Over the recent old ages, has Dubai evolved to a more sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis? This paper explains the current sustainability of Dubai ‘s building and other agencies. It shows that the metropolis has a certain deficiency of consciousness toward the more eco-friendly life and society. Measuring the deficiency of the occupant ‘s inductions toward a more eco-friendly metropolis shows that the Dubai has no demand to be sustainable. However, the current sustainability is being improved. Many people, such as Pradeep Parmar, laminitis and proprietor of Enthusiasm Star Ltd. has tried to present a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternate to plastic bags in supermarkets around the metropolis and the state. Jute bags are more sustainable towards the environment and he is seeking to implement that into the society of Dubai. Shirish Patel, an designer who has been populating in the UAE for more than 15 old ages, has besides tried to give more sustainable options to the undertakings that he has worked. In an interview with him, he had outlined the current pros and cons of Dubai ‘s sustainability and eco-friendliness. He besides suggested that some thoughts for a more sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis. In decision, although many subdivisions of Dubai are non the most eco-friendly out of all, the metropolis is seeking its best to be every bit sustainable as possible and they can better on these if they try to implement some of the constructs and thoughts that were introduced and outlined by Shirish Patel and Pradeep Parmar. If Dubai tries a spot harder and aims to finish their end of entire sustainability, they may merely be able to make another milepost one time once more.

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Current Negative Effectss of Construction………………………………………………………………………………….6

Possible Improvements on Dubai ‘s Sustainability… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 8

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In 2005, Dubai was rated as the highest C footmark metropolis in the universe, as conducted with a research by the WWF Living Planet 2008 study. The UAE has been found to hold the C footmark of about 9.5 planetary hectares. As a consequence, the UAE was ranked as the 45th highest C footmark state. The United States is the 2nd largest C footmark state while Kuwait ranks in at 3rd. There are rather a figure of factors that outline Dubai ‘s current sustainability. The are the positives factors, such as the execution of economically friendly public conveyance systems such as coachs which can diminish the sum toxic pollution that is given off by heavy responsibility autos. In an interview with Shirish Patel, this method is discussed and analyzed more exhaustively. There are besides negative factors of sustainability in Dubai such as the emanation cuts and the costs of making so. Bing a new engineering, sustainability is non really good known among designers who have been building major edifices such as the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa. In add-on to the negative factors of sustainability, betterments of how to implement sustainability with low costs are discussed in item with Shirish Patel in his interview. All of these factors affect the sustainability of Dubai but the true inquiry is that over the recent old ages, has Dubai evolved to a more sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis?

1st Paragraph

In today ‘s clip, Dubai is most known for its epicurean life style, the monolithic roar in building and its ability to make mileposts in this field with the Burj Khalifa. Besides it is known to be the most attractive metropolis in the whole of the Middle East. Soon, Dubai could go the following New York City. But with so many edifices and constructions that have been erected, sustainability to the environment is besides a major cause for the depletion of the ozone bed in certain parts of the universe. Dubai has many constructing with eco friendly leads such as the freshly constructed Burj Khalifa and the Emirates Towers on the Sheikh Zayed Road. In an interview with Shirish Patel, an designer from the UK and has been populating in the UAE for more than 15 old ages of his life. His input on this thought and current state of affairs is simply based on his personal experience of life and working in this state. He believes that Dubai is seeking to make a more environmentally friendly metropolis by implementing such positive factors such as the eco-friendly public conveyance systems such as coachs. Besides, to do life easier for many travellers in the state where heat is the chief clime for around eight months, making Stationss where people can sit indoors and delay for the coachs to get. This is positive as people need non to wait in the heat but can loosen up in the cools of the Air conditioning system while they wait for their conveyance to get. Dubai besides tries to salvage energy and recycle every bit much as possible by building the coachs from used metals and other wastage that may be of usage. He besides believes that Dubai is able to better their current sustainability on edifices by implementing new methods of building and life. For illustration, many edifices could implement the new engineering of solar panelling and the ability to utilize fiber ocular wires to impart the energy collected from the solar panels and change over them to energy to give electricity to certain countries of the edifice. Other executions could be the decrease of the A/C system in certain countries of the edifice and the use of natural air use to chill the office during the times when heat is most intolerable. For illustration, the if a company was working in a edifice during the summer months, so the natural air that was stored during the winter months could be easy used in the office. Besides, the usage of visible radiations during the daylight in schools or public topographic points should be eliminated as adequate visible radiation is emitted from the Sun and the execution of more Windowss could help this state of affairs. Many other methods of energy economy and ethical energy storage could be implemented in this state of affairs. Aside from these executions, the Green Building Council of UAE has tried to assist with this current state of affairs. The Green Building council is the group that was formed in the US to assist prolong the complete use of energy and other methods of sustainability. Over the old ages, the Green Building Council has expanded to many states and in 2009, they moved to the UAE after looking at the sum of C footmark that the state was doing. Along with the authorities of Dubai, the Green Building Council has been a major portion of the execution of sustainability in the UAE for all of the major edifices and monumental subdivisions of the metropolis. Currently, Dubai remains at the top of the C footmark list, although presently actions are being taken to alter the ways and methods of their enlargement.

2nd Paragraph

Although Dubai has taken the precautional methods to sustainability within the metropolis, many dwellers are non satisfied with the methods of sustainability. For illustration, people are non willing to turn off the visible radiations during the daylight as they complain that they are unable to see what they are making. By making this, occupants are blowing unneeded sums of electricity during the times when it is non needed. For illustration, schools in Dubai use a important sum of electricity during the twenty-four hours. This illustration is wholly based on personal experience. Alternatively of utilizing so much electricity during the twenty-four hours, they should perchance see salvaging that electricity since schools run during the daylight and there is adequate sunshine during the full twenty-four hours. A possible extension of Windowss in the schoolrooms could help the job of pupils being unable to see in category. The schools should merely be utilizing the visible radiations when natural sunshine is non available, such as during the winter months. Even so, the bulbs in for the lighting should be refitted with fluorescent visible radiations, as they are much more efficient in energy preservation. Another method of preservation is perchance the execution of intelligent edifice to new constructions that are originating and to roll up this method into current edifices around the metropolis of Dubai. Intelligent Building is a construct that has been developed late. Get downing out in the US, this construct has established itself in many major states such as the US, UK and many more. Basically, the construct behind this method was to make a system that will let worlds to stay in their comfort zones, along with controllability of the state-of-the-art engineering. For illustration, a individual would travel into their room in a hotel and the computing machine would acknowledge the resident. Then harmonizing to the computations of the resident ‘s current organic structure heat, the air conditioner degree is adjusted. There are many other advanced characteristics like those and it is besides manually adjustable by the resident. Unfortunately, the costs of these undertakings and inductions are excessively overpriced since there is a certain deficiency of designers and applied scientists that are experienced in this field of work. Since there is a deficiency of resources, the cost of conveying these people to the metropolis and paying them to implement their constructs of sustainability can be hard. Besides, in the current market conditions, many people will seek the antonym of this thought of affecting these people since non merely will it be expensive to convey them to the metropolis and to provide them with the necessary stuffs, but it mean that building and labour costs will be increased since it requires more depth. In an interview with Shirish Patel, he speaks about the unaccounted use of H2O bottles and plastic bags in the state. He says that they should extinguish the sum of H2O bottles around the metropolis and/or maintain them sole to hotels and eating houses. These H2O bottles are unnecessarily being filled up in landfills around the metropolis. One of the chief grounds that people do non recycle is because there is no external power that requires them to make it. For illustration, although it is non a national jurisprudence, provinces such as New York and Seattle enforce mulcts on citizens who throw off certain reclaimable points. If Dubai implements such Torahs towards the occupants of the metropolis, Emiratis and Foreigners, so the sum of wasted reclaimable points would drastically cut down. Besides, the use of plastic bags should drastically be reduced. Execution of paper bags or the new construct of ‘jute bags ‘ should be added in the supermarkets and other bazars. Enthusiasm Star, a company that has specialized with jute bags in Dubai has introduced these constructs to large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Hyperpanda and other major supermarkets in the metropolis. There are many other ways to conserve energy in Dubai but I do believe that the metropolis is doing some signifier of an attempt to do itself a more environmentally friendly location.

3rd Paragraph

In 2007, Enthusiasm Star Ltd. began an induction to convey a merchandise that was interesting and reclaimable at the same clip. Jute bags were, and in some countries, is a popular tendency of the Indian community. Pradeep Parmar, the Managing Director of Enthusiasm Star Ltd. , says he had seen this tendency for many old ages of his life in India. When he realized what waste plastic bags can make to environment, he decided to implement these bags to the market in Dubai. He had penetrated the strongest market available, the supermarkets. Alternatively of providing the bags himself, he had pitched the thought to major supermarket trade names such as Carrefour and has had many successful trades with this new construct. Today, many people use these bags as they wholly reclaimable and quite efficient. Sing this tendency emerge in the market, many other trade names, such as Gulf News, the taking newspaper company in the UAE, began giving free jute bags with a subscription of their magazine to advance the thought of preservation. If the UAE does go on to travel frontward in this manner, they could be good off as a more conservative state. Although, Dubai could make much more to convey their metropolis and the name of the state to a more sustainable and conservative location. Numerous chances have arisen to make a more eco-friendly society. Hotels in the UAE are rather sustainable in the current times but there could be more to assist that. For illustration, when a new occupant cheques into their room, the in-room icebox should be kept off unless the resident should take so. By making this, the hotel will extinguish the use of valuable electricity. Besides, the bulbs in the room should be replaced with fluorescent visible radiations to assist conserve the energy. Another thought could be to renovate the full hotel with the Intelligent Building construct. If current and approaching hotels would put in this construct, so they would see a dramatic addition of media attending, which could hike up their gross revenues. Since this construct is reasonably new and has been tested in the US, the hotels would be probably to measure the pros and cons of put ining this new engineering. It would salvage a batch of energy which could so be implemented in other countries of the metropolis. Besides hotels, Dubai could besides conserve energy by decrease of autos in the metropolis. Currently, Dubai has installed eleven Metro Stationss around the metropolis while thirty-six are still under building. Once all of these Stationss open up, so the demand of autos would be unneeded. This would cut down the sum of gasoline that is being used and the pollution that the autos are doing toward the metropolis. Along with transit, many people would wish to sit bikes in and around the metropolis but there is non proper paseo or lanes around the metropolis to implement this. If there are lanes for cyclers around Dubai, so the sum of people driving would besides drastically cut down. More than the transit that should be changed, it should be the substructure. Buildings around Dubai are one of the most un-efficient and pro-wastage and they should be changed. For illustration, edifices should be refitted with the Intelligent Building construct and/or they should be able to conserve energy with other methods. Some other methods could be to implement recycling Stationss in each edifice. Besides it should be made that the dwellers and/or workers should be fined if they do non follow with the recycling jurisprudence. Some other methods could be to conserve power in the edifices at all costs. For illustration, edifices such as office edifices use visible radiations during the daylight, which uses rather a spot of energy. Many offices have Windowss all around the floor, so natural visible radiation is able to supply plenty for the dwellers to work during the daylight. For offices with deeper infinites, the new engineering of fibre optics can assist shriek in natural visible radiation to those certain office infinites. Along with the betterments of illuming in edifices, the air conditioning could be another factor. Since the air conditioning is another factor in energy conserving, the option of natural air current should be an alternate. During the winter months, the cool air should be collected and stored to be kept for the months when the heat is most intolerable. Unfortunately, since the winter months are excessively less in this part of the universe, this option could be unsuccessful. If this option is unavailable, so energy conserving air conditioners should be implemented. By this, it means that the A/C would run for some clip until the room is cool, and so switches off. All of these thoughts have been outlined by Shirish Patel during the interview that was conducted. If Dubai is able to go on to prolong itself in the energy conserving universe, and seek to implement some of the thoughts that are mentioned above, so the metropolis is certain to be recognized non merely for the astonishing architecture and tourer locations, but besides for the environmentally sustainability that they have been seeking to carry through. Dubai could shortly be good away known as one of the most sustainable metropoliss of our clip.


Dubai has been known as one of most C footmark metropoliss in the universe in 2005 and since so the metropolis has been seeking to make everything it can to extinguish that rubric. Dubai, besides known as the concrete jungle of the Desert, has been on its manner to make and interrupt mileposts and records. But with all this building and developed traveling along in advancement, the downswing is that they have non been paying attending at the sustainability of the edifices and other major factors in the metropolis. Some illustrations are the unlicensed edifices in the metropolis, the current Metro transit system, the inefficiency of the autos in the metropolis and the deficiency of residential installations such as lanes for bicycling and walking. These lone some of the jobs around Dubai. However, Dubai has been making its portion toward the community by implementing some of the major sustainability constructs into the most known edifices in the metropolis, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Emirates Towers. Shirish Patel, an designer who has been populating in the UAE for more than 15 old ages, has experienced the positives and negatives of life and working in the state and watching this enlargement grow over clip. In an interview conducted with him, he had outlined the necessary steps for Dubai ‘s sustainability towards their enlargements overall. He suggested that Dubai introduce betterments to edifices and landmarks all over the metropolis, and the efficiency of the metropolis ‘s transit systems. For illustration, he suggested that people should cut down the sum spent in autos and the authorities should bespeak the occupants to utilize other transit agencies such as the freshly developed Metro system and other basic transit systems such as the bikes and walking. He besides suggested that the authorities create lanes for bicyclers in the Dubai to roll around more freely than they really do. Other basic betterments were that supermarkets should alter their methods of utilizing plastic bags to simple paper bags and/or jute bags. Pradeep Parmar, laminitis and proprietor of Enthusiasm Star Ltd. , has helped present the jute bag system in the UAE in an attempt to cut down the sum of plastic bags that are being used in and around Dubai. Many of these thoughts for sustainability are able to be enforced by the general populace in the UAE and if they could assist originate a more green and sustainable life style in the UAE, specifically in Dubai, so the metropolis is bound to have more and more support from states which have already implemented many of these thoughts into their ain metropoliss. So, the inquiry remains: Over the recent old ages, has Dubai evolved to a more sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis? I believe that the metropolis has non become to the full sustainable and eco-friendly but they have been implementing an attempt to make so.


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