really comes down to is trying to interact with those around you in an appropriate manner; I Just try to be relatable.


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