Judith Butler has explained that we all “act” out our roles and try to perform it but e are born without roles. People categorize themselves depending what role they should play whether they like their role or not; like now most women are expected to still sustain the duties of a house wife or motherly figures, as for men they are still expected to be able to do what men are expected to do like do physical labor, not be emotional and provide for the family. One of the ways to Judge the different gender roles is to look at our environment and duties we expect women and men to do.

Society struggles in giving the genders the same or similar importance, because of “instinct. Men are proposed to be stronger so therefore they can perform better physical work and this is something I see in my own environment. We cannot deny that women have a motherly instinct; this instinct makes it easier for women to get jobs that have to do with children. In Judy Brady “Why I [Still] Want a Wife, she expresses sarcastically why should would want a wife, she says “l want a wife to take care of my children.

I want a wife to keep track of the children’s doctor and dentist appointments” (235-236). Women are viewed to have to have the wife and motherly role, but not women have this Just because they are women. Although men can do the same thing to be caring for their children and be a stay at home dad, they are not expected to do the same as a women or wife does for the family and children. Men can also work with children, but women working with children are more welcomed. Due to their instinct and emotional appeal, these are characteristics women are known for.

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Women tend to be more with their emotions in opposition to men, who naturally tend to go for Jobs that require physical strength like construction, mechanics and lifting heavy items. These are Just a few markers of gender roles expressed in most environments. In order to describe female and male differences, we need to look into our own society because different societies have their own views. Butler might describe both genders differences in our society by watching how they act their roles whether they want to do them or not.

We all express ourselves and our genders by clothes, attitude, interests, language and appearance. There is also an essay by Margaret Atwood called “The Female Body,” she states, “the basic female body comes with the following accessories: garter belt, paint-girdle, crinoline, camisole, bustle, brassiere. ” (215). Even women are able to wear anything; they are still expected to wear certain types of clothing. Women are assigned to certain clothing and if you do not, people will refer to you as a lesbian or a tomboy.

Same goes to men if a man does not wear a certain type of clothing, he is referred to as a gay or not masculine. These ideas of a man or a woman can also be expressed by the way their attitudes, interest and the way they talk. We all expect a gender to act a certain way, even though we all grew up differently. My views on gender-appropriate are different than most people because I believe that people would be who they wish to be without Judgment but in most cases it is not acceptable in many environments including my own. I believe in more equality for both men and women because in the end we are all human beings.

I do believe that women have rights to talk, dress and do what they feel like although it would not be what people expect out of a woman. I am the complete opposite what I was raised to do, for example: my family believes I should settle down get married, have kids and become a house wife. I do not want to do that. I want to work for my own money, maybe have kids but the father would need to care for them equally and my spouse old also have to help me with house duties and such. I have been a victim of men believing I should not do certain things.

I have been working for my own money since 16, I play in a heavy metal band, and I get to wear anything I want whether it is feminine or not. In terms of attitude I believe women and men shouldn’t exactly have a specific type of attitude, Just because you are born a female or a male does not mean you should have that attitude. We all have different perspectives on life and how it all should be, although I was raised to think and see certain things, I have taught myself to change my thoughts. I think most of my female friends have the same thought as l.

We women have more rights to do so much more, our women ancestors were not able to do as much as us. In the essay “Girl” by Jamaica Candid, she says “On Sundays try to walk like a lady and not like a slut you are so bent on becoming… ” (261). Women have to be careful with doing certain things in order to not be viewed like a “slut,” such as the quote says. This can also be extended to the way you talk, what you wear, and what you do. The women need to be careful with things they do because any little mistake can be taken wrong. Anywhere you can, this can be applied to.

This can also be applied to men; a man has to do certain things to seem like a real man, things like do physical work, not show emotions, be tough, and work hard. In everyday life we all end up expecting the roles of men and women. IT should not be that way because in the end we all have our differences and choices of who we should and should not be. We should all Just try to accept people for who they are and not Judge them or expect a certain gender to do such. We were all raised to see the genders in a way but if we all change and are flexible to ourselves ND with others.


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