This type of essay defines a term, explains why something happens or tells how something happens. For FACT you will be graded on four main categories: Focus Organization Support Conventions 2. Example Prompt Writing Situation: Most teens have an out-of-school activity that they enjoy. Directions for Writing: Think about one activity that you enjoy. Now write to explain why you particularly enjoy that activity.

Certain Key Words in an Expository Essay: Explain What Explain Why Explain How 3. Writing Strategy Preprinting: 15 minutes Drafting: 25 minutes Editing: 20 minutes 1 hour essay 4. Brainstorming Prompt: Now write to explain why you particularly enjoy that activity. Choose an activity you enjoy by asking questions: 1. 1 . What are my favorite things to do when I get home from school or on the weekends? 1. 2. What sports do I like? 1. 3. What things do I collect? 1. 4.

What special skill do I have and enjoy using? 1. 5. What things do I particularly like to read about? Now choose a specific activity that you enjoy. 5. Giving Reasons Ask yourself why you enjoy this activity. What makes it special to me? How does it make me feel? How does it affect other areas of my life? How have I benefited from it? Why would I want to continue this activity for years? 6 Supporting Detail Kinds of Supporting Detail Facts Stories Reasons Examples NO STATISTICS 7.

List Reasons 1. It relaxes me 1. Helps me fall asleep 2. Last Saturday, helped me tune out my sister 2. Relieves school stress 1. Unwind before I begin homework 3. Confidence 1. Talent show last spring 2. Won first place 3. Played in a local coffee shop 4. Not shy like in past 8. Look at your map. Which reasons are most important? Which reasons will support my topic? Which reasons will I find the most to write about? Which reasons are closely connected? Which reasons can I combine?

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