Learning English this semester has been fun me. I learned a lot of things about the English language. I also discovered a lot of things about myself in respect to learning English. I was exposed to the language early but until now I am still amazed at how many things I still need to learn. As a second language learner, particularly one who was also forced to learn another dialect, English has become confusing to me. My first dialect is Hiligaynon but I also had to learn Cebuano because I studied in Cebu.

Because of this, my words get all mixed-up sometimes and I had to think both in Hiligaynon and Cebuano, which makes it complicated. This is true with my English language learning too. My words and sentences just mixes together, like the two dialects I speak, thus giving me a hard time constructing correct sentences sometimes. It was no surprise for me when I finally realized that my weaknesses were in writing correct sentences and speaking the language. These two skills will be the focus of my English-improvement plan for the next months.

For my writing skills, I had several things I plan to do. First, I need to read more books with exercised at the end of each lessons to practice about the topic discussed. Honestly, the workbook in class helped me a lot in my improvement of the language. I should need to find more workbooks to answer. Second, the internet is a source of a lot of useful information and I plan to maximize it for my benefit. I have found Oxford dictionary’s website and I find it helpful for my improvement. I believe there are still a lot of good interactive sites I can find.

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It will also be a good motivator if it has games and exercised to practice on. Lastly, I will start writing in my blog again. I have had several blogs but I just forget about it. I believe that practicing to write will be good for my English. I can also find someone to read it for me and correct me so I know what to do next time. Besides, I enjoy writing so it will not only improve my English but also give me an avenue where I can express myself freely. For my speaking skills, I plan to express myself more in English during conversations. This will help me develop my confidence in conversing ith others. I also need to learn more vocabulary words so I can speak more fluently and communicate effectively with others. Learning English is a never-ending task. Every year, more words are added to the dictionary, more rules are either considered obsolete or created and many other changes occur in the language. However, as a person, learning is a never-ending process too. This means, I will also seek to always improve myself because it will help me more effective in the ministry where God placed me. Besides, God promised “I can do everything through him who gives me strength. ” (Phil. 4:13, NIV)


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