Enochian Scripture Essay, Research Paper

Enochian Bible

Should Enochian Scripture and the Necronomicon be considered as a true

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faith, or merely another outgrowth of Satanism, cult?

The Necronomicon is closest documented interlingual rendition of the original

Enochian Bible, the Necronomicon Manuscript. The Necronomicon was foremost

translated in Damascus in 730 A.D. by Abdul Alhazred.

The Necronomicon, is non, as popularly believed, a grimoire, or

sorceror & # 8217 ; s spell-book ; it was conceived as a history, and so & # 8220 ; a book of things

now dead and gone & # 8221 ; . An alternate derivation of the word Necronomicon gives as

its significance & # 8220 ; the book of the imposts of the dead & # 8221 ; , but once more this is consistent

with the book & # 8217 ; s original construct as a history, non as a work of sorcery.

But the writer shared with Madame Blavatsky, who has a magpie-like inclination to

gather and sew together fact, rumour, guess, and complete fiddle-faddle,

and the consequence is a huge and about indecipherable array of near-nonsense which

bears more than a superficial resemblance to Blavatsky & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Secret Doctrine & # 8221 ; .

In times past the book has been referred to as & # 8220 ; Al Azif & # 8221 ; , or & # 8220 ; The Book of the

Arab & # 8221 ; . Azif is a word the Arabs usage to mention to nocturnal insects, but it is

besides a mention to the ululation of devils. It was written in seven volumes, and

is over 900 pages long in the Latin edition. Abdul Alhazred

Small is known about Abdul Alhazred. What we do cognize about him is

mostly from the little sum of biographical information in the Necronomicon

itself. He traveled widely, from Alexandria to the Punjab, and was good

educated. He had a genius for linguistic communications, and boasts on many occasions of his

ability to read and interpret manuscripts which many lesser bookmans could non


Merely as Nostradamus used ritual thaumaturgy to see into the hereafter, so

Alhazred used similar techniques ( and an incense composed of frankincense, storax,

Dictamnus, opium and hasheesh ) to clear up the yesteryear, and it is this, combined with

a deficiency of mentions, which resulted in the Necronomicon being dismissed as

mostly worthless by historiographers.

He is frequently referred to as & # 8220 ; the mad Arab & # 8221 ; , and while he was surely

bizarre by modern criterions, there is no grounds to back up a claim of

lunacy. He is better compared with figures such as the Greek philosopher

Proclus ( 410-485 A.D. ) , who was wholly at place in uranology, mathematics,

doctrine, and metaphysics, but was good educated in the charming techniques of

theurgy to arouse Hekate to seeable visual aspect ; he was besides a laminitis of Egyptian

and Chaldean enigma faiths. It is no accident that Alhazred was really

familiar with the plants of Proclus. What is The Necronomicon?

Alhazred appears to hold had entree to many beginnings now lost, and events

which are merely hinted at in the & # 8220 ; Book of Genesis & # 8221 ; or the alleged & # 8220 ; Book of Enoch & # 8221 ; ,

or disguised as mythology in other beginnings, are explored in great item.

Alhazred may hold used charming techniques to clear up the past, but he besides

shared with 5th. century B.C. Grecian authors such as Thucydides a critical head

and a willingness to research the significances of fabulous and sacred narratives.

His guesss are unusually modern, and this may account for his current


larity: he believed that many species besides the human race had inhabited

the Earth, and that much cognition was passed to mankind in brushs with

being from other & # 8220 ; spheres & # 8221 ; . He shared the belief that stars are like our Sun,

and hold their ain unobserved planets with their ain life signifiers, but elaborated this

belief with a good trade of metaphysical guess in which these existences were

portion of a cosmic hierarchy of religious development. He was besides positive that he

had contacted these & # 8220 ; Old Ones & # 8221 ; utilizing charming supplications, and warned of awful

powers waiting to return to re-claim the Earth & # 8211 ; he interpreted this belief in

the visible radiation of the Apocalypse of St. John, but reversed the stoping so that the

Beast victory after a great war in which the Earth is laid waste. What are the

& # 8220 ; Old Ones & # 8221 ; ?

It is clear that Alhazred elaborated upon bing traditions of the

& # 8220 ; Old Ones & # 8221 ; , and he did non contrive these traditions. Harmonizing to Alhazred, the

Old Ones were existences from & # 8220 ; beyond the domains & # 8221 ; , presumptively the domains of the

planets, and in the star divination of that period this would connote the part of the

fixed stars or beyond. They were superhuman and extrahuman. They mated with

worlds and created monstrous offspring. They passed out cognition to

world. They were everlastingly seeking a channel into our plane of being.

This is virtually indistinguishable to the Judaic tradition of the Nephilim.

The word literally means & # 8220 ; the Fallen Ones & # 8221 ; and is derived from the Hebrew verb

root naphal, to fall. The narrative in Genesis is merely a fragment of a larger

tradition, another piece of which can be found in the apocryphal Book of Enoch.

Harmonizing to this beginning, a group of angels sent to watch over the Earth saw the

girls of work forces and lusted after them. Unwilling to move separately, they

swore an curse and edge themselves together, and two hundred of these & # 8220 ; Watchers & # 8221 ;

descended to Earth and took themselves married womans. Their married womans bore elephantine progeny.

The giants turned against nature and began to & # 8220 ; wickedness against birds and animals and

reptilians and fish, and to devour one another & # 8217 ; s flesh, and imbibe the blood & # 8221 ; . The

fallen angels taught how to do arms of war, and jewelry, and cosmetics,

and captivations, and star divination, and other secrets.

These separate fables are elaborated in subsequently Judaic beginnings such as

the Talmud, which make it clear that Enoch and Genesis refer to the same

tradition. The great inundation of Genesis was a direct response to the immorality caused

by world & # 8217 ; s commercialism with fallen angels.

Arab traditions hold that the Jinn or Djinn were a race of superhuman

existences which existed before the creative activity of world. The Djinn were created

from fire. Some traditions make them a lesser race than human existences, but folk-

narratives constantly endowed them with limitless charming powers, and the Djinn

survive to this twenty-four hours as the jinnis of the Arabian Nights and Disney & # 8217 ; s Aladdin.

Even with this really basic debut to the Necronomicon and the

Enochian Scripture and faith, it can be easy stated that this is a & # 8220 ; true & # 8221 ;

faith and non merely another cult. It has factual footing on other major

faiths of the universe, Judaism, Islam are merely two illustrations. The Necronomicon

was at one clip a Bible of kinds for the Enoch and should be one time once more.


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