Internet is an of all time spread outing medium. The figure of users of the World Wide Web conversationally called as the cyberspace has grown to over 1. 02 billion and includes 15 per centum population of the World. ( World Internet Usage. 2006 ) . This is slated to spread out even more quickly hereinafter as it is turn outing to be an ideal medium for all types of societal. concern. authorities and informational minutess. Cyber Rater is a web site evaluation service which will measure web sites based on their quality. dependability and the seasonableness with which they provide information to the user.

The figure of web sites is increasing exponentially. A study by Netcraft for June 2006 reported an addition of 3. 96 million sites in one month between May to June. ( Webserver Survey. 2006 ) . However the overplus of sites on virtually all topics has created a job for the user. as he is unable to measure the efficaciousness and truth of the information provided on the site. Cyber rater will try to this nothingness. by evaluation sites and supplying these with a confirmation certification based on genuineness. quality and velocity in supplying the information to the user.

Cyber Rater will be a web based organisation. thereby the initial infra construction cost will be restricted to computing machines and other information engineering assets to ease rapid entree of the net. register the sites. assess these and supply enfranchisement. The concern is proposed to be started by December 2006 and a healthy return is expected with interrupt even point reached by December 2007. Mission Statement Our Mission. To ease web users in immediately measuring the quality of a web site. Rating web sites on each topic based on quality will be a cardinal aspect of the mission.

To make excellence on the web by bring forthing a hierarchy of step for web sites will be inclusive in the overall mission. To better the overall content on the web will be the implicit in subject of the mission. Needs Proliferation of web sites every bit good as the big figure of users of the web has created a new market for enfranchisement of the best sites based on quality and truth of content. seasonableness in publication and credibleness. This will supply a service to both the user every bit good as the web site supplier.

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While the user will be able to gravitate to the best web site on a topic. the supplier will try to better his content based on genuineness of information. the assessed market demands of the users and the latest web and communicating engineerings available. This will greatly ease all users such as research workers and pupils who will acquire a certified beginning. the vitamin E buyer. and an attested. best deal without rip offing and the concern individual timely information of chances available for commercialism to crush the competition.

A certified web site evaluation system will greatly better the overall quality of the web as it will help in set uping unvarying criterions. motivate investings in utilizing province of the art engineerings by web sites. acceptance of best patterns and sustained support will be available through authorities policies. Objectives The aims of Cyber Rater will flux from its mission which is to ease web users in measuring the quality of a web site thereby enabling them to home on to the best in each class. The aims will be broken down into three standards as given below: –

Aims Related to Users Objective 1. To supply the user information of the quality of the web site he is accessing to make commercialism. interact socially or simply to derive information on a topic. Objective 2. To supply cognition workers confidence of the information that is being accessed by them on the web. This will get the better of the present deficiency of credibleness of most web beginnings for research. Objective 3. To supply the user with reliable and original information. free of transcript right. merchandise grade or patent violation.

This will avoid the embarrassment every bit good possible legal action at a ulterior phase. Aims Related To Web Sites Objective 1. To supply a forum for quality web sites to propagate their value on the web. This will besides enable them an chance to increase their popularity and grosss. Objective 2. To bring forth drift for bettering the overall quality of web sites and web content by making a hierarchy of excellence. Objective 3. To disenfranchise those web site suppliers who are non able to supply quality and genuineness to go on on the web.

This will come about by their non enfranchisement. non entree over a period by the user and therefore a practical death due to infrequent entree. Aims Related to Business Objective 1. To follow the highest criterions of moralss and values. This is indispensable to every evaluation bureau and will enable care of credibleness and therefore pull maximal concern in the long term. Objective 2. To pull the best endowment in the profession. This entirely will guarantee that the appraisals made would keep an even criterion and are free from prejudices of deficiency of cognition every bit good as judgement.

Objective 3. To use the best engineerings available in the field and go on to invariably upgrade them. Objective 3. To guarantee the fiscal viability of the concern and interrupt even within one twelvemonth. References 1. Webserver Survey. 2006. June 2006 Webserver Survey. hypertext transfer protocol: //news. netcraft. com/archives/2006/06/04/june_2006_web_server_survey. hypertext markup language ( 24 June 2006 ) . 2. World Internet Usage. 2006. Internet Use Statisticss: The Big Picture. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. internetworldstats. com/stats. htm. ( 24 June 2006 ) .


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