Entering through the doors, I gazed around. It wasn’t how I remembered it, I now felt like a stranger, an impostor. It was the same but it felt so distant. I had returned to the worry-free days of primary school. On my right, were the stairs I tumbled down. I was rushed to hospital, my head hurt. The whole of my class went very quiet, I didn’t understand why because it was break time, but now just a normal staircase draped with a new carpet of the most unreceptive peach, stared back at me.

I continued to walk forward but a train of jumping five year olds crossed the corridor distractedly. The teachers were new; the pupils were new, only I knew what the school had been like in my unperturbed years there. Finally able to cross, I advanced into the playground. The door, which had once tested all my muscles to open it, now flung open with a mere touch of a finger. I stepped down, disbelieving of what lay in front of me. What had once seemed so large was now no bigger than my patio. Bombarded by memories flooding back to me, I walked around.

The ground was now a green tarmac. It was once grey and gravely and it used to hurt whenever I fell over; like the time that jenny and I spun around as fast as we could ten times and the ran to the other wall of the play ground (which I now saw was not very far). But Little Maxi was in my way so I bumped into him, he hurt my leg just under my knee and I fell on the gravel. The gravel was horrible because it got in my cut and that made it get bigger which meant that I had to have the orange spray, which I hated because it stung and it smelt horrible.

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I was very brave though, I didn’t cry at all! I was only worried about Little Maxi, he was ok until Jenny came and fell on him too! He was so small it was easy not to see him. Crouching down with one hand on the tarmac I remembered all about Little Maxi and all the mischief that we had got up to, of course he was the one that always received the blame for our mindless shenanigans. Most of the trouble we caused was either planned or put to action in the playground. But it no longer had that feeling.

No mischief lurked in the air; there was no sign of any pranks that had been played, but most of all, it lacked happiness. We used to love every minute that we spent in the playground. We didn’t stay inside one lunch break. Not even when it snowed because we liked to make snowmen and have snowball fights. Even when it rained we put on our coats and kicked the puddles of water at people. Little Maxi always got drenched because he was a slow runner. I was the fastest. I wanted to be able to run just as fast as daddy. He could always catch up with me.

Even when I ran my very hardest he was always faster. I walked on, instead of the hopscotch that we had drawn on roughly with the chalk that we had stolen from a classroom, they had a perfectly painted one that had obviously never been used. I could never do the hopscotch but I had fun trying. Jenny was the best. We played with hacky sacks and she always won. She was my best friend. We were so close that the teachers even got us mixed up! With new teachers we told them that I was Jenny and that she was me, but Little Maxi always told the teacher after class.

I wondered what Jenny and Little Maxi were doing now. Maxi probably had an office job but I am sure that Jenny is somewhere travelling the world and still enjoying every minute of her life. It is amazing that two people who were inseparable can loose touch so easily. I hope she is happy. That she took a different road that I took. That’s why I came back here. To try and go back to the old days, our carefree days, but now it’s not the same. I guess I thought that Jenny would still be here, the old Jenny, still playing, waiting for me.

But she wasn’t. No one was. They probably didn’t miss those days, as these ones were better. I missed those days. I missed our nonchalant attitudes, our laid-back view of life. I left the building, not turning back. I did what I should have done, what Jenny and Little Maxi did; let go of the past and concentrate on the future. Face up to reality. The past I cant change, but the future I can. I only wish that I could wake up tomorrow morning, put on my school uniform and see Jenny and Little Maxi playing in the playground.


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