The Environment is the major resource for touristry. Tourism depends on the environment because environment is a major tourer attractive force. The quality of the environment. both natural and semisynthetic. is indispensable to touristry. It involves many activities that can hold inauspicious environmental effects. Many of these impacts are linked with the building of general substructure such as roads and airdromes. and of touristry installations. including resorts. hotels. eating houses. stores. golf classs and marinas. The negative impacts of touristry development can bit by bit destruct the environmental resources on which it depends. On the other manus. touristry has the possible to make good effects on the environment by lending to environmental protection and preservation. It is a manner to raise consciousness of environmental values and it can function as a tool to finance protection of natural countries and increase their economic importance.

Statement of the Problem

This survey will be conducted to look into the environmental impacts of touristry in coastal country in Tanza. Cavite. Specifically. the survey will try to reply the undermentioned inquiries: 1. What is the perceptual experience of the touristry industry that they are the beginning of effects on environment in footings of:

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1. 1 Natural environment ;
1. 2 Natural resources ; and
1. 3 Built environment.
2. Does the touristry industry has a benefits on environment in footings of: 2. 1 resorts ;
2. 2 beaches ; and
2. 3 substructure.

3. What is the perceptual experience of the occupants in the environmental impacts of touristry?

Conceptual Model
Inputs Process Outputs

Figure 1. Conceptual Model on Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Coastal
Area in Tanza. Cavite The figure 1 shows the input and the procedures of the survey. Coastal Area in Tanza. Cavite of the selected resorts and beaches are the things to be measured in the survey and the procedure is perception questionnaire for Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Coastal Area.

Scope and Restrictions of the Study

This survey will concentrate on roll uping the information about environmental impacts of touristry in coastal country. This survey is limited to the information that will be collected in the community of Tanza near the coastal country.

Significance of the Study

This survey will lend to the community near the coastal country and to the local authorities to convey back the beauty and natural visual aspect of the affected country and besides to better the beaches where most of the tourers visit to derive more clients. Besides to cognize the chief ground why the country is polluted if it’s because of the visitants or the local community.

Definition of Footings

Attraction – the action or power of arousing involvement. pleasance. or wishing for person or something.
Beach – a pebbly or sandy shore. clairvoyance. by the ocean between high- and low-water Markss.

Built Environment – refers to the human-made milieus that provide the scene for human activity. runing in graduated table from edifices and Parkss or green infinite to vicinities and metropoliss that can frequently include their encouraging substructure. such as H2O supply. or energy webs.

Environment – the natural universe. as a whole or in a peculiar geographical country. clairvoyance. as affected by human activity. Environmental impacts – Environmental issues are harmful facets of human activity on the biophysical environment.

Impact – have a strong consequence on person or something.

Infrastructure – the basic physical and organisational constructions and installations ( e. g. . edifices. roads. and power supplies ) needed for the operation of a society or endeavor.
Resort – a topographic point that is a popular finish for holidaies or diversion. or which is frequented for a peculiar intent.
Natural Resources – stuffs or substances such as minerals. woods. H2O. and fertile land that occur in nature and can be used for economic addition.

Chapter 2

Environmental Impacts

The environment is recognized as the major resource for touristry. There is a common dependance between touristry and environment which has been described as symbiotic. This relationship is one in which touristry benefits from being in a good quality environment and environment benefits from the steps taken to protect and keep its value as a tourer resource. ( Williams 1998 ) . As an environmentally dependent industry ( Hall. 2007 ) . touristry can hold important impacts upon the natural environment. Because of this. touristry must be developed in a manner that focuses on sustainability so that the infinite life of touristry can be ensured while continuing the natural resources provided by the environment ( Bramwell. 1993 ) .


Tourism as people who travel “the amount of the phenomena and relationships originating from the travel and stay of non-residents. insofar as they do non take to lasting abode and are non connected with any earning activity ( Hunziker and Krapf 1941 ) . Tourism is the impermanent. short-run motion of people to destination outside the topographic points where they usually live and work and their activities during the stay at each finish. It includes motions for all intents ( Tourism Society of England 1976 ) .

Chapter 3

Research Design

The research workers will utilize descriptive-correlation design in this survey. The research workers will acquire the perceptual experience of the occupants on the impacts of the touristry in the countries. Using descriptive-correlation the research worker will demo if there are any negative effects of touristry in the coastal countries.

Beginnings of Datas

The research workers will acquire the perceptual experience of the invitees. they will be asked about all the factors that affect the coastal country. They will besides inquire if the touristry industry is one of the biggest factor. and their perceptual experience about the environmental impacts of touristry industry in their topographic point.

Data Gathering Procedure

The primary informations will be gathered to reply the aims of the survey. The information will be collected through questionnaire which includes demographic informations and the research worker will besides carry on an interview to the occupants near the undermentioned coastal countries in Tanza Cavite.

Datas Analysis

The population consists of 100 local occupants near the undermentioned coastal countries in Tanza. Cavite. Convenience sampling will be usage to find the impacts of touristry in coastal countries. The research workers will acquire the perceptual experience of the occupants by replying the questionnaire if they strongly agree to strongly differ.

Statistical Treatment

Research Instrument
The research worker will utilize study questionnaire for the survey. they will besides carry on a personal interview and see the sites.


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