The touristry industry is a really critical and fast spread outing sector. In Fact, the thought of touristry is base largely on adult males desire to acquire out and see and see nature ( Kirk, 1996 ) . However many touristry activities have frequently been carried out without incorporating issues related to environmental characteristics and elements. Many of the recreational activities have been performed at the disbursal of the business of fragile and disposed environments ( Robinson et al. , 2000 ) .

The development of different technique to hike up the touristry industry really rapidly hold rendered human with the possibility of altering or modifying the environment in which they operate and this posses many considerable menace and dangers to the natural resources. One of the immediate effects is a struggle between usage and saving of resources. For this ground, direction must be directed to work out the job related to the localisation of activities, non merely from a proficient point of position, but besides from the position of understating the effects on the environment ( Casals, 1999 )

Ile Aux Cerfs is a big island found on the east seashore of Mauritius stopping point to the coastal small town of Trou D’Eau Douce in the territory of Flacq. It is about 100 hectares in country. For old ages the hotel group Sun Resort Ltd has operated two eating houses, a saloon, and a boathouse and provided other beach comfortss on the island. The hotel besides operates a paying ferry service from the mainland to the island that is used by tourers and the public alike. The island is portion of the public sphere and is made available to Sun Resort on rental from Government. It is a really popular recreational topographic point for both Mauritians and tourers.

Ile-Aux-Cerfs is celebrated for its flaxen beaches, beautiful laguna and large choice of activities and installations. IAC is managed by Le Touessrok Hotel. This hotel provides the necessary expertness and logistics for Restoration and preservation.

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Every twenty-four hours, tourers visit IAC and pass the whole twenty-four hours on the island and benefit from the scope of installations and activities offered. During recent old ages IAC became one of the most popular tourer finishs in Mauritius.

IAC is a extremely recommended location for snorkeling. The coral reef is beautiful and full of marine life, and together with the big black stones that protrude into the H2O, it is an ideal topographic point to snorkel and to bask the rich submerged universe. The island besides has an 18 holes golf class, to see Mauritanian golfing while seeing the breathtaking positions of the lagunas and the clear Indian Ocean H2O all around.

The IAC beaches offer several H2O athleticss activities, eating houses and besides a five stars hotel with a golf class, all doing this astonishing Eden island the perfect scene for a restful twenty-four hours of Sun worship while basking assorted H2O athleticss, beach activities and even golfing.

Ile Aux Cerfs have many eating houses that cater to about every roof of the mouth of the local culinary art. In add-on, there is a large choice of H2O athleticss booths along certain parts of IAC beaches including: H2O skiing, banana, glass underside boats and more.

Purposes of the survey

To find whether IAC has a good managed environment

To find whether visitants respect and put into patterns environmental techniques so as to continue IAC

To find the preventative and disciplinary stairss that need to be implemented so as to keep a safe and sound environment at IAC

Aim of the survey

To measure whether visitants are cognizant of environmental protection issues

Uses of the survey

This survey will assist Le Touessrok Hotel to cognize where it really stands refering environmental direction at IAC. It will give so an indicant where there lie suites for betterment. It will besides assist other ONG ‘s and establishments like Beach Authority, MTPA and Tours Operators at IAC.

Outline of the survey

The lineation provides an overview of the contents of the different chapters of the thesis.

Chapter 1: Introduction

It comprises the different grounds, why research has been carried out on the subject of the thesis. There is besides information about the administration which has been chosen to transport out the survey.

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal

The literature reappraisal reveals all the parts of the thesis and this is chiefly on environmental issues, saving and preservation facets and ways to pull off the environment efficaciously.

Chapter 3: Methodology

It shows the types of informations and their beginnings which have been used and the methods that have been adopted to transport out this survey. Reasons for taking these methods and critical consideration before implementing them are provided. There are besides inside informations about the sampling frame, trying size and trying method which have been selected and besides how the questionnaires were designed, administered and analysed.

Chapter 4: Consequences and treatments

The consequences and treatments are among the most of import portion of the thesis, which shows the consequences of happening from the study conducted. The consequences are better illustrated with the usage of saloon charts, tabular arraies and other appropriate figures. Furthermore justifications have been provided refering the inquiries which have been asked to respondents.

Chapter5: Recommendations & A ; Conclusion

The recommendations are a set of stairss that can be taken in line with the job and the aims of the survey and the decision summarizes the whole survey.

Chapter TWO

Literature Review

Theories on environment issues, benefits and restriction of pull offing the environment, preservation and saving constructs, and direction techniques are necessities in environmental protection. This literature reappraisal will discussed impact of touristry peculiarly on the environment. Aspect of pull offing these impacts will besides be considered every bit good the importance of stakeholders in planning and extenuating these impacts

Tourism and the environment

Tourism can significantly lend to the environmental protection, preservation, Restoration of biological diverseness and sustainable usage of natural resources. Throughout the universe, the natural environment has benefited from touristry in a assortment of ways. The environment means all that surrounds us. Human existences, depend on the natural environment for so many things that it become hard or even impossible to recite. In fact the environment consists of renewable and non renewable resources. Renewable resources consist of workss, animate beings and H2O. Non renewable resources are coral reefs, energy and land. It besides consists of other facets which are of cultural, societal, economical, political, and ecological significance ( Zimmerman, 1993 ) . In facts it has become a paramount importance to protect the environment as the effects of negative environmental impacts such as planetary heating, acerb rain, ozone depletion ; alterations in climatic conditions amongst many others keep on increasing ( Kirk, 1996 ) . Therefore, decently pull offing our environment is indispensable.

Tourism impacts on the natural environment

Tourism is one of the universe ‘s largest industries ; it is progressively confronted with statements about the sustainability and compatibility with environment protection and community development. As Myers ( 1972 ) stated, “ touristry creates an inducements for the preservation of natural heritage through national Parkss ” . However, rapid and sometimes inappropriate growing in touristry at a important figure of sites and attendant debasement frequently compounded by hapless corporation at all degrees between the two sectors have prevented the development of symbiotic relationship envisaged by Budowski ( 1976 ) .

Environmental Management

Environmental direction must be understood as being an action shared between the province and establishments, which plays a function in set uping environmental precedences and doing ordinances, and the function of organise community on the other, which excesses a large influence on determinations to be made, by agencies of its ain enterprises. It should be expected that the private sectors could vitalize the advantage in economic, political, and societal footings of an equal environmental direction ( Espinosa, 1988 ) .

Harmonizing to Green and Hunter ( 1992 ) , “ the environment is a cardinal touristry resource and accordingly its preservation and direction of vital to the hereafter of touristry industry and to the society at a whole ” . Harmonizing to Davidson ( 1993 ) “ touristry and the environment can be together in harmoniousness when touristry benefits the environment in someway ” and in contrast “ they can be in struggle, when touristry amendss the environment in some manner ” . Ranging from the basic attractive force from Sun, sea and sand to the undoubted entreaty of historic sites and constructions, the environment is the foundation of the tourer industry. However, some surveies have found that the touristry industry is merely interested in environmental protection so long it reduces operating and activity costs ( Akis,2001 ) .

Challenge between preservation and Development

Development and preservation are in fact two constructs which are general confronted and which have barely of all time been combined. For a good understood development a point of equilibrium should be sought between “ those who seeks economic growing and the obstructionist place towards development and the demands of adult male ” ( Ramos et al. , 1979 ) . As such environmental direction must be understood as a lasting rational procedure nowadays in determination devising operations and holding a position of sustainability, the ultimate purposes of which is to modulate anthropic intercession with the environment, to forestall and work out job and to assist in the betterment of the quality of life ( Robinson et al.,2001 )

The ways and mean of development and greed for money have provided adult male with the ability to change the features of the environment, which are the cause of serious environmental debasement. Manitoba ( 1998 ) , on his portion, refers to the preservation as being “ a procedure through which natural resources are managed to let partial are entire development, for single, community are commercial utilizations, without in anyhow endangering the long-run viability of the resource base or bring downing undue or inordinate environmental harm ” .

Sustainable development and the ternary underside line

The Brundland Commission defines sustainable touristry as “ development that meets the terminals of our common hereafter without compromising the ability for future coevals to run into their ain demands ” ( Kerry et al. , 1994 ) . Resources must be used in such a manner that they fulfill demands in economical footings or societal footings while at the same clip staying unchanged and bearing their several diverseness. There should be a balance between the economic system, the society and the environment, a state of affairs usually referred to as the Triple Bottom Line ( WTO, 2001 ) . Stakeholders have to work together, in coaction, to accomplish this harmoniousness, even if it rather hard to accomplish.

Conservation of Nature Site

If a natural site has to be decently managed so the things which form its very foundation have to be preserved. The thought is to conserve the country for the enjoyment of visitants by restricting development that will do change to the overall environment or posed menaces ( Buchholz,1998 ) . the impact that touristry can hold on nature have been exhaustively discussed by Shaklin ( 1993 ) and Middleton and Hawkins ( 1993 ) who outlined the impacts in countries of H2O direction, waste direction, transporting capacity, noise and air quality control.

Water Management

Water is on of the basic demands of life on Earth and the fresh H2O is really delicate ( Kirk,1996 ) , rivers, lakes, oceans are all really important for the endurance of the touristry industry and harmonizing to the UNICEF, the mean ingestion of H2O by tourers is estimated between 300 – 500 liters per twenty-four hours. Aquatic lives and marine animate beings suffer to a great extent when touristry activities are carried out without control. Spills of oil merchandise from transporting and boating besides affect the sea and cut down the entreaty of H2O for recreational intents ( Visser and Njuguna,1985 ) . Thus it is critical to continue and pull off H2O quality and the life that it supports is of important importance.

Waste Management

Waste impact on the environment, because chiefly it take energy and stuffs to bring forth it and secondly it leads to pollutions jobs when dispose of improperly ( AHRIM 2000 ) the challenge for the touristry industry is to cut down a lower limit, stuffs, used in the first topographic point, harmonizing to the Integrated Solid Waste Management System ( 1998 ) , so re-use waste stuff where appropriate, to make recycling, to compost organic waste which, if non managed decently, can hold unwanted effects on the industry over the long tally.

Air Pollution

As O’riordan ( 2000 ) provinces, “ pollution is a map of inappropriate belongings rights, a regulative government that is ever subservient to capitalist economy, whether of the province or private sort, and sincere trouble in turn outing consequence from cause ” . Air pollution really consequences from unhealthy gases and atoms that contaminate the air which can be rather damaging to human and other signifiers of life. Air Pollution can go on due to wash up exhausts from boats, vehicles, smoke, extra release of toxic gasses in the air and so on.

Noise Pollution

Another concern has been voice out refering the possible impacts of sound beginnings of marine life ( O’Riordon, 2000 ) . This job of noise pollution has to be decently managed since, over the long tally, the state of affairs can foster deteriorate, making to such a point that can be likely be excessively late.

Costal Zone Management

Coastal zones included coral reef, beaches, lagunas and the full islet that surround Mauritian territorial Waterss. It is a cardinal resource protecting the island from the ocean bring forthing income through touristry and piscaries and is the focal point of much of Mauritius leisure activities ( AHRIM, 2000 ) . Lagoons and beaches are being threatened by immense figure of visitants ‘ littering about, doing injury to aquatic workss and animate beings every bit good as destructing the coral reef.

Transporting Capacity

Transporting Capacity is a term that is abundantly used in the protection of the environment. It refers to the figure of visitants that a site can suit, without transcending its transporting bounds, therefore non doing its depletion or injury to the environment ( Mathieson & A ; Wall, 1982 ) . This construct is loosely used though some people believe that the figure of visitants at a site does non truly present such a job in the environment. Alternatively it is their behavior at a site which determines the menace that may be caused to the environment. However, it must be pointed out that esteeming the transporting bound of a site is important as there can non be a immense figure of visitants all at the same clip sing the same country ( Robinson et al. , 2000 ) .

Execution of environmental Schemes

Harmonizing to Stancliffe, 1995, it is the urged to the tourer industry to follow codifications of behaviors advancing best environmental patterns, guarantee responsible and ethical direction, and increase self ordinance. Agenda 21, the papers agreed at Rio to steer and set up rules to take the universe into and through the following century on a sustainable development way, did see touristry as potentially offering sustainable development waies to communities populating in delicate environments and urge authoritiess to advance environmentally sound leisure and touristry activities, diversify mountain economic systems by beef uping touristry, better and reoriented monetary values and subsidies and supply mechanism to continue threatened countries ( Robinson et al.,2000 ) .

Other technique that can be applied for effectual and sound direction of the natural environment at natural site included:

Sustainable touristry development

Harmonizing to Middleton and Hawkins ( 1994 ) , is “ accomplishing a peculiar combination of figure and types of visitants, the cumulative consequence of whose activities at a given site, together with the actions of the service concern, can go on into foreseeable hereafter without damaging the quality of environment on which the activities are based. However, harmonizing to Robinson et Al. ( 2000 ) states that sustainable touristry is “ a touristry which is developed so that the nature, the graduated table, location, and mode of development is appropriate and sustainable over clip, and where the environment ‘s ability to back up other activities and procedures is non impaired, since touristry can non be isolated from other resource usage activities ” . Though development is really important, yet conveying it about a sustainable manner is even more critical. Hence, governments and directors, have to believe and move in a sustainable manner when they want to convey about alterations or if they want efficaciously pull off a site.

Visitor Management

Harmonizing to the WTO ( 1997 ) , several ways can be used to pull off visits, such as, commanding the figure of visitants and the times they visit the site and the length of stay, and planing tract at the site. Any figure of visitants can non be allowed to see an country at any clip and therefore entree must be controlled in order it become easier to pull off the locality. Shackley ( 1998 ) , farther stated that, supplying instruction and consciousness to visitants, holding ushers at the site, raising mark boards, and districting are all indispensable in proper direction system.

Laws and ordinances

Johnson ( 1997 ) and Viken ( 1998 ) have outlined the importance of holding schemes and ordinances for commanding touristry at a nature modesty. Harmonizing to them, turn outing guidelines to visitants and compeling them to stay by these are of critical importance for the endurance and proper direction of a site. No direction can be without the executions of proper regulations and ordinances, therefore a site must hold its ain regulations and ordinance designed every bit good as clearly written in such a manner that all visitants can read and understand.

Visitor Engagement in environmental protection

Harmonizing to ( Soler, 1997 ) , the incorporation of visitant engagement in environmental concerns and in the coevals of environmental direction programmes leads to better determinations, to a greater via media with the mechanisms involved and to a more effectual and lasting corporation. Therefore, in order to procure and built-in attack, it is indispensable to obtain the sentiment of everyone, to do direction transparent, and to hold information, so as to vouch that the procedure is a uninterrupted, safe and profitable pattern of communitary and single duties, ( Casals, 1997 ) .

Ongoing Monitoring and Control

Concern organic structures have to reexamine the impact and happen out any jobs ; otherwise if they are non even cognizant of a job that might be cropping up, so the state of affairs might be already slipped out of manus if they take excessively long in turn uping it. Merely implementing step without look intoing the effectivity as the operations goes on is ineffectual. Harmonizing to Din ( 1997 ) , Authorities and directors have to travel by the procedure and invariably look into the advancement and state of affairs of the sites.

Community Involvement

Mowforth M and Munt I ( 1998 ) stated, “ the grade of power wielded by the local community in relation to touristry activities is important to its long-run chances and sustainability. ”

On of the cardinal philosophies of environmental direction was to link local communities such that they gain from preservation and economic development and instruction. By conveying abode to the concern, non merely can local people meet their economic demands but they besides can continue and better the “ sense of topographic point ” that is decisive for allowing go oning preservation.

In the past unequal consideration to qualitative socio-economic impacts had been a cardinal ground why many touristry development programs were non implemented, Baud Bovy M ( 1982 ) . There has now been a move off from organize the narrow concern with physical or promotional planning easing the growing of touristry to a boundary line more balanced attack recognizing the demand and positions of non lone tourers and developers but besides the wider community, Dowling R ( 1991, 1997 ) .

Nature-based and touristry development at a regional degree must be developed within the context of sustainable local, national, and even international development. At the regional and national degree development policies programs and programmes, Torahs and ordinances and selling, all influence touristry development. The three chief rules of sustainable development which can besides be applied to regional development planning are its concentration on ecological, societal and economic issues.


Therefore, it is of critical importance to conserve and continue the natural environment environing us since it can non be re generated and besides du to the fact that the touristry industry relies a batch on the environment for its endurance. Nature militias that bare invaluable and alone facets have to be preserved and good maintained. This is non for the exclusive ground of doing money out of these sites, but besides in position to protect the environment history every bit good as civilization refering to a finish. This can be done though many ways and theses schemes need to be good designed, implemented and monitored so that the site can be good managed and conserved.

Chapter THREE


This chapter sketch how the survey has been conducted and the ground for which an interview acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene questionnaire have been used.


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