Registration procedure is a must in every school. Through this. pupil will hold a connexion between them and the establishment itself. In this procedure. pupils besides portion to inquire or to anticipate what if feels like to be in the establishment they are traveling to inscribe. This survey discusses those outlooks and perceptual experiences of the pupils with respects in the registration procedure in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City pupils have ever perceived the success of the registration based on the sum of clip that they have spent on the registration procedure. But the pupils and parents already fix for the worst every clip and they already assume that the procedure will be slow. The ailments are ever present and it makes the awkwardness of the procedure more gruesome.

Through this survey. the whole registration procedure should be made endurable. Every facet and measure of this will be analyzed in order to happen the best solution that will take to the betterment and improvement of the registration procedure.

At Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City. there are 1000 pupils taking several old ages degree. The population of pupils in mentioned school are continued to turn which means besides that an addition of records are handled by the Guidance Councilor. Clearly manual system of registration and pupil record maintaining are excessively much clip devouring undertaking.

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Computer can be considered as another instrument for developing system like registration in every school. This can be a great aid to those pupils. instructors and school who are managing many undertaking from supplying easier and faster entree.

The present system of Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City is done manually such as registration system. Form the clip it was started to run. they use the manual system. Even presents. that they have computing machines. still there besides a struggle utilizing that during registration.

Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City is a private school which is located at Quezon City. And this school was started established in the twelvemonth 1962. And it was found by Engineer Demetrio A. Quirino Jr. . One of the celebrated people in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City at that clip. Like some school Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City is bettering the registration system but still that is non convenient for others.

Statement of the Problem

The present registration system of Technological Institute of the Philippines is done manually. Manually system of registration caused a batch inaccuracy and efficiency in treating the record and informations of the pupils. Too much clip and attempt are consumed and can non give on clip. The research worker sought to reply the undermentioned inquiry:

1. What are the perceptual experiences of pupils with respects school’s registration system? 2. What are the factors that contribute to the perceptual experiences of thoughts if the pupils that the school registration system impact them? 3. What are the factors that could be an advantage and/or disadvantage of the factors that are uses in the registration system?

Significance of the Study

The computing machines provide convenience to its user through the easier and faster manner of minutess. Population of pupils in about all-educational establishment is quickly increasing so great demand in learning force is besides going higher. Fortunately. today’s coevals of high engineering machine and tools can replace these workers. This propose “The Percept of Students in Enrollment system in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City” will supply a high engineering manner of recovering and pull offing student’s informations so that the registration procedure become convenient particularly to the pupils and parents. The survey will be a great aid to the followers:

Administrators. This survey will assist them to treat records and maintain the classs of pupils are a fastest and accurate manner. It will assist to maintain and manage indispensable information of the pupil for the convenience of the pupils and the forces assign to enrollment in the instruction establishment.

Students. The pupils can easy entree and retrieval information sing with the procedure of registration the attempt. clip. and assist to minimise the attempt and clip they exert. Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City. It provides easy and fast attack in enrollment and registration.

Parents. They do non kick and they’re non wasted to attach to their kids during registration.
Future Researchers. The proposed survey will benefits and assist the hereafter research workers as their usher. This survey can besides open in development of this survey.

There is no significance in the betterment of the on-line enrollment as related to the betterment of the registration system.

Scope and Boundary lines
The survey will be limited merely to the boundaries of “The perceptual experience of the Students in Enrollment System in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City” .
The research worker focused in acquiring relevant about the jobs in registration system includes pupils and parents who kicking in the manual system that being used of the school.
Searching about this has ability to be rapidly processed and how it can be fixed in the following registration procedure.
The survey covers the job of holding a slow procedure that caused a difference between students/parents and decision maker.

Chapter II
The chapter estates the different literature and surveies that were conducted for the research to derive acquaintance that are relevant and similar to the present survey.

Review of Related Literature ( Foreign )
Harmonizing to Rowley ( 2005 ) . an registration system is casically included in one of the categorization of information system. therefore it serves a tool to back up information direction with respects to the pupil informations. registration fees information and other with a connexion to the registration procedure. Every school addition competitory advantage of holding this system for they will hold capacity on managing of import information at easiness and with security.

Adopting this theory of Mchenry ( 2010 ) . WAMP5 ( WAMP Means Windows Apache Mysql PHP ) is a platform of Web development under Windowss. It allows you to develop dynamic web sites with Apache waiter. PHP5 script linguistic communication. and the database of MySQL released 5. It besides possesses PHPMyAdmin and SQLite director to pull off more easy your databases. Window 7 is an operating system produced by Microsoft for usage on personal computing machines. including place and concern desktops. laptops. netbooks. tablet PCs. and media centre PCs. Window 7 succeeded by Windows 8. This is known as iterative executions covers the dislocation of overall functionality of the system to a what he called characteristic set and those feature sets represents different procedure involve in registration system. It helps turn up characteristic an registration system will hold since that this sort of systems does many activities and procedures.

Harmonizing to Dunn and Scott ( 2005 ) . registration system has made immense impact into the school sphere. It is a system that is built on advanced plan schemes. It is a system that will assist both the registration personnel-in-charge and the pupils to easy treat the registration at a lesser clip. Distinct from the traditional registration. LAN enrollment system procedure big mixture of the pupil records and provides efficient and consistent information services.

As stated by Holmes ( 2006 ) . presents. Web-based applications are widely used due to their ubiquitousness. Web-based registration system is presently emerging on markets for they are offering dealing convenience and service efficiency through the usage of cyberspace. This system becomes a powerful tool in covering with information direction sing enrollment minutess. Stair ( 1999 ) . emphasized that the development of engineering through the old ages have enabled us to make more with less attempt. From the orientation of the light bulb to the industrial revolution and beyond. we have continuously tried to in a more efficient agencies of making undertakings. Lewis ( 2002 ) . stated that the ground for utilizing computing machines vary from individual to individual. Some of the computing machines in concern are to execute truth. to be as productiveness. to diminish bottle cervixs or fusss to change hard currency flows or to simples promote your position.

Sybex Inc ( 1999 ) . stated that ocular basic supply a graphical environment in which the users normally designed the signifiers and control that become the edifice block of tour application. Ocular Basic support many utile tools that will assist the user more productiveness. Gold Chager et Al ( 2003 ) . said that computing machine as a device for treating information knew computing machine plays a important function in their lives. but few are cognizant of merely how permeant function is. Mane ( 2000 ) . mentioned that the creative activity of the computing machine made the easier to carry through that by making it manually. to hold the direct entree on straightforward reply merely monitoring record where in the demands of computing machine make possible for everyone to acquire informations in a peculiar demand. We can see that the computing machine is necessary and its productive tool for single. Gurewich ( 1999 ) . stated that the database system makes the work faster for every establishment. For the mere fact that alternatively of making things manually. with the usage of computing machine engineering everything is done fasters.

Related Literature ( Local )

Harmonizing to Aquino ( 2005 ) . importance of computing machine application is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Schools usage information system in the manner of implementing an registration system. This consequences for them to pull enrollees and earn income. Enrollees are attracted because of the said system makes the dealing faster and easier.

“Lack of registration system in schools can take to chaos and troubles” as stated by Ace Adrian ( 2011 ) . pupils will be confused on what they should make to be able to inscribe that is why such system is highly utile in that it gives an easiness on working on registration procedures. Registration is really utile in recovering critical information of the pupils. Without it will take trouble both for disposal of the school and pupils in registration procedures.

The transmutation of manual enrollment dealing to automated and now into a web based information is one illustration of what has driven partially by the rapid technological invention. Any manner merely to do work easier and faster like enrollment minutess is possible with the outgrowth of computing machine engineerings. A web-based registration system has featured that meet most of academic establishments system’s demands and demands. This includes standardised faculties for pupil enrollment. registration. grade direction. and other faculties that are deemed necessary to run a school ( Bacala & A ; Reanno. 2009 ) .

Fronda ( 2011 ) . said that the registration system is utile particularly when the school retrieves the of import information from the pupil. The school can follow what is the standing of the pupils. Lack of Enrollment system in a school can take to chaos and problems. Students will be confused on what they should make to be able to inscribe. It is highly utile in the school in the manner of working procedures of inscribing become much easy. Tinn ( 2001 ) . stated that the cybernation responded to the call the office or any workplace to assist their day-to-day operation.

Malolos et. Al ( 2002 ) . stated that the survey of mechanization is of import in the sense clip that minimizes the clip and attempt usually exerted in manual procedure. Janes ( 2001 ) . stated that computing machines are highly dependable device and really powerful reckoners with some great accoutrements applications like word processing job for all of concern activities. regardless of size. computing machines have three advantages over other type of office equipment that procedure information because computing machine are faster. more accurate more economical.

Reyes ( 2005 ) . undertaking would be clip devouring to carry through manually and more practical with the assistance of computing machines field in cabinet. Harmonizing to Flores ( 2002 ) . the mechanization is described merely as the permutation of machine control of human. Dioso ( 2001 ) . stated that computing machine assist careful intelligent planning. forming. triping and commanding. This possibly observed from the yesteryear that they monitor production activities. work out scientific job and assist get in probationary reply to a battalion of involve conditions. Related Studies ( Foreign )

South California Community College Long Beach City College has gone unrecorded with a Cognos-based direction system that was designed by Irvin. CA-based professional services house e2e Analytics. Prior to put ining the new system. LBCC. which has two chief campuses and multiple orbiters that support nine schools and 34 sections. handled its registration via manual spread sheets. With no coverage. continuity. or standard patterns. and with drawn-out mistake corrections. the school’s registration direction budgeting and planning took up to three months to roll up. consolidate and implement ( Koft 2007 ) . The survey on jobs sing on school such as the Long Beach City College is an assistance for the advocates to hold the thought on explicating solutions on reassigning manual registration minutess to an automated or computerized one.

Harmonizing to the coordinator of Admission support of Kerian Greenaway. the system known as the Edith Cowan University Web Enrollment System ( ECUWES ) had replaced the traditional difficult transcript system of registration. The system offers immediateness and convenience of class registration via the cyberspace. The said university in Australia is presently inscribing more than 5. 000 new pupils with easier minutess cause of their on-line registration system. In the local scene. academic establishments both the private and authorities schools are switching from manual to computerized system including pupil enrollment. This is accomplished either on an intranet or internet-based environment.

The desire to get the better of these jobs and troubles has led the credence of advanced engineering. It includes Local Area Network of computing machines. Cadmium ROM and powerful processor. These engineerings led to the development of information databases that provides simple and prompt retrieval of information through networking. In Local Area Network Enrollment System ( LANES ) . the jobs on admittance and rating of academic records. capable reserve. appraisal and payment of fees and issue of category cards are besieged. Likewise. searching of records is effectual due to its major key that is being used in retrieval of records. A Local Area Network Enrollment System ( LANES ) is a wide system. It is combination of different map countries such as databases. seeking. retrieval. and update of pupil records. checking of student’s scheduled. calculation of fees ( Dzubeck 2003 ) .

Earlier. Encila ( 1999 ) Introduced the Enrollment System for the computing machine Science Department of LCBA and bargainers. designed of registration System is advantageous to the school because it speed up the procedure and with merely a minimal sum of power and resources.

Quiver ( 2001 ) developed a plan utilizing database III which capable of recovering. entree in manipulating of informations in easy manner. A computerized system to minimise the doomed of record and load of work was designed by Pajarillo in 2002.

Aravia et. Al. ( 2002 ) Show the turning importance of computing machines in the society. The significance of the survey revolves the mechanization of pupil permanent record maintaining. Alcaira ( 1999 ) Stated that the utilizing of computing machine are continue to turn. the demand for a more timely information and information processing comes on demand maintaining the record of any manual operations need the application. because managing it manually will merely be conflicting.

Related Studies ( Local )

Based on the research worker. a web-based registration system for Veritas Parochial School ( VPS ) in Manila was developed to assist its pupils enroll in a more efficient manner without the fusss of waiting long hours in make fulling out signifiers. which sometimes become excess. or to stand in line and wage at the teller. It is with the Web-based registration system for VPS that this new manner of registration may be achieved. This new type of system offers its pupils new options for inscribing at VPS. By logging on to the VPS web site. one can register and inscribe topics for school twelvemonth. With these. all the pupils are required to make full out certain signifiers that do non take more than a few proceedingss to carry through. The system shops its records in the school database for future mentions. Confirmation of the dealing made by pupils need to be verified. the payment of the tuition fees must be made by the school’s registry. The pupils may besides shop the web site of VPS and he can look into his current history.

He can besides mention to the list of the school current tuition fee rates ( Pascual and Riceo. 2008 ) . Harmonizing to the undertaking survey in 2005 by Mr. Lopez. an registration system aid and supply efficient and dependable services to the pupils. enrolment forces and disposal. Furthermore. this system improved the procedure of registration in footings of seeking. retrieving and capable agendas. An on-line Registration System was proposed to replace the manual registration system of Cavite Maritime Institute in order to progress an organized flow of dealing and an easiness of work concerned on how the manual registration performs throughout the establishments operations. The legion minutess that the manual system covers. such as updating and adding pupils records. bring forthing the advising and assessment faux pass. and the similar sing the manual operating system to be inefficient for the demand of the establishment. Since the survey involves proper record handling. following the restraints and rating of the manual system issential ( Bacala and Reano. 2009 ) .

The registration procedure is the initial phase in garnering bon fide and accurate pupil information neccesary to set up pupil lasting records. A enrollment and charge system is needed by the establishment to turn to the declared state of affairs. The survey has been made to assist garner fast and present accurate information ( Calabozo & A ; Fernandez. 2006 ) . In the survey conducted by Cayabyab ( 2007 ) . many jobs and troubles were identified in the wxiusting system in Dagupan City National High School ( DCNHS ) . These major concerns are impacting the efficient registration system of pupils. Security of the pupils records were found to be at high hazard. The current system may neglect to protect some of import paperss. It has besides prematurely and in efficient study coevals. A computerized system for DCNHS shall ensue to a important addition in the figure of enrollees.

Conde ( 2007 ) in his survey entitled “Network-bases Enrollment System of Paete National High School cited that the manual procedure of registration and manual handling of information and studies of the pupils is really arduous one. The advocates developed a web based system registration system to the said school to work out the immense sum of undertaking. Garcia ( 2002 ) created the “LSPC Enrollment System” . the survey can be a great aid to individuals concerned during the enrollment period. the registrar. teacher of the pupils as they retrieval necessary information when needed and lessen the load manually shoping over registration faux pas for record intents Saayo et. Al ( 2008 ) developed the system “Network based automated Enrollment and rating system for Morong National High School.

Due to increasing population of the establishment. and the school presently implementing the manual system. every pupil spends a batch of clip during enrollment period. such as paying their tuition fees and treating the school demands. Valina et. Al ( 2009 ) entitled “Network-based pupil Permanent Record maintaining and Enrollment System of Balian National High School” . This System was made to decrease the clip and attempt exerted by both pupil and school employees. It is besides made to give accurate studies and maintain records of every pupils every pupils and for easy and fast manner of registration.

Soria et. Al. ( 2006 ) constructed a system entitled “Network-based Computerized stock list System for the supply office o the LSPC chief campus. With the promotion of engineering. devices and machines were improve. developed and inverted to get by up with the demand of new universe. There are different systems designed for dependable. efficient and really utile to the user.

Conceptual Model

The survey is all about the perceptual experience of pupils in the registration system in Technological Institute of the Philippines. QC. It includes information can acquire when enrolled. different equipment that will do registration more efficient among pupils. the betterments. procedure and importance of registration. The survey besides covers the different experience of pupil when inscribing in Technological Institute of the Philippines whether they lose their forbearance or acquire satisfied on the registration system.

Research Paradigm

Figure 1.

The Conceptual paradigm of Perception of the Students in Enrollment System of Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Definition of Footings

These nomenclatures were gathered by the research worker for better and clearer understanding about the survey.

Client. Does non portion any of its resources that request a server’s content or service map. Computer. Machine capable of the following the direction to change informations. programmable electronic device that can execute computations and treating information. Database. Is a container to hive away your tabular arraies in. Registration. It is a procedure in which a pupil is being admitted to the establishment. This includes the listing of information or information about the pupil and capable he/she will be enrolled. Information. Knowledge given or received of some fact or fortunes. Program. An algorithm that a computing machine can both follow straight and follow the translated version.

Server. A computing machine on a local country that is running package for commanding entree to all or portion of the web and its resources and portions its resources with client. System. It is a group of interconnected constituents working together toward a common end by accepting input and bring forthing end product in an organized transmutation procedure. Software. It is a system public-service corporation or application plan expressed in complete clear linguistic communication. User. The individual who uses a computing machine for word processing. communications. and other application. User–Friendly. A plan easy to utilize even though an person is non knowing about the system.

Chapter III

This Chapter presents the research design. the respondents of the survey. the research instruments. the information assemblage process and the statistical intervention of informations.

Research Design

This survey used the study attack of research. specifically the descriptive method. Descriptive method is the averment of properties or conditions specific to the population. It utilized the said attack in as the chief intent of this research was to find the perceptual experience of the pupil towards registration system in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City.

Research Locale

The Technological Institute of the Philippines ( TIP ) is a private. non-sectarian higher instruction establishment. TIP Quezon City was awarded Autonomous Status. the highest possible award for a higher instruction establishment. and TIP Manila was granted Deregulated Status by the Commission on Higher Education ( CHED ) . In add-on. TIP has besides earned legion national and international accreditations and quality enfranchisement.

Figure 2.
Location map of Technological Institute of the Philippines

Sampling Technique

The research survey used the purposive sampling technique. There were 30 pupils in Technological Institute of the Philippines asked to rate the efficiency of the services rendered by the maps of the PTA office. Purposive sampling. besides known as judgmental. selective or subjective sampling. is a type of non-probability sampling technique. Non-probability trying focal points on trying techniques where the units that are investigated are based on the opinion of the research worker: Non-probability sampling to larn more about non-probability sampling. and Sampling: The rudimentss. for an debut to footings such as units. instances and trying ] . There are a figure of different types of purposive sampling. each with different ends. This article explains ( a ) what purposive sampling is. ( B ) the eight of the different types of purposive sampling. ( degree Celsius ) how to make a purposive sample. and ( vitamin D ) the wide advantages and disadvantages of purposive sampling.

Research Instruments

The information assemblages used in this survey were the undermentioned: 1. Questionnaires Checklist Form. This instrument was constructed by the research workers to set up the socio-demographic profile of the pupil respondents. The instrument determined. among others. the gender. civil position and educational background of the respondents. The different factors impacting the efficiency of services rendered by the PTA are besides being listed down to find which map is more effectual as perceived by the respondents particularly the pupils. 2. Survey Questionnaires for Students. This instrument was used to find the direction manner and how this affects to the people working in that school and a separate questionnaire of the pupils to find the efficiency of the services rendered by Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Data Gathering Procedures

Survey questionnaires were prepared and forwarded to the pupil respondents. The respondents were asked to rate their perceptual experience about the registration system in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon metropolis ( TIP QC ) to find how effectual and if the respondents were satisfied by the services given by the TIP QC during the registration procedure


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