My name is Vincent Lowe and I’m a fresher here at Delaware. I’m originally from New Jersey Born and raised and Delaware was my first pick for college. I have an older sister and I’m truly into athleticss. My favourite squads consist of the Eagles. Pirates. 76ers. and Flyers ; I have season tickets to the Eagles and I go to every game with my pa. I follow athleticss reasonably much everyday and I love playing athleticss with my friends. I’m a large phantasy football cat and I’ve been running my ain conference for a piece now. Fantasy football makes the NFL season that much more interesting as your interested in every game and non merely your favourite squads game. My sister besides went to Delaware and she graduated last twelvemonth. She is traveling for her CPA and she already has a occupation. She majored in Accounting and Finance as what I’m traveling to major in every bit good.

I’m looking frontward to hotfooting this semester. as I want to be a portion of a fraternity here at Delaware. as I believe it will do me clip here a batch more gratifying. Following twelvemonth I’m life in a townhouse with some of my friends as I’m reasonably excited for that holding my ain topographic point for the first clip and life on my ain agencies. It will be an accommodation but I’m looking frontward to it. My household is truly of import to me and they ever come first. I would make anything for them and I love passing clip with them. My classs are truly of import to me as I try difficult in school to acquire the best possible classs and go a successful pupil. Bing a successful pupil will enable me to accomplish a good occupation in the hereafter and hopefully take a successful life. I’m looking frontward to this English category because my least favourite topic is English and I want to larn to go a better author and bask the topic of English.


I'm Niki!

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