ENTREPRENEUR: Entrepreneur is a person who assembles and integrates all the resources needed to transform the new invention into a viable business.TECHNOPRENEUR:Technopreneurs are new age entrepreneurs who make use of technology to come out with something new to make some innovation. Once a person succeeds in it he exploits his achievement in market to make money.There are many factors which determine the success and failure of a technopreneur. Some of them are discussed below:FACTORS OF SUCCESS:• Focus on Opportunity: Focus on an opportunity which is not observable by others is the main factor of success for any technopreneur. They avoid distractions and stay focused on their goals and ideas. They work on few things at a time instead of doing everything altogether• Finance Management:  A successful technopreneur always have excellent and efficient finance management skills. All his expanses are accounted and extra expenses are avoided.• Well defined Goal: The major reason for a technopreneur success is a well-defined purpose and goals which is basic in every business plan. A technopreneur cannot succeed without personal purpose, target, dream or mission.• Passionate towards Idea: Technopreneurs are always passionate about what they are trying to achieve. They sacrifice a large part of their waking hours to their idea. Their passion will ignite the same strength in the others who join them as a team. And with that passion they truly believe in what they are trying to do.• Social Skills:  Another factor behind the success of a technopreneur is “Networking”. A phone directory with authoritative business men and influential people in business is completely incomparable. Successful technopreneurs always network with each other. There is always a beneficial result when working together with the advice of other people.FACTORS OF FAILURE:• Lack of business IQ: The technopreneur on the path to failure does not see the need to develop his business IQ because of the pursuit for money. He thinks business is all about how much you can make. They forget that a business just like every other discipline requires certain competencies i.e. knowledge, skill and experience, in order to remain functional.• Poor Money Management: Being a technopreneur means being able to do more with less. The technopreneur on the path to failure is the one who is spendthrift. They fail because they do not know how to value their company along timelines designed to optimize estimations• Bad Partners: Technopreneurs often fail because they hold out with the incorrect person. A business partner provides an extra set of eyes and ears to help make sure business operations run smoothly. Partners who use the entrepreneur to channel their own sales and takes unnecessary fees are the main factor of failure for a technopreneur.• Lack of Vision: Technopreneurs fail for lack of vision. They are the one who never thinks of tomorrow. If they cannot literally see their selves and their business far into the future beyond today, then they are on the path to destruction.• Avoid Pivoting: Technopreneurs often fail because they cannot adapt to unpredictable events and conditions. All startups require pivots. Unsuccessful technopreneurs cannot pivot. Rather, they stay on their very own courses even if their complete circle believes they ‘are severely off path and will definitely crash into the mountain of failure.2. How do you see yourself as a technopreneur?ME AS A TECHNOPRENEUR:Being a technopreneur is not an easy path to take on. It needs skills that would make you pass through a hard and tough road. To be an entrepreneur especially when it is technology based, it needs to be equipped with qualities such as passionate, innovative, hardworking and strong like Steven Jobs as an example.Everyone can be a Technopreneur as long as he knows things about businesses and how to deliver a product to the consumer in a technological and innovative way. Technopreneur is without a doubt the individuals who make new technology for business. An excellent technopreneur have to be creative, revolutionary, dynamic, and an explorer in technical era. Well, as for me, I guess I’m not yet a technopreneur. The world of technology is very vast. Who would have thought that technology have gone this big. And it grew bigger and bigger as time passes by. Lots of people are having big ideas in developing or to nurture the existing technologies. And some have made changes in the world of technology.Evaluating myself as a technopreneur I can see some positive characteristics that could supplement by some means for a successful business. I do possess some useful traits such as the following.I really have a positive outlook on life. I see my problems as blessings from above. Sometimes I give up but not that straightforward. I seek solutions first and give my best try on solving whatever adversity I am opposing on. In a business, maybe I can be effective on this aspect since being a technopreneur needs to comprise the attitude of optimism because you will be experiencing risk taking. Having a positive outlook on life and brightness can increase the chances of surviving and flourishing your business especially when you are under hard obstacles and crisis. In this matter I can pass the standard of a technopreneur that must possess optimistic view on situations that will probably occur. This attitude is essential to be a good technopreneur.Honestly I can’t see myself very creative, innovative, and intelligent but I do still believe in my abilities because for me it is the passion for your work or project that will make you excel. Another point is that once you will be passionate on your work, your employees will also be the same and will be inspired with the way you act as their boss. I will be a cool technopreneur that will not have a business of pure work but a business which incorporates enjoyment and learning because for me the joy you receive from your work is much greater.


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