The art of poetry Beauty and the intensity of emotions are seen to be the basic characteristics of poems. Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today ill be in sighting you on the “art of poetry’. Given its complex nature, poetry portrays humanity in a strong form. Closely looking at a famous poet, Robert Frost, poetry can easily be analyzed as a form of art, to communicate human ideologies and emotions. So, we see relationships defined as the way in which humanity interacts.

In its volatile nature, Frost summarizes it in a well-written, 8-lined piece in the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay’. He portrays the transient nature of human relationships, through the emphasis of the last line “Nothing Gold Can Stay’. Frost does this by breaking the initial structure and tempo. Through starting the line with a stressed syllable and ending it, unexpectedly a syllable short. The reader is then inclined to experience Frosts emotions as he artistically portrays them through imagery and structure.

The engage technique he uses, paints a perfect picture of human emotions, in the way which the erratic nature of humanity has an unpredictable effect on relationships. Through the visual imagery of the uncertainties of nature in the poem, “Mending Walls” the concept of “Good Fences making good neighbor’s” on line 27, is challenged by Frost. By utilizing the language throughout his poems, he essentially summarizes human emotions making it easy for the reader to relate. Now looking at human nature, it is defined by the decisions we make.

Based on this dead, Frost contemplates the way we make decisions, through his poem “The Road Not Taken”. Frost portrays this through the use of a slow tempo, which creates anticipation to his personal perspective about decisions defining life, quoted on lines 19 and 20, “l took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ” Throughout this poem, “The Road Not Taken”, he relates his personal feelings, cleverly writing with techniques of symbolism, visual imagery and tone.

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As Frost illustrates the road, as a metaphor of life, he draws the reader in to visualize his Houghton and feelings to communicate his idea of life and decisions. So, overall poetry can be expressed in many forms to communicate ideas, illustrate our personal feelings and emotions. In all of these aspects creating the beautiful art of poetry, and its wonderful effect it impacts our lives. Like Frost, relating and applying the measure of unreachable expressions, in lines written of feeling and thought. Without turner to do, I thank you all tort having me nerve today and giving a personal thought of poetry as a wonderful form of art.


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